carpet cleaning Let someone say that carpets aredust collectors. Whatever you say, they are very comfortable. With carpets in the house is more comfortable and as if warmer. Yes, and actually warmer. After all, on the carpeted floor, walking is much more comfortable than on a cold parquet or tile. But the trouble is, they collect the dust in themselves with inconceivable speed. It would seem that only yesterday this carpet was vacuumed, and on it there was again some sort of small rubbish, fluff and omnipresent dust. Well, how much you can! Carpet cleaning is one of the most tedious and ungrateful in the sense of giving home lessons. Because you have to do this all the time. But you can not escape from it. If you really like it, when there are carpets in the house, you just have to learn how to take care of them. To begin with, with inept treatment, they quickly lose their original appearance and vivid color, burn out and wipe. But good carpets made from natural wool are not that cheap, so it's a pity to just take them and throw them away in that case. To keep them in good condition, to extend the service life, you must observe some rules for caring for the carpets. Best of all, of course, is cleaning carpets with removal. It's less tiring, and professionals will do everything much better than you. But you can clean the carpets at home.

Grandmother's methods of cleaning carpets

At home they are not washed. There are simply no conditions for this house. Carpets are too cumbersome - it is simply inconvenient to wash them. Secondly, they absorb a lot of water, it is impossible to squeeze them, and we have to wait for this water to drain, and then the carpet will dry up. And this is the problem. The carpet is difficult to dry after washing even in hot summer sun. Because of the long drying they "sour", they have a characteristic musty smell of dampness, which does not erode even after the carpet has completely dried. If there is a need for such radical measures for cleaning carpets, then it is better to do it in a different way. A little later we'll talk about this. Cleaning of carpets at home is carried out with a vacuum cleaner or, if it is not, using a special punch out of soft willow or plastic rods. More recently, such picks have been in every home. Knock out the carpet from the wrong side by hanging it on a rope or some crossbar face inward, better in the wind. In winter, carpets can be cleaned with clean, dry snow. For this, the rug is spread on the snow and a layer of snow is swept over it with a broom, and the harder the broom, the better. Then this snow is swept off the carpet, and all the dust is scraped out of it with snow. Well, or almost all. Carpet cleaning with snow is very effective. After all the dust from the carpet is broken, it can be started to clean. Effective cleaning of carpets at home is done with the help of dry table salt. To do this, the carpet should be spread on the floor, sprinkle evenly on it with salt, and then sweep it off the mat with a wet brush or broom. In order for the dirt to be better cleaned, a brush or a broom should be moistened with a soapy hot solution, shaking excess solution out of them. As the contamination brush from time to time should be washed in this solution, and salt - replaced with a clean one. After cleaning the carpet, the remaining salt is removed from its surface with a punch. To clean carpets instead of salt, you can take clean wood sawdust, ground pumice or large bran. Soap can be replaced with a powder for washing woolen products. If the carpet is very dirty, then it can be cleaned in the following way. First you need to prepare a solution. To do this, dissolve a liter of boiled species of a little washing powder for washing products made of wool and add there a drop of turpentine. Evenly rub this solution with a brush on the front side of the carpet, and then carefully wipe the carpet first with a wet cloth and then with a dry rag. After this, the carpet should be dried by weight. carpet cleaning with removal

Simplifying our lives

But, as we mentioned above, very muchContaminated carpets by the usual methods can not be cleaned. Fat, sticky spots or traces of urine, which, for example, happens if there are small children or animals in the house, can not be cleaned by usual cleaning. For this, carpet cleaning with removal is needed. It can be dry cleaning and carpet washing. In recent years, carpet washing has been practiced in car washes. It would seem, quickly and conveniently. But it is not so. Yes, of course, with the help of modern washing machines, in which water is fed under high pressure, carpets are washed superbly. But the water pressure there is so great that it can damage the pile and structure of your carpet. Several such washings, and the carpet can be thrown into the dump. There are no conditions for washing carpets and carpet drying. There they are just hung out to dry in the sun, which is absolutely unacceptable. Dry carpets can only be in the shade. Otherwise, woolen villi are dried, become brittle, and the paint is simply burned. Therefore, if it is really necessary to clean carpets with export, then they should be taken to dry cleaning. Today it is easy to do this. You just need to choose a good service and call there. Specialists will take your carpet on their own, fulfill the order in a short time, and you will get the product back unharmed and clean.