kilocalories Since our birth, our body has been constantlyneeds energy, which comes from consumed food. It is in food that nutrients such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates are concentrated. After the person has eaten, the energy is recycled and allocated in the form of heat, which we are accustomed to call kilocalories. In this case, one kilocalorie is enough to heat a liter of water to 1 degree Celsius. If we talk about the energy value of each component, then in 1 gram of protein contains about 4 kcal, as well as in 1 gram of carbohydrates. And in 1 gram of fat, according to scientists, a kilocalorie is much larger. Nine units. That's why fatty food becomes the cause of extra pounds and extra inches at the waist. But not at all to eat fats in food - is harmful to the body. By the way, many are confused in the definitions of calories and kilocalories. Here everything is simple. One kcal contains 1000 calories. And it is in calories that the energy value of a product is indicated, whereas a person's daily diet is calculated in kilocalories. Why so? Yes, because a day we eat a lot of food. And if you calculate their energy value in calories, you can just get confused in the zeros. Here, then, come to the aid of kcal. They are much easier to read, and they do not look so threatening due to the lack of a large number of zeros. In the metric system, the equivalent of calories is the joule. On the one hand, it may seem strange that energy and work are labeled identically. However, in order to perform some action, it is necessary to spend a certain amount of energy, right? The more power a person has, the more things he can do. Hence the relationship. If we talk about a more precise definition, then 1 kcal = 4.1868 kJ. Of course, in everyday life, few will translate kilojoules into kilocalories. Therefore, in this article, we will pay more attention to the system of correct calorie counting, which people need for normal life activity.

What determines the consumption of kilocalories

The amount of energy consumed depends on manyfactors: age, sex, weight and height of a person. Also, the calculation of calories affects the climate, hormonal balance and lifestyle. The body spends most of its energy on the main exchange reactions: cardiac activity, breathing, maintaining body temperature and metabolism, as well as physical activity: exercise and physical work. Therefore, it is so important in case of heavy loads to eat fully. Insufficient energy consumption forces the body to turn to reserves, when consumed, weight loss occurs. Conversely, excess calories cause fat deposits. And where the deposits, there is overweight, insecurity, all sorts of diseases. Even if you are going to eat right, you need not only to choose a diet to taste, but also to make a competent calculation of the calories you need. To do this, there are special tables, which accurately indicate the amount of fats, proteins and carbohydrates contained in one hundred grams of the product you choose. It is believed that adult people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, for 1 kilogram of weight, approximately 40-50 kcal are needed. A man with daily heavy physical exertion requires 70-100 kilocalories per 1 kilogram of weight. And elderly people, according to doctors, only 30-35 kcal per 1 kg will suffice. With children, everything is different. Two-thirds of all consumed calories are consumed by the children's organism for growth processes. Therefore, one kilogram of the body weight of the child needs about 120-130 kilocalories. As you can see, the calculation is quite simple. kilojoulan in kilocalorie

How to determine the ideal weight

Now let's figure it out: how to determine the optimal weight? To do this, there is a very simple formula Broca: growth minus a hundred units. So, if a woman's height is 1 meter 75 centimeters, her optimal weight should be seventy-five kilograms. To make a calorie calculation of the diet is also simple. To do this, multiply 50 kcal by the weight (or desired) of the person. Let's show an example. If a woman should weigh 75 kilograms, then her caloric value is calculated as follows: 75 x 50 kcal = 3750 kcal. Let's say that the real weight of our reader is not 75, but 80 kilograms. That is, a day a woman is accustomed to consume about 4000 kcal. How can she lose weight? It is enough only to reduce the caloric content of the diet to 3750, and the weight will gradually come back to normal. So, if you are going to lose a few extra pounds, remember the main rule: "Do not overdo it!" In the well-known novel by the American Robert P. Warren "The whole royal army" one of the heroes admits that he can not stand thin women. Like, they, like pasta in a pack, rattling and prickling. Naturally, people are different from spaghetti. And in order for this difference to be more visible, one must try to observe the measure in everything. There are infinitely many ways to lose weight. The main thing is to choose the one that suits you and not engage in self-medication. How successful you would be if you did not calculate the calories, how tempting the bright packages with tea for weight loss would look, be sure to consult a doctor. And it's not about consulting a pharmacist in a pharmacy. Because it is not enough just to translate the names of ingredients from a foreign language. It is more important to correctly assign this very list, to calculate: how many kilocalories you need personally. And it can only be done by a doctor.

Less eat - less weigh

If you have good health and planself-reset 5-7 kg, use the "shock diets." The difference between them and curative starvation is that with "shock diet" you continue to eat regularly. But only a strictly defined set of products. Recipes for such methods of nutrition you can easily find in numerous reference publications on the improvement of the body. An example of a "shock diet" can serve as a so-called fragmented diet, which is particularly effective. It is based on the principle of separate consumption of foods of different categories, which allows the body to better absorb food.

  • Variant of "shock diet":

On Monday, arrange a vegetable day,Tuesday - meat, on Wednesday - egg, on Thursday - milk, on Friday - fish, on Saturday - fruit, on Sunday - eat what you want. So you can lose 5-7 kg in just three weeks. There are several types of "shock diets." All of them are slightly different from each other and, as a rule, the calculation is based either on reducing the caloric content of food, or on reducing the intake of liquid, fat and carbohydrates. Therefore, if you embark on this method of weight loss without consulting a doctor, observe the main rule: listen to the reaction of your body. Do not bring yourself to illness because of the desire to quickly get rid of excess weight. If you experience dizziness and lose your appetite, then, most likely, a "shock diet" is not for you. Refer to more reliable and time-consuming methods. Live under the motto: "Do not get fat!" Lose weight slowly, count the calories. Remember: the faster the body loses the extra pounds, the easier it recruits them. Do not reduce the number of meals, eat more often, but in small portions. When the body is hungry, it releases toxins. Less sweets, canned food, salt and alcohol (a glass of wine - it's already 100 calories)! Drink juices in the morning and do not overeat at night. The period of the highest activity of the digestive system is from 12 to 17 hours.

Physical education every day

And, most importantly, you can not do without physical education. You can choose anything: aerobics or shaping, simulators or gymnastics on TV, yoga or dancing. All of them are aimed at improving the body and differ only in approach. But the most accessible is the usual morning (day, evening, as you like) gymnastics. Ten minutes of exercise every day, and graceful forms are provided to you. Do not just say that your lifestyle does not allow you to do yourself. If you do not have ten minutes to charge for the day, or you do not want to eat less, it's not the way of life that is to blame, but ordinary laziness. It's only in fairy tales that wonderful fairies solve problems with one stroke of a magic wand. In life, it is necessary to sweat to achieve the desired goal. We advise you to read: