baby washing powder The baby's health has always been the object ofincreased attention of all parents without exception. And, as you know, the health of a child depends on many components, including the impact of environmental factors. Including from household chemistry - not in vain children's washing powder reviews are very different, but always stormy. Everyone knows that the main active ingredients of absolutely any washing powders are surfactants, so-called surface active substances. These substances are quite dangerous and their effect on living cells is very aggressive. So, when these chemicals get into a living organism, biochemical processes in living cells of the body are disrupted, which leads to their destruction. A number of scientists dealing with this issue have carried out certain studies that showed that the effect of the surfactant has a negative effect on the redox reactions in the body. Also, they destroy most of the vital enzymes, and also violate such types of metabolic processes as carbohydrate, protein and fat. The most dangerous powders containing anionic surfactants in their composition. Surfactants, hitting the children's body, can cause the following complications:

  • Significant disturbances in the normal functioning of the immune system.
  • Development of various allergic reactions - both skin rashes, and complications from the lungs.
  • Significant damage to organs such as the liver, kidneys, as well as the brain.

That is why in most European countries a long time agoStrict restrictions have long been imposed on the use of such types of powders. For ten years in Europe, powders that do not contain phosphate additives have been approved for sale. Phosphate supplements are able to penetrate the child's body even without damage to the skin. Penetrating into the interior, phosphates lead to a sharp degreasing of the skin of the baby, which significantly reduces the barrier function of the skin, as well as the active destruction of cell membranes. Having penetrated into the body, phosphates can lead to a significant disruption of blood properties and, as a consequence, a change in its normal formula. Also, the immunity of the child is greatly reduced. That's why parents need to choose a children's washing powder without phosphates. Very many parents who use washing machines, do not pay any attention to the composition of children's powder, believing that machine rinsing in hot water will completely remove the remains of the powder from the baby's clothes. However, in reality it is not so. The more complex the fabric structure, the more molecules of surface active substances remain in the fabric fibers even after a thorough and long rinse. The most powder remains in the following types of tissue:

  • Woolen fabrics.
  • Half-woolen fabrics.
  • Cotton fabrics.

Molecules of surface active substances are retained on tissue fibers for about five days. This feature of powders leads to the fact that the body is in a state of chronic intoxication.

Powder Packaging

When choosing and buying baby powder is mandatorypay attention to the packaging of powder. If the powder is high-quality and non-charred, all its constituent components will be indicated on the package. Be sure to pay attention to the presence or absence of a surfactant powder in the composition - refuse to choose powders containing surfactants. In the same case, if there is no information on the powder composition on the package of the powder you have chosen, such a powder is not only harmful to the health of your crumbs, but is simply frankly dangerous. Inside such a box with an unknown composition can be anything. And how this powder will affect the health of your child, it is almost impossible to predict - from simple atopic dermatitis to the occurrence of eczema and ulcers on the surface of the skin. However, to the great regret, not all manufacturers of washing powders are conscientious and often do not place the full composition of the powder on the packaging. There is one indirect, but fairly reliable indication of whether the powder contains surfactants. As a rule, the more foam is formed from the powder, the higher the concentration of surfactant in it. The idea that increased foaming indicates good detergent qualities of the powder is extremely erroneous and arose long ago, even during the use for washing ordinary household soap.

Features of choice of baby powder

So, you have a baby. And, of course, the question of how to choose an infant powder will quickly become a matter of concern for young parents. The assortment of children's powders, given to the attention of consumers, is extremely wide. And therefore, it is not surprising that parents are lost in choice, trying to buy the best children's laundry detergent. And the correct choice depends not only on the purity of children's clothing, but, as already stated, the state of child health. That is why it is so important to know how to choose a children's laundry detergent. After all, the treatment of allergic reactions in the baby is a rather troublesome and laborious process, and besides, the allergy delivers a lot of unpleasant minutes to the baby. That's why, before you buy a children's laundry detergent, be sure to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Hypoallergenicity. A good infant powder should not contain active chemicals in its composition. The skin of the baby is 12 times more sensitive than the skin of an adult, so the children's organism responds much more quickly to irritants in the form of chemicals with skin allergic diagnoses, for example, atopic dermatitis.
  • The naturalness of the composition. The most important thing in a good, high-quality and safe detergent is the natural ingredients that make up its composition. All components should be easily washed out of the fibers of the fabric when rinsing, so as not to irritate the delicate baby skin. Often it is for this indicator that dermatologists determine which detergent for children is better.
  • Softness in the care. Children's laundry detergent should not have a pungent odor. It should also dissolve well in water, without forming lumps, which then, when dried, remain on the fibers of clothing. It is also highly desirable for young children, newly born, to use a detergent powder that has a note on the package that it is intended for washing just new-born babies.
  • children's washing powder отзывы

    Rating of powders for washing children's clothes

    So what is the best detergent for children? Of course, on this score there is no common opinion - what is suitable for one kid, for another may not be appropriate. The best option is to try different powders until you find the most suitable powder for your crumbs. The following are the most well-known children's washing powders that are loved by parents. Your attention is given to the rating of children's washing powders:

    • Powder Aistenok, Extra-soft, containing Aloe Vera

    Children's washing powderfor washing children's clothes, for washing in all washing machines, as well as for hand washing. This powder can be used to wash all types of fabric, except silk and wool. The powder is created on the basis of baby soap, so it is completely rinsed and does not remain in the fibers of the fabric. And the content of the extract of Aloe Vera in its composition has a calming, anti-allergic and softening effect on the delicate skin of the baby. Due to its unique shape, this powder excellently removes the most difficult spots, both protein and fat, that so often occur on children's clothing - stains from milk, grass, cocoa, oil, blood. And the tremendous effect is reached already at a water temperature of only 35 degrees. In addition, this powder contains in its composition substances that effectively protect the washing machine from the formation of scale.

    • Children's powder "Myth" gentle freshness, for automatic machines

    Washing powder hypoallergenic for children. This powder is positioned with a synthetic detergent, which is intended for washing children's things in automatic type machines. The composition of this powder includes natural baby soap, which does not cause the baby allergic reactions. The powder is intended for washing all types of fabrics, except woolen and silk. Manufacturers of this powder claim that it passed a dermatological test, in which there was no contraindication to its use for washing children's substances. The composition of this powder also includes components designed to protect the washing machine from the formation of scale.

    • Detergent powder "Tide", for children, with the content of chamomile extract, automaton

    This powder also belongs to the familysynthetic detergents, designed for washing children's things in a typewriter - an automaton. The powder is intended for washing of any kind of fabrics, except silk and wool. The powder formula is designed specifically for sensitive baby skin and is approved by dermatologists. Also, the powder is provided with a system for protecting the washing machine from the formation of calcareous deposits and scale.

    • Washing powder "Kurnosiki"

    The powder is a powderA universal synthetic detergent intended for children's underwear, both white and colored. Powder is very effective even for clothes with a high degree of contamination. Powder effectively removes the stain without destroying the structure of the fibers, so that even after many washings, things do not lose their presentable appearance. The powder has a unique granular form. This feature helps to prevent the formation of powder dust, which often causes allergic reactions in children. Use this powder can be used in washing machines of any type, and for hand washing

    • Children's powder "World of Childhood"

    This powder must be used for washingclothes and diapers for newborn babies, both in typewriters, and for hand washing. The powder is made of special soap chips, does not contain any fragrances, dyes and other synthetic substances. Powder "World of Childhood" excellently removes the most difficult to remove children's specific spots, has a disinfectant and antibacterial effect. In addition, during hand washing, the powder does not dry the mother's skin, and does not cause irritation.

    • Powder "Pemos" for children

    This powder is also universalsynthetic detergent, designed for washing children's products from any fabric, both in washing machines and for hand washing. The formula of this powder is designed in such a way that the special oxygen crystals that are contained in the powder penetrate deeply into the tissue, eliminating the strongest and most difficult to remove stains that so often remain on the child's clothing.

    • Children's washing powder Ushany nanny

    This powder was developed for washing children'sclothes, including underwear of a newborn baby. The powder "eared nanny" excellently removes from the underwear of the newborn crumb stains from the feces, the milk mixture, from the clothes of the older children - stains from fruit purees, cereals and juices. The powder removes dirt perfectly even in cold water without damaging the fibers of the fabric, so that the appearance of things does not change even after numerous washings. However, according to numerous reviews of moms, the use of this powder often leads to the development of skin allergic reactions in children.

    • Powder for newborn babies "Karapuz"

    This washing powder was created for bothmanual, and for machine washing of things and underwear of the smallest crumbs. This powder is intended for washing absolutely any fabrics, both natural and synthetic, even wool and polyester. The powder effectively removes the most difficult spots, it starts to act even in cold water. When rinsing clothes, the powder is almost completely rinsed with water without any residues, which can trigger the onset of allergic reactions.

    • Children's soap powder company «Our Mother»

    This powder is suitable for washing clothes and linennewborn children. The powder is made on the basis of soap shavings, and does not contain any chemically synthesized substances in its composition that can lead to allergic reactions in the baby. This powder is great for soaking children's underwear, as well as subsequent strikes - both hand and machine. In addition, the powder nicely disinfects and disinfects baby clothes, which removes the need to thoroughly iron it.

    • Baby powder «Baby Sitter»

    This powder belongs to elite brands. It is designed for washing children's underwear, as its composition is designed taking into account the specifics of children's spots, as well as the characteristics of the child's body, especially the sensitive skin of the baby. As a rule, mothers who use this kind of detergent for children do not face the need to soak clothes and wash the stains with their hands. This effect is achieved due to biocomplex additives, which at the molecular level cleave the contaminants and remove them from clothing. Also, the powder remarkably retains the dyeing of the fabric, and also imparts softness and a pleasant strawberry flavor to the laundry. The composition of the powder is absolutely safe for the health of the baby, and almost never provokes the development of any allergic reactions.

    • Children's washing powder Amway

    Children's washing powder Amway is produced forwashing things baby from the first days of his life. With the help of this powder, all specific child's contaminations are removed from the clothes very, very easily, almost without any effort on the part of the mother. Children's clothes, washed with this powder, are disinfected and disinfected. The chemical composition of the powder excludes the occurrence of various allergic reactions of the child. Powder is ideal for both machine and hand washing.

    • Children's washing powder Japanese

    Among parents there is an opinion that washingpowder, produced in Japan, is the safest for the health of the child. However, in fact, washing powders of domestic production are not inferior in quality to imported powders. It is possible that after reading a brief description of the most popular children's washing powders, you have even more questions on the topic: "baby powder - which one to choose?" And this is quite natural, because every company - the manufacturer positions its products as the best. As mentioned above, do not rely on the experience of other families with small children, because all children are completely different. The only person who can give you competent and efficient advice is your attending physician - a pediatrician who oversees the development of your baby and knows the individual characteristics of his body and health. It goes without saying that in no case it is inadmissible to use an ordinary infant powder for washing children's underwear. This is due to the fact that conventional powders have a very complex chemical composition, which, as a rule, leads to the development of allergic reactions. That is why the children's washing powder is the best and right assistant to the mother. In addition to children's washing powders, there is a huge number of different conditioners designed for rinsing children's substances after washing. Manufacturers of these products claim that children's clothes will acquire an unusual softness, and in addition, they have a natural composition and do not cause the baby any allergic reactions. However, children's doctors - dermatologists do not recommend parents to use these funds. Whatever the manufacturers of household chemicals, any detergent contains chemically synthesized substances. That is why the risk of developing allergic reactions remains always. If the child's washing powder meets the requirements for its safety, the risk of development is minimal, but it does exist. And using an air conditioner to rinse children's underwear, even the most qualitative, increases this risk at least twice. So is it worth it to risk the baby's health? The only thing you really need to care for things is a detergent detergent for children.

    How correctly to wash baby clothes?

    In order to reduce the risk of possiblecomplications from the health of the baby, the mother must observe some simple rules for washing children's clothes and clothes. Do not neglect these simple at first glance rules, as their compliance greatly facilitates the work of the mother and protects the health of the baby. So, for example, many mothers prefer to wash children's clothes in the old-fashioned way, using an ordinary household soap for this. There is a widespread opinion that household soap can not cause any allergic reactions in a child. However, in fact it is not so - laundry soap contains a huge amount of alkali, which has a rather strong irritant effect on sensitive baby skin. In the event that you do not trust children's detergents and categorically refuse to use them, try not to use laundry soap, but ordinary baby powder. However, do not forget that hand washing takes a huge amount of time, which you so need now and which is always so lacking. It is much more reasonable to entrust the care of the cleanliness of children's things to a washing machine.

    Washing in the washing machine

    Washing of children's things in the washing machine alsohas several features. Fortunately, most modern models of washing machines are equipped with the necessary programs for washing children's clothing. However, experienced moms rarely use them, knowing a few tricks that allow you to wash baby clothes at least qualitatively, but with the least expenditure of water and electricity. For this, the following parameters must be set in the typewriter:

    • The type of fabric is cotton. This choice is explained very simply - after all, most of the children's clothing is made from cotton fabric.
    • Temperature striki. Depends on what you are erasing. If you plan to wash the diapers, boldly put on the temperature of 95% - this washing completely replaces the boiling diapers. But in the event that you need to wash your loafers or children's suits, temperatures of 40 degrees will be more than enough.
    • Must use the function"Additional rinse". Such a measure will allow you to be absolutely sure that all the remains of children's detergent powder are completely removed from the baby's clothing fibers.

    which children's laundry powder is betterIn the same case, if you are still on some -For any reason, you have to wash your children's clothes and underwear with your hands, soak the diapers beforehand in very hot water, and also watch for rinsing - on the fabric, in no case should there be any trace of the detergent, even intended for children and completely hypoallergenic. Soak baby clothes, however, as well as wash, it is necessary separately from adult clothing. The same is true for the storage of children's dirty clothes and clothes. The first thing you need to take care of is the purchase of a special container, into which then you will fold a dirty diaper, sliders and other children's clothes. Clean clothes should also be stored on a separate shelf, designed only for children's clothing. Try to re-wash all the dirty underwear of the baby for a day, without waiting for you in the bathroom to gather a huge amount of dirty clothes and diapers. Try to wash children's clothing as it arrives. Of course, you do not need to throw in a washing machine, designed to load five kilograms of dry linen, one - two diapers. But to collect them for a long time is also not worth it. All new things that you buy for your crumbs, or someone gives them to you, before you put them on your child, you need to wash. And only after that, put on a new thing for a crumb. Many parents consider this precautionary measure superfluous. Of course, it's up to you to decide whether to do it or not. However, imagine how many people could watch this thing, touch it with her hands while she was in the store. The question of whether it is necessary to get along with baby clothes after washing causes a rather big resonance in the society of young parents. Someone thinks it is their parents' duty, and someone neglects ironing, considering it to be something like a remnant of the past and seeing no need for it. To say unequivocally, which of them is right and who is not, is almost impossible. Pediatricians also recommend ironing children's things from two sides only during the first two weeks of life of the crumbs. Probably, it is not worth much to say that parents should keep diapers of other children's clothes in exemplary order and cleanliness. Do not throw dirty laundry on the floor - for this you must have a special container, designed specifically for collecting dirty children's clothes. In no case is it inadmissible to dry the diapers described by the baby, then use them again. Such actions will inevitably very quickly lead to the occurrence of baby diaper rash. The diaper described should be sent to the wash, replacing it with a clean one. If the diaper is soiled with child's excrements, it should immediately be soaked or washed immediately. If you leave it for a while, you risk getting such spots, which will be very difficult to extract, and often it is simply unrealistic. After the striki baby clothes should be weighed in such a way that when drying it is not touched by hands and that it does not come into contact with anything. If you have such an opportunity, try to hang the clothes to dry in such a way that the sun's rays hit it, which are further disinfected and disinfected.

    Fighting stains

    If you are a happy mother of grown upscrumbs, be prepared for the fact that you will have to become a real expert in the detection, identification and removal of all kinds of different spots. The first thing you need to do when you find another letter is to establish its origin. Immediately need to make a reservation that in no case is it unacceptable to remove stains from children's clothing with chemicals, such as gasoline or acetone. The following are the most effective ways to remove the most common types of stains on children's clothing:

    • A grassy spot. The stain from the grass should immediately be washed with an ordinary soap - it instantly disappears without a trace. If this is not done on time and the stain has become obsolete, it must be moistened with plenty of ammonia beforehand, then wash it with soap. This will help eliminate the stain without a trace.
    • If your joy has managed againput a stain on the clothes from berries or fruits, you will come to the aid of ordinary food vinegar. Dilute it with water at a ratio of 1 to 1 and wipe the stain, then wash it.
    • If your child has pleased you with spots of chocolateor cocoa, immediately fill it with plenty of salt, then moisten with water. Leave for about ten minutes, then rinse under running water, treat with ammonia and wash with soap. The spot disappears.
    • The stain of iodine is remarkably excreted with the help of ordinary food starch. Rub it into the fabric until the stain disappears completely. After that, just wash the thing.
    • If the stains on the child's clothing are rusty, they can easily be removed with the help of ordinary lemon juice. Wrap the lemon slice in a napkin, attach it to the spot and lightly iron it.

    Very soon you will master allsecrets of washing children's underwear and clothes, and you can easily carry out the most real master classes for less experienced girlfriends. And many years later, looking at your grown-up son or daughter, you will remember with emotion those tiny sliders and blouses that you have to wash today. We advise you to read: