World of Heroes game Disney cartoons are familiar to us from childhood, theirthe characters have become so popular that it has long been like living their lives, sometimes plot not too attached to the original cartoons. This also applies to most of the characters in Disney's feature films. Who are Simba, Lilo and Stitch, Jack Sparrow and many other Disney characters, even those who have not seen animated and feature films with these characters know. And it's not accidental - based on the motives of Disney cartoons created a huge number of a variety of computer games. However, to date, according to numerous reviews of parents, you can single out one - "The World of Heroes." Disney's "World of Heroes" allows a new life to live the loved Disney characters. Trying out the costumes of this or that hero, your child goes on an exciting journey, temporarily acquiring the appearance and abilities of a favorite character. The game is made in the genre of arcade, where with each level the complexity of tasks increases. The very construction of the game is thought through to the smallest subtleties, so your child can easily cope with it. A huge plus of this game is that the level of complexity can change at the request of the player. Therefore, it can play children of different age categories. In addition, it is worth noting also the excellent graphics of this game. Its main feature is that the load on the child's eyes is minimal, and at such a young age this factor is very, very important. After all, the burden on the eyes of a growing organism is fraught with various visual impairments. The same applies to the statistics of the image itself - too dynamic pictures also negatively affect the child's psyche very negatively. The game "The World of Heroes" is devoid of such shortcomings. In a word, if you are looking for an interesting game for your child, the "World of Heroes" is exactly what you need! And surely it will not only lead your child, but you. Just do not quarrel over the computer!