Children's tablet MonsterPad One of the main desires of any child is to besimilar to the elders. Do parents have a trendy tablet? Means, and I should have this! As a result, you have to go to the store for a new device for yourself, which can lead to considerable amounts. But there is another option - you can buy a special tablet for the child, which is more suitable for the price and age. Convenient tablet interface The main difference between children's tablets and the usual ones -bright color shell and user-friendly interface, designed specifically for the child. Here, for example, a novelty from the brand Turbo, a children's tablet - MonsterPad. The body is bright, like flowers on a zebra or a leopard, to choose - it looks very fresh and unusual. The characteristics of it, too, are not bad - perhaps, not every "adult" device can boast of such. Universal tablet MonsterPad But the main difference MonsterPad - parentalcontrol! You can set the tablet so that your baby can not play at night or watch everything on the Internet. It's enough to set the time when you can log on to the network, participate in virtual races, or simply turn on MonsterPad. On a children's tablet you can not only play and have fun, but also learn. Problems in mathematics, dictation in Russian, key foreign languages ​​and many other applications that help develop your child. And everything - in the form of a game, "from under the cane" of the child will not have to be forced to do it. Games and training on a children's tablet Need more programs? You can go to the special application store on the Internet. Although most people do not have such a desire, there is enough in the device and so on. If your child is already grown up, the children's shell is easily turned off. And it will be an ordinary Android tablet with an original and bright design. By the way, now, with a toy of this power, the parents themselves can sometimes wish to use the MonsterPad! Why not, the tablet is universal. Bright body tablet Want to know more? Visit the site about the tablet