school bags for first-graders Not far off is the new academic year. And this means that it's the warmest time for the parents - it's time to buy the things necessary for school. And in this list is not far from the last place is an ordinary school backpack. It would seem that it is easier - to buy a school backpack, the benefit of parents' attention is a wide selection of backpacks for every taste and color. However, in fact, buying a backpack is not such a simple matter. Not every nice backpack is suitable for a child. Today we will talk about how to choose a school satchel. School bags, briefcases are the most important purchases. The first thing you need to do is decide what exactly you want to buy - a bag with a shoulder strap, a satchel or a diplomat. Although orthopedists unanimously recommend for children to purchase school orthopedic school satchels. This recommendation is explained very simply. The child has a rather heavy portfolio for a very long time. If the portfolio is worn by the child all the time on one shoulder, it will very quickly form a wrong posture. And such a load will negatively affect the spine of the child for the rest of his life. Scoliosis - this is one of the most harmless diseases, which fraught with uneven load distribution. But wearing a backpack eliminates the risk of such complications from the musculoskeletal system. When carrying a backpack, the weight of books is distributed evenly, so the load is uniform and does not lead to disruption of posture and other complications. And, in addition, wearing a backpack leaves the child's hands free, which is also an important advantage.

What should I look for when choosing a knapsack?

buy school satchel Most often when choosing a school bag, parentspay attention to brightness and beauty. Of course, these indicators are important, but should not become decisive when choosing a school satchel. Especially important is the correct choice of a school satchel for the youngest pupils - for future first-graders. When choosing a knapsack, the material from which this knapsack is made is very important. Most often for their manufacture, either leatherette or synthetic fabrics are used. The fabric used to make a school satchel should have the following qualities:

  • The material should be lightweight so that the knapsack does not weigh as much as the books themselves.
  • In addition, the material must be extremely durable. School bag for a year will often serve as a child and a pillow, and a chair and even a football. In order to withstand such a load, the backpack should be made of a very durable material. Especially strong should be school knapsacks for boys.
  • It is equally important that the material is impregnated with a special mud and water repellent composition. This will allow you to quickly and easily remove dirt from the backpack without exposing it to washing.
  • And the last thing that needs to be addressed is a specialattention, this is the frost resistance of tissues. If the fabric does not have similar properties, then at a temperature of -1, the fabric will harden and resemble an icy layer. If the label of the knapsack does not indicate if the material is frost-resistant, pay attention to who is the producing country. Most often, this is the fault of producers from countries with warm climates, where there is never minus temperature.

There are two types of knapsack: with lining and without lining. Preferably buy a knapsack with a lining. And the lining should also be made of a material that can be easily washed and dries quickly. This will easily contain the student's portfolio in order. Spilled drinks, forgotten breakfasts, leaking handles - is there not much that can be inside a school satchel? Another very important requirement for a school backpack is one small, seemingly quite insignificant feature. The back inner wall of the backpack should be sealed. This is necessary to ensure that it fits snugly against the back of the child and supports the child's spine. Such a backpack back reduces the risk of curvature of the spine to almost zero. A school satchel with an orthopedic back is exactly what a healthy child needs. Because the curvature of the spine carries a much greater danger, it may seem at first glance. This is a constant pain syndrome, and problems with the health of internal organs, including the cardiovascular system. It's unlikely that any of the parents will want this to their child. Also, close attention should be paid to the shoulder belts of the school backpack. From them depends largely on how practical and convenient will be a school backpack. The straps must be regulated in length, as in just six months your baby can grow very much in growth. In addition, it is extremely unpleasant when the straps, under the weight of the load, begin to crash into the shoulders of the baby. In order to avoid the occurrence of such a situation, which gives the child considerable discomfort, when choosing a school backpack, you need to pay attention to the width of the straps. The optimum width of the straps should be about 5 centimeters. One of the straps should be provided with a special snap-in mechanism that makes it easy to take off and dress the backpack when you are not there to help him. School knapsacks and backpacks should not cause difficulty in handling in children, otherwise the backpack becomes simply unfit for the child.

Allowable weight of the knapsack for the child

school knapsacks, orthopedic Talking about how to choose the right portfolio forchild, it is impossible not to mention that the child is daily forced to wear a large enough weight, which consists of various components, such as:

  • Textbooks. Already in the first grade the child has to carry a large number of textbooks daily.
  • Notebooks and other office supplies, which in sum also have not such a small weight.
  • A sports school designed to attend physical education classes.
  • Indoor shoes. In our time, almost all modern schools insist on wearing children's shoes.
  • School bags for girls should have extra pockets. After all, all the girls, without exception, are great women of fashion, and they will appreciate the pocket for the mirror or the handkerchief.

That is why, as already mentioned above, a backpackshould have as little weight as possible. The maximum possible weight of a school bag for a child of 7 years is not more than 700 grams. It is also very important to know what load is considered the maximum allowable for children of different ages. Scientists conducted various studies on how the impact of carrying a heavy portfolio on the health and well-being of a child. And that's the conclusion they came to. The weight is safe:

  • For pupils of lower grades, from the first to the fourth, this figure is 2 - 2.5 kg.
  • For pupils of middle classes, from the fifth to the eighth, the figure should not exceed 3, 5 kg.
  • And for pupils of the senior classes the weight can not exceed 5 kg.

However, this is a very average data. In order to calculate everything in view of the physiological characteristics of a particular child, orthopedic doctors recommend using the following formula. Subtract 10% of the child's weight and subtract 200 grams. This will be the maximum allowable weight for a child who will not cause him any harm. However, in order not to tell the doctors, the Ministry of Education does not pay much attention to them and the weight of the textbooks largely exceeds the recommended norm. Children's school satchels are packed to capacity. That is why it is so important to choose a really good portfolio that will evenly distribute the load on the children's organism and reduce the likelihood of fatigue and development of various complications from the musculoskeletal system and the muscular skeleton. As already mentioned above, modern children are forced to carry with them to school not only a sports uniform, but also a change of shoes. Often, parents put her in a school backpack, but this should not be done. Firstly, it will significantly increase the weight of the backpack, and secondly, it can deform the rigid inner back. And this, in turn, leads to an uneven load on the child's spine and the development of scoliosis. In addition, change shoes often very much stains not only the inner lining, but also books with exercise books. Do not be naive to hope that your child will pre-wrap shoes in a plastic bag. That's why it's more practical for shoes to buy a special rag bag. These bags are presented in a very wide range, and you will be able to choose exactly the one that fits your child's portfolio. Often the problem of excess in children's portfolios is often sought in schools in other ways. For example, locked lockers in the locker rooms allow children to leave the change shoes in school, and not carry it with them every day. In some schools there is a so-called "practice of two sets of textbooks." One set of textbooks is in the study room where the child is studying, and the baby uses the second set at home. The most relevant is the practice for the youngest schoolchildren - first-graders. The same is true with regard to the sports form, accessories for the lessons of labor and drawing. All these things can be left in storage in specially designed premises in the school. In addition to all of the above, when buying a school backpack, you should consider several other aspects that parents often neglect:

  • Going to the store for a backpack, be sure totake a child with you. Let him take part in the choice of a backpack - after all, he will have to walk with him for at least a year. If your little one is just preparing to become a schoolboy, a joint choice and purchase of a knapsack and other school supplies will help him to feel his importance and involvement in school life. And if a backpack is bought for an older child, its participation is simply necessary so that later there are no complaints about its appearance.
  • The second aspect concerns the place of purchase. The sale of school bags is not always the best way out. Try to avoid buying a school backpack in markets, in places of spontaneous trade, which often appear on the eve of the new school year. You risk acquiring a poor-quality product, and the school satchel will come to full disrepair much earlier than the school year ends. This is not the only place where you can buy a school satchel for a very reasonable price. By the way, school bags are inexpensively sold at the end of the school year. Take this fact to your note. It is much more reasonable to purchase school bags at large stores and specialized retail outlets that value their reputation and will not sell poor-quality goods.
  • When buying a school backpack, do not be shy -Ask the seller for a sanitary and epidemiological certificate and a certificate for your chosen backpack. All bona fide manufacturers supply their products with all the necessary documents that confirm their quality.
  • Of course, maybe you have to spenda few days to find a suitable backpack. But keep in mind that school backpacks for first-graders testimonials cause, of course, very different, but very similar in one. The best school knapsacks are quality knapsacks. It is not worth saving money and time searching - all this will come back to you later with the trinity. Sooner or later you will definitely pick up that backpack that will serve your child faith - the truth, as well as take care of his health. And let in your backpack there will always be a diary with only five.