curd cake house For baking should be a special mood,Uncommon experience and, perhaps, even an innate talent. Although if you do not have great culinary skills in the preparation of confectionery, but want to learn it, then everything, as they say, is in your hands. The main thing is to stock up with good recipes, fresh products and a great mood, oriented to success. And then any dish, for whatever you take, will come out truly unique. If you do not know what cake to make for your baby's birthday, consider that you are lucky. At us on a site the huge quantity of the diversified desserts is presented. Detailed instructions on how to prepare them will help to quickly and without much effort bake a delicious product. In this section you will find sweet cottage cheese. Appetizing cake called "House" is the ideal solution for those who have never tried themselves in confectionery, or simply do not have the opportunity to devote to baking for a long time. All recipes are fairly simple - for their implementation, you do not need to have outstanding culinary skills. For the filling it is offered to use raisins, nuts, fresh fruits, and as an ornament - chocolate icing, cream and other. In general, we will not disclose all secrets. Just read, learn and practice. cake curd house

Cake made of cookies "Domik" with hazelnuts

In fact, the cottage cheese "House" can be madein different ways - there are a lot of his recipes. After all, in the process of daily practice, each cook brings his adjustments to the dish, supplementing it with one or other ingredients. Some use fresh berries or bananas for baking, some put pieces of chocolate. Everyone has their secrets. We will not conceal anything from you and how to tell you the spirit of how quickly and without much trouble to prepare an appetizing cake. We suggest starting with the simplest - to make a product from the store cookie. This, so to speak, "lazy" recipe, because fuss with the test at this time will not have to. So you and time will save, and your relatives will enjoy a delicious treat. Ingredients:

  • 500 grams of cottage cheese or ready-made sweet curd mass
  • 800 grams of shortbread (you can take "ghee" or other - the main thing is that it was crumbly and crumbled)
  • chocolate bar
  • 150 grams of hazelnuts or other nuts of your choice
  • slightly more than a glass of stock milk
  • 30 grams of butter
  • granulated sugar - optional

Cooking method: In the "house", which will be discussed, it is not necessary to add sugar or powder, especially if you have purchased a ready-made curd mass in the supermarket. Thanks to the liver and chocolate, the product is already pretty sweet. But if you think the opposite, enter a little ingredient. The main thing - do not overdo it. Gradually pour the product into the cottage cheese, taste it. Well, now let's get down to cooking. A tray, a tray or other utensils in which you will serve a cake, cover with a piece of polyethylene film. Then lightly heat the milk and dip each of the cookies in turn, taking five to six seconds, otherwise it will get wet and start to break. Place the products on the prepared surface as a rectangle. Now, take up curd: well rub it into small pieces, if you want, put some granulated sugar. Stir the products thoroughly so that the last ingredient is completely dissolved. If you want the "House" had a special taste, give it a piquancy, adding a few pinch of vanillin. Grab the mass carefully on the biscuits, leveling it with a wooden or silicone spatula. When you are done, make the next "floor", covering the curd with sandwiches, as in the beginning, previously soaked in milk. Repeat the procedure several times, so you should have a three-layer cake. As for nuts, they can be crushed or used whole, spreading between the "floors" of the dish. If there is no hazelnut, replace it with any other product: for example, walnuts or crushed almonds are suitable. A very tasty combination - cottage cheese with dried apricots, raisins or prunes, which are also an ideal option for the filling. As soon as you build an appetizing "Lodge", tackle the sweet gravy. For its preparation, heat the milk on a small fire without bringing it to a boil. Then break the small pieces of chocolate and enter the butter. Cook, stirring constantly, until the products turn into a uniform thick glaze. Pour it cottage cheese cake and send it into the cold. Please note that it is not recommended to immediately serve the product on the table. After all, you can not fully experience all the perfection of his taste. The dish should be well soaked, and for this it will take far not half an hour - at least 60 minutes, as a maximum - 180. So it will be necessary to suffer. But then brew tea, shift the "house" on a beautiful plate, cut it into portions and serve it to your relatives. We hope they appreciate your efforts. Bon Appetit! If the dish is to your liking, next time we suggest a little to improve the baking recipe. For example, instead of buying cookies in a store, cook it yourself. You can even make small biscuits and, having spread a sweet curd mass between them, build a "house". In the summer, when with the purchase of fresh fruits there are no problems, add berries. Excellent strawberry, raspberry and currant. cake cottage cottage

Biscuit "House"

This recipe for mouth-watering pastries requires severalmore patience, skills and time. But we are sure, you can do it! This time, try to make a cake not from the store's shortbread cookie, like the previous dish, but from a biscuit prepared independently. To "Lodge" came out more juicy and tender, you need jam, coffee and some cocoa. Already interesting? Then let's get started. Ingredients: For the dough:

  • 150 grams of sugar
  • four eggs
  • 100 grams of flour
  • a small spoonful of vanilla sugar - if desired

For filling:

  • half a kilo of gentle non-acidic cottage cheese
  • two tablespoons of sour cream
  • butter - 50 grams
  • any jam - three large spoons
  • 30 grams of sugar
  • 10 grams of cocoa
  • a tablespoon of chilled coffee (brew a common soluble product, fill it with boiling water)
  • cinnamon - if desired

For decoration:

  • 50 milliliters of milk
  • 40 grams of fresh butter
  • sugar - to taste
  • 15 grams of cocoa (you can replace it with chocolate)
  • Nuts - optional

Cooking method: Of course, to make a "house" of ordinary cookies is easy. But we are not looking for easy ways and you are not advised! Some will say that biscuit dough is difficult to prepare, so messing with it is one headache. Perhaps, for them it is true, but the main thing in cooking is experience and diligence. We offer a simple classic baking recipe. Be careful, as a gentle dough is very demanding in handling. When you put it in the oven, do not slam the doors and do not look into the oven, otherwise all efforts will go to dust - the cake will sit, the dish will be irrevocably ruined. So, to knead the dough, take a mixer or blender. Then grease the dishes for baking with a piece of oil and cover with special paper. For some time you will not need it, so move it boldly aside. Carefully sift the flour with a sieve, remember that you need to do this twice. Then your curd cake will turn out lush and high. Now carefully separate the egg yolks from the proteins. Try not to mix up the ingredients, otherwise the much needed protein mass, which is actually the main component of the biscuit, will go badly. By the way, the form in which you plan to spread products, it is recommended to wipe with a towel, slightly moistened with lemon juice or vinegar. This will help get rid of excess fat. Let's return to the test: in yolks pour half of the specified in the recipe portion of ordinary sugar and the whole vanilla. Then carefully rub the ingredients with a fork: once they begin to dissolve, start to gently beat them with whisk, gradually gaining speed. As a result, you should get a thick white mass without lumps. To achieve the ideal uniformity and splendor, you can use a blender or a mixer. Now, in the same way, it is necessary to whip the squirrels in a separate dish, into which sugar should be introduced gradually, pouring out a small stream. Only so the cake will turn out to be truly masterpiece, so make maximum efforts. Add a third of the resulting liquid to the yolks, without stopping the movements of the kitchen appliance. Mix the food very carefully, working with a whisk or a mixer from the bottom up. Now the turn of the flour has come: pour it to the rest of the ingredients, and as soon as they join together in a homogeneous mass, enter the remaining proteins. Try not to knead the dough for too long, so as not to destroy air bubbles, due to which, in fact, the cake also rises. The finished mass is filled into the mold by no more than 2/3, because in the baking process it will increase by almost one and a half times. Send the dishes to a preheated oven, and the temperature should not exceed 180 degrees. Keep the product in the oven from half an hour to 40 minutes. You will smell and color - golden orange - you will understand that the dish is ready. When this happens, gently open the door so that the product does not opal, remove it, cover with a towel and allow to cool. The food should stand for at least an hour or a little more, or better all night. In this case, when impregnated, it will not decay and will not get wet. Since the cottage cheese cake is called "House", it should be laid out in the form of a structure. To do this, cut cold biscuit cut into rectangular pieces, then put a piece on a baking sheet, and the rest will cover the filling from all sides. If there is no time, just divide the cake into two parts, then apply curd on it and cover the remaining biscuit with it. So much easier and faster. Now pre-brewed coffee strain, then pour them their biscuit rectangles, and while they are soaked, divide the cottage cheese and make the first portion of the filler for the cake. To do this, whisk the product in a blender with a butter (25 grams), sugar, as well as sour cream and cocoa. The second part of the filling consists of the remaining cottage cheese, any jam - crimson, strawberry, currant or other - and three spoons of sugar-sand. If desired, you can enter a couple of pinch of cinnamon or ground hazelnut, which will give the dessert a piquancy and a special taste. Pound the ingredients to make the mass come out homogeneous and without excess lumps. When the mini-cakes are sufficiently impregnated with coffee, place them on a baking tray or a large tray covered with foil or polyethylene. Spread biscuit biscuits in the form of a square size of 6x6 or a rectangle 2x4. On top, apply the first curd-chocolate mass, gently leveling it on the entire surface of the product with a special spatula. Then comes a second layer of biscuits and a filling with jam. The top of the dish, consisting of cookies, is made under a slope - thus it forms the "roof" of the cake. Cover the finished structure with food film and put it in the refrigerator for ten hours. The longer it becomes soaked, the more juicy and gentle it will turn out. Immediately before serving, it is necessary to weld the sweet glaze. This recipe includes cocoa, but it can be replaced with chocolate - milk or black - with a tile. A little warm up the milk, add oil to it and wait until it melts. Then enter cocoa powder and granulated sugar, some use cinnamon. Thoroughly mix the mass until it begins to thicken, after cooling and pour the cake. To make the dessert look more attractive, chop the toasted walnuts or hazelnuts and sprinkle them on your creation. As you can see, "House" can be prepared in several ways: with or without baking. The first, of course, more expensive and in time, - because what it means to knead the dough, then make a sponge cake, - and for the money, because you need a little more products. Of course, for everyday use, many housewives prefer a dessert from the store's shortbread cookie. To really ease the procedure, you can buy a sweet curd mass, for example, with dried apricots or raisins. Stir it with sour cream - here's the filling. Cook the impregnation from the sweetened milk with cocoa or chocolate and build an appetizing cake according to the above instructions. By the way, to make it more like a real house, after you make the first two layers of cookies and cottage cheese, in the middle lay a fresh peeled banana, then cover it with the remaining stuffing, and at the edges "stick" the sandy confectionery. Thus, the fruit will support the "roof" of the cake. Fantasize, try new recipes and cook, enjoying your talent. Bon appetit and success! We advise you to read: