cake from biscuits and sour cream Cake from cookies and sour cream has a number ofadvantages, therefore it is very popular among busy and working women. First, for its preparation you need the most usual inexpensive products, which are always at hand. Secondly, the process of collecting dessert is not at all burdensome and takes a minimum of time. In addition, you will not need any oven or special equipment. You can cook with your baby - so you will not only get an appetizing dish, but also have a wonderful time with the baby. Well, another undeniable charm of the dish is that it can not be spoiled. You do not knead the dough, respectively, do not worry that it will not rise or burn. In the dish you can add fresh fruit or berries, and as an ornament will suit: sweet icing, custard, melted chocolate, walnuts, raisins and much more. Thanks to these recipes, you will learn how to cook quickly, tasty and inexpensive. If you are interested, we suggest to immediately begin our culinary excursion.

Cake with bananas and cookies

There are two main ways of cooking"Fast" cakes that do not require baking. The first is to lay out the whole cookie layer by layer. In this case, it is usually moistened in warm milk, cocoa or coffee, then the dessert is more juicy and tender. The second option: to break cookies into small pieces or to crush with the help of meat grinder, then, mixing with sweet cream - sour cream, custard or other, - to assemble the product. Each hostess has her own secrets and preferences, but we propose to consider the recipe of a banana dish from a cracker. Such a meal will take at least your time and energy. Ingredients:

  • 450 milliliters of not too fatty sour cream
  • four medium banana
  • 450 grams of cracker
  • half a glass of sugar

For decoration:

  • chocolate bar
  • handful of peanuts - optional

Cooking method: First remove the peel from the bananas and cut them into circles of medium thickness. Then pour the sugar into the sour cream and whisk thoroughly with a whisk until the sweet ingredient dissolves. Now lay the form in which you will serve the dish, special food film or ordinary foil, apply a little sour cream on it and lay the cracker layer on the very bottom. Note that it must completely cover the bottom surface of the dishes so that there are no gaps. When you manage, pour the product with sour cream, and then make the second "floor", which consists of bananas. Then in the same way lay a few layers of biscuits and fruits, each time promazyvaya their sweet sauce. It is not recommended to use the finished product immediately, as it will take some time to impregnate it. On average, it will take two to three hours. Directly before serving, grate chocolate and sprinkle dessert on a small grater. Then fry peanuts in a skillet without oil, peel it from the husks, crush it in a blender and decorate the dish. To save a little, you can use the remaining cracker instead of the above products: just break it into small pieces and sprinkle the cake. There is another option that will help to give a beautiful look to your creation - weld the cocoa glaze and pour it on the product. cookie cake with sour cream

Cake "Vkusnyatina" from cookies with icing

Violation of the rule "everything should be in moderation" inIn some cases, it makes it possible to create a real culinary masterpiece, and this recipe refers specifically to such pleasant exceptions. The abundance of ingredients - walnuts, raisins, peanuts - gives rise to an incredibly tasty combination. A significant advantage of dessert is the speed of its preparation and relatively inexpensive cost. So why not please your loved ones with an appetizing treat? It will be the perfect complement to hot tea or coffee. Ingredients: For cake:

  • 550 milliliters of thick, thick sour cream
  • slightly more kilograms of any shortbread cookie
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 40 grams of golden raisins
  • two small handfuls of chopped walnuts
  • 30 grams of peanuts
  • 0.5 glasses of warm water
  • a packet of instant gelatin

For glaze:

  • three large spoons of cocoa powder
  • 50 grams of butter
  • 25 grams of granulated sugar
  • 1/2 cup water

Cooking method: For this dish, the biscuits must be fresh and crumbly. Ideally suitable "Jubilee" or, for example, "Creamed milk." Break it with your hands on small pieces, peeled peanuts and fried for three to five minutes in a dry frying pan. Then beat with a rolling pin or a hammer for meat to grind them. Raisins should be pre-soaked in boiling water and let it brew for about a quarter of an hour. After the specified time, drain excess liquid, wash the product itself and dry with paper napkins. Now heat on low heat water and pour gelatin into it, cook with constant stirring until completely dissolved. As soon as the mixture begins to gradually thicken, remove it from the plate and cool. Sour cream together with sugar and using a mixer or blender, whisk in a lush, homogeneous mass. Add roasted nuts and peanuts, raisins, and then gradually, with a small jet, enter the gelatin and work well with a spoon, thus mixing all the ingredients. To subsequently it was much easier to get the product, cover the form with food film or a conventional plastic bag, smooth it and pour a thin cream onto the bottom. Top with a bountiful sprinkle of cookies and grease again with sweet sour cream. Repeat the procedure several times until you completely use all the ingredients. So you will get a multi-tiered appetizing cake. Take him to a cold room for three hours. By the way, leave a little cream, because it is useful for decoration. When the dish is soaked and sufficiently hardens, gently pull it out of the mold, cover with a flat plate and turn it over, then remove the polyethylene. Process the dish from all sides with the remaining sour cream and put it in the refrigerator for a while, and then glaze yourself. To do this, melt the butter on a low fire, pour in the sugar, cocoa and pour a little water. Regularly stirring with a spoon, cook for about four minutes. Sweet sauce should be homogeneous, thick and without lumps. When it cools down, pour the dessert and cover it on the table. If desired, the glaze can be made from chocolate - take a tile of milk or black.

Cottage cheese-sour cream "Rybka"

We decided to make a cake, but there is no desire to bother withtest? Then this very simple and quick recipe will come to the rescue. The dish is called "Fish", because for its preparation you need a crumbly cookie, in shape resembling a fish. Also you will have to buy a little cottage cheese, just remember that it is not recommended to squeeze it too much, because all the excess liquid will absorb the biscuits, and the food will turn out to be tender and juicy. Ingredients:

  • 0,5 kg of fresh cookies "Rybka"
  • granulated sugar - two glasses
  • 460 milliliters of sour cream
  • a tablespoon of cocoa
  • two-pack of cottage cheese
  • milk chocolate - one tile
  • 100 grams of butter
  • a glass of walnuts (pre-cleaned and dried in a skillet)

Cooking method: The technology of creating a dish is not too different from previous recipes. As in the first two cases, it is necessary to thoroughly beat up sugar and sour cream in a homogeneous, lush mass. After that, enter the fried and crushed walnuts and cookies. "Fish" is quite small in shape, so you do not have to break it into pieces. Thoroughly mix the ingredients, cover them with a lid and set aside for fifteen minutes. When the cookie will swell a little and increase in size, place half of the sour mixture obtained in a deep dish, which is pre-lined with polyethylene or food film. Curd cheese with a fork to grind the grains, here enter the melted butter on the steam bath or in the microwave, butter and cocoa powder. Whisk the products until smooth and apply a second coat. Cover everything with the remaining white mass from the "Fish" and sour cream. Rub on chocolate in fine strips of chocolate and sprinkle the product on top and sides. delicious cake of biscuits and sour cream

Coffee dessert

To gather with relatives at a common table, an excuseYou do not need it, but you can not do without dessert. Fragrant tea and delicious coffee delicacy will create a more cheerful warm atmosphere and will certainly cheer up every member of the family. After all, regardless of age and sex, like sweets. Especially since the dish is easy and does not burden you with a long cooking procedure. Ingredients:

  • four eggs
  • sugar - 200 grams
  • a pack of butter
  • 500 grams of cookies
  • a glass of instant coffee
  • cocoa - two large spoons
  • 10 grams of vanillin
  • milk chocolate

Cooking method: First, grate eggs and sugar well, so that the last ingredient completely disappears. Now, add vanillin and heat the mixture in a water bath, periodically using a spoon. When it becomes thicker, remove it from the plate and let cool, then add chopped soft butter. Carefully whip the cream with a whisk. Pour boiling water over the coffee, and when it dissolves, alternately dip each biscuit into it and start assembling the cake. Do this as follows: in a form, pre-coated with a plastic bag, put the egg mixture, on top of the biscuit, then the cream. In the same way, cook a few more layers of the dish, promazyvaya them with a sweet tender sauce. Then decorate the product with grated chocolate and refrigerate. Each recipe is a unique combination of products and a variety of gustatory sensations. As you can see, the technology of making fast cakes from cookies in all cases is a bit like. You do not need to be a great cook to make such a dish - enough desire and a little effort, and everything else will come out by itself. So good luck, and a pleasant appetite! We advise you to read: