chanel style The legendary Frenchwoman died more than 40 years ago(in 1971), but to the principles of fashion that she has compiled, they are still listening. Moreover, the very concept of "Chanel style" is already an immutable rule and strongly associated with good taste. Therefore, when creating look'ov any girl should focus on the principles of the great Coco; So that you can do this with ease, let's see what rules she left us.

10 principles of Coco Chanel in clothes

  • Pants - a pledge of freedom, because they areemphasize women's independence. Skirts are good, but stylish pants just have to be in the wardrobe. To enter the world, Chanel chose wide trousers, for casual style - shortened, combining them competently with classic sweaters.
  • The skirt covering the knees is ideal -no mini. And time shows that the classical length really turned out to be in demand. With an easy feed of Koko, narrow and straight skirts below the knee still predominate in clothing, being a synonym for business style.
  • The more jewelry, the more interesting it looksimage - with jewelry and jewelery can not be overdone. The Great Chanel simply adored pearl and ruby ​​beads, emerald brooches-cameos, shiny cufflinks.
  • In the image should be not only women, but alsomale notes. In the clothes, Koko was very brave: everyone knows that she could easily appear in a tweed coat or a sweater of one of her fans. And the men's sailor's vest worn by Chanel has been a bright female trend for almost half a century.
  • Two-color footwear is stylish - legendaryThe Frenchwoman herself proved the correctness of this rule. Her white and black sandals became one of the symbols of sexuality and made the female leg really graceful.
  • The bag simply has to have a strap releasingarms. The best proof of this is the reticule on almost non-sliding straps, created by Koko back in 1955 and still popular because of its combination of style and convenience.
  • The jacket, soft as a jacket, should always be intrend. Chanel suggested models of silk with a high armhole and narrow sleeves - their lightness and convenience allowed the women to make the most abrupt movements, for example, waving their arms or shrugging their shoulders.
  • Black dress is a stylish wardrobe item onall times. Little Black Dress (LBD) - this is the trend that appeared with the easy hand of Coco. Appeared to the world in the distant 1926, a cocktail black dress has been a symbol of sexuality, courage, freedom for more than 85 years.
  • Even the most luxurious, spectacular and beautiful clothesshould be comfortable. Chanel has fashioned knitted waistcoats and light blouses-sleeveless jackets, low-heeled shoes and bags on a belt-all this Coco has done to ensure that in a stylish manner a woman was comfortable.
  • Spirits are the final touch of any look'a -without them anywhere. In 1922, the famous Coco Chanel fragrance came out, which became the prototype for all its subsequent options. And now try to find a woman who would not have heard of these spirits and at least once did not want to buy them!

Such are the principles of the great Coco, and theycontinue to be reflected in the world of modern fashion. Guided by them, you can easily create a look that will look stylish, effective, elegant. So let's see what exactly needs to be included in the wardrobe for the embodiment of the image in the Chanel style. coco chanel style

Clothing in Coco trend

The first obligatory detail is silk,a tweed or woolen jacket of a straight cut or even a full costume. Until now, this is a kind of visiting card for women who want to dress the way the great Koko taught. The jacket can be either monophonic, black or white, or combining one of these colors with red, pink, orange, cream, brown, and blue. If it is not part of the costume, it can easily be combined with a classic skirt, covering the knee, matched in tone. The best traditions of Coco also correspond to flowing loose dresses made of tweed, silk, wool, jersey, knitwear. They can be with short sleeves or without them at all and with a collar. With color, everything is clear: of course, in the trend of black dresses - sure, they will remain relevant for decades. But you can also safely include in the wardrobe and white, beige, coral, red, blue, blue, brown models. In this case, it is best to choose options that will be convenient for both going out and going to work. Another "chip" from Coco Chanel was a dress-shirt - original, stylish, interesting. The most fashionable variants are monochrome (black, dark blue, beige, gray, white) and in a cage. You can combine dress-shirt with boots, ballet shoes, heels - in this case, you can safely mix styles, because look from this will only benefit. Gorgeous Coco also set the fashion for trench coats of beige, black, white, gray. This outerwear will perfectly emphasize the elegance of a modern woman, will make her image even more elegant and refined. Wonderful shoes for the trench will be high boots, heels, ballet shoes. As accessories to it it is possible to choose a bright scarf (for example, red), an interesting bag, glasses with an original frame. The shortened version of straight trousers with arrows, introduced into the fashion of Coco Chanel, is popular today. Wide white or black pants and now will look very interesting, especially if they are combined with a blouse in tone (or, conversely, with a contrast option). Well, the ideal footwear for this image will be shoes with heels or ballet shoes. Having made an effective stroke and adding look with threads of pearls, you will perfectly complete the image of a stylish woman. As accessories, Koko chose a scarf, a clutch and shoes - let's see what their fashion options are today, and what can be added to them. Let's start with shoes - its color should be neutral, that is, black, white or beige. Excellent fit shoes, miniature models, boats - all in a trend. Let's move on to the scarf: it should be bright - we recommend giving preference to options with leopard or abstract print. As for the clutch, it must also be neutral: beige or black, perhaps with a non-intrusive pattern of a different color. Of the jewelry, you just need to choose necklaces made of strings of pearls and, if desired, gold (rings or earrings). Another accessory was glasses, and necessarily with a black frame. All these things, ideas, images, just form the style of Coco, important and interesting always. Focus on them, and in your arsenal will be win-win options for creating an impeccably feminine look'a. We advise you to read: