how to wear a man's shirt to a girl A constant craving for novelty, experiments andchanges - an indispensable feature of every girl. Women's wardrobe has always been rich in a variety of types of clothes, but still for the sake of diversity, many seek to use some men's things. It's no secret that their clothes are very comfortable and often looks cool and stylish. Therefore, each representative of the fair sex has many ideas, how to wear a man's shirt to a girl.

Returning to history

Fashion historians say that this thingappeared long ago. Earlier they could be worn by important employees of Ancient Babylon, who were engaged in writing (cuneiform) financial reports. Not much time passed, and during the Renaissance, the shirt turned into a fashionable piece of underwear, which was already partially exhibited. In the sixteenth century, lace shirts appeared in Italy, but at that time only men wore them. In addition, until the eighteenth century, this clothing was intended only for aristocrats, to ordinary people they were simply not available. Closer to the nineteenth century, fashion changed dramatically, and ordinary shirts, without any ornaments, could be worn by citizens of any level of prosperity. In the women's wardrobe, the men's shirt appeared at the beginning of the revolutionary twentieth century. In the seventies and eighties of the last century, many women finally managed to establish themselves in politics and business, so they began to adopt parts of men's clothing, so that they could show worthy equality with the strong half of humanity. Initially, of course, such things could only be worn by the bravest, which, because of this, was the focus of attention and discussion. But all the same time passed, on the screens there were films in which the main characters woke up and drank coffee in a man's shirt, and on world podiums such a thing, created especially for the fair sex, began to appear more and more often. And today this shirt can be called one of the main parts of the women's wardrobe, and sometimes it seems that the girls look much better on girls than on men. how to wear a shirt to a girl

How does a girl wear a man's shirt?

Do not dispute the fact that every womantries to constantly update his image, make something unusual in it. At the same time, however strange it may sound, a man's shirt in a women's wardrobe has long been considered feminine and tender. The main thing is, do not take it from your brother, father, boyfriend or husband, and get yourself your own. For the first time choose the simplest, in classic style with a long sleeve, for example, white. Now let's try to create several images with it:

  • Let's start with a casual and directoption. Use the men's shirt as a tunic: roll up your sleeves and put on your bustier or top, combining it all with mini-shorts or a mini-skirt. From shoes you can choose anything: like sandals on a high hairpin, and ordinary flip flops. Complete the whole image with a wide belt with a massive buckle, eco-style handbag, wood bracelets, and the result is an interesting bohemian ensemble.
  • If the previous image is too frank for you,then consider another. Classic shorts in the style of safari, beige or sand color, white tank top, Roman sandals, belt, and on top - an unbuttoned shirt with rolled up sleeves. A complementary accessory will be a hat in the style of a safari.
  • In response to a question about how to wear a man's shirtgirl, there is even a romantic option. On a cool summer evening, a girl can wear a thin, feminine dress, and will complement it with the same white shirt. Specifically, in this case, it performs two roles: it warms and makes the image more tender and fragile, especially if you emphasize the waist, wearing a belt in the form of a kerchief or a thin belt.
  • You will be surprised, but with such a simpleshirt can create an image even in the style of a western. Of course, we will not get too brutally combined, but after all, we are not true cowboys, but just want to be a bit like them. The girl needs to wear denim pants or a denim skirt, top, a turtleneck or tank top, cowboy boots. From above, put on a shirt, and you can carry it in various ways: either tuck it (you can fill it with one side only) or wear a full rundown. Complementary accessories will be a scarf around the neck, a bag with a fringe, a man's belt.
  • How else can you wear a man's shirt to a girl? With the help of this thing, which can be great for a couple of sizes, you can create even a strict, business and even elegant image. For this, a woman should wear a black tight pencil skirt or dark trousers in a classical style, but always with an overstated waist. Tuck the shirt in a skirt or trousers, unbutton a few upper buttons. Now put on black shoes with a stud or high heel, a few simple, soft accessories, and the image of an impregnable business lady is ready!
  • Remembering the fashion podiums, we can say thatall new is a well-forgotten old; or not forgotten? It's about men's denim shirts from the eighties, which are gaining popularity with incredible speed. Of course, such a thing can not be called only everyday, because it has long become incredibly practical in many situations. In addition, it is light and perfectly combined with any clothing, and is popular among owners of absolutely any figure and age. Do not think that a man's shirt can be used as an element of seduction or flirtation, as it is perfectly suited to the overall formation of everyday images. Classics are appropriate in the office or at business meetings, polo shirt - in everyday life or in sports, Hawaiian or beach - on vacation, elegant - on holidays and celebrations. Very topical is this thing in the wardrobes of those girls who love experiments in ethnic style or with folk themes. For such representatives of the beautiful half you can pick up a shirt in a cage, striped or tartan. These things are perfectly combined with jeans or shorts - in this way you can go for a walk or picnic. But the classic white shirt, the examples with which use were presented above, in general the most universal and indispensable part of clothing that is able to save in various situations, especially when there is nothing to wear. The main thing - remember: this shirt is in no way combined with wide trousers or jeans, and even more so with jeans of men's cut. Otherwise, you will achieve the opposite, unnecessary effect to you: not feminine and self-confident, but, on the contrary, "uncouth" and rude. how a girl wear a man's shirt

    How to choose the right shirt?

    Quite a lot of women have not experiencedthe choice of such an element of the wardrobe. To create a fresh and original image, it is best to choose a shirt for a couple of sizes larger. Fashionable and actual shirt should be long, like a light tunic. Do not worry, if it looks at you baggy - this is the current chic of the season.

    • If you choose a shirt to suit, then it should be a couple of tones lighter.
    • White, blue and blue shirts are perfectly combined with a gray suit, and cream, gray, light blue and milky-white look better with black.
    • The most practical are cotton shirts, because they do not require special care.
    • If you are the owner of a round, large face, pay attention to shirts with pointed collars.
    • In the event that your face is elongated and oval, choose a thing with a rectangular collar.
    • In a classic style, such a shirt should look out from under the jacket for a couple of centimeters, and the cuffs should cover the bone on the wrist.

    What images and options do stars choose?

    Despite the fact that famous singers, actors,musicians, athletes can buy themselves any thing, the beautiful half of humanity is still just interested in a man's thing, in this situation - a shirt. Jessica Simpson says: "I wear a spacious option, tying her knot in the waist. Such clothes are perfect for my walks and outdoor recreation. " Actress Rachel Bilson not so long ago admitted to the press that from time to time she takes shirts from her boyfriend to refresh the image. And at it it is perfectly received - such shirt in a small strip with the unbuttoned collar looks very stylishly. Fans of checkered shirts Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba and Claudia Schiffer tuck her in jeans, and put on the belt on top. These ladies - lovers of casual fashion looks, in the list of which there are shirts of a strong half of humanity. Cowboy shirts like the actress Olivia Mann. She prefers to go to them for sports competitions, for a walk or for shopping. Most often, like many other famous personalities, a star combines such a thing with tight jeans. Some ladies, for example, Vanessa Hudgens, are not at all embarrassed, so they wear a man's shirt in the form of a dress that looks very stylish and sexy. Also in this form paparazzi was found by Rihanna, who told them a few words about the comfort of such a dress. In conclusion, it should be said that men's shirts have become the most urgent and integral part of the women's wardrobe, because every woman always wants to look fashionable, stylish, bold, bold, and at the same time gently and feminine. Do not be afraid of experiments, play with patterns, colors, use various decorations that will give brightness to such a laid-back style. We advise you to read: