Carol Majio aerobics for skin and facial muscles So it was a hot summer. About their body, many women begin to care in the spring. They attend fitness centers and gyms. To have a thin waist and slender hips, exercises need to be done regularly. But how many of us regularly exercise weight loss facial exercises? Meanwhile, the double chin and plump cheeks are conspicuous even more than the full thighs or waist. This problem is especially topical for women who grow thin from the bottom up. First, legs disappear, stomach and arms are tightened, and only at the last moment the face grows thin. However, few people "live" to a person, and now you have a person who has unnecessary "fat folds" and "sides." But do not be in a hurry to despair: with some effort, you can achieve good results. There is aerobics for the skin and facial muscles, which allows you to quickly bring a puffy face to the form - it's called "face building" (by analogy with bodybuilding). The author of this technique is Carol Maggio (some sources claim that her surname is correctly spelled with two "d" - Madgio). The first steps in this field were taken by Carol Maggio more than twenty years ago, when her husband - a simple and straightforward man - told her that she had become very ill looking. Tell me, what woman would not fall into prostration and shock after such words? Many would have given the husband a scandal and disappointed in life, but not Carol. She preferred to direct her energy to create a complex of exercises for the skin and muscles of the face. By analogy with how we train the body, she decided that it is possible to exercise the muscles of the face and correct the skin condition. aerobics for the skin and facial muscles of Carol Majio

How to perform aerobics for the skin and muscles of the face

Aerobics for the face of Carol Maggio specificallydesigned separately for women and for men. She can be engaged from the age of twenty-five. Thanks to these exercises you can work out all the muscles of the face and neck. By the way, an interesting fact - full people achieve outstanding naked eye faster than people are lean, and the first effect can be observed in a week. To achieve the speedy result, perform the following set of exercises twice a day, and very soon your face will become more fit and slim. Aerobics Carol Maggio for the skin and facial muscles consists of a series of simple exercises:

  • Perform this exercise can be both lying down, andsitting. Open your mouth and with effort pull your lips inwards for the upper and lower teeth. Move your hands lightly over your face. At this point, connect the strength of your brain to the exercise. Mentally imagine how your skin tightens, and the face acquires elasticity. Look up and imagine that your skin tends to look. This simple exercise should be performed until light burning in the muscles of the face. Then relax. To release tension, lightly blow in front of you.
  • Stifle the lower jaw. For this, throwing your head back, try using the lower jaw to grab the top, slightly pushing the chin.
  • With tightly closed teeth, lower the lower lip with a muscle force.
  • Lower and raise the corners of the mouth.
  • Lean your chin on your arm. Lower your chin with an effort and resist yourself with your hand. This is a great 30-second exercise for those who have sedentary work.
  • Make head inclinations in different directions.
  • Pinch a pencil in your teeth and try to write something to them in the air, for example, your name.
  • Exercise to help correct the shape of the nose. Push the index finger from the bottom to the tip of the nose in such a way as to raise it upward, and hold it in this position. Then pull the upper lip on your teeth and, as it were, pull it down. You can also drop the nostrils - the tip of the nose should move down. Stay in this position for a second. Then you need to relax your lips. Repeat this exercise twenty-five times, and each time push the finger down with the tip of the nose.

A good result can be a regulara two-minute chin massage. In the morning, when washing, take a small towel by the edges. You can pre-moisten it in some herbal infusion. And, sharply stretching it under the face, do patting movements of the chin. And also do not forget to use periodically face masks with a tightening effect. All these activities in the complex will give your person harmony and elasticity. Aerobics for the face can be different, and the Carol Maggio system is by no means the only method. As in any other training, the main thing here is the systematic and regular exercise. Facebuilding has proved effective, especially if on the other side of the scale is a dangerous thing, like plastic surgery. It does not give any side effects and at the same time is accessible to everyone. That is why aerobics for skin and facial muscles by the method of Carol Maggio can be recommended to anyone who wants to turn back time, regain youth and change the features of his face. We advise you to read: