care for your nails To date, long, durable and beautifulnails of any shape and color - no problem! For this, it is not at all necessary to grow them, to constantly strengthen them, to monitor the form and condition. Moreover, it is very difficult to do, if by nature your nails are thin and fragile, have a tendency to delamination and brittleness. In order to purchase beautiful long nails, you can undergo the procedure of building in any beauty salon. The procedure for building is fairly simple, however long, because you need to process all 10 fingers. To build nails are usually used materials such as gel and acrylic. After the procedure, you get long nails of the desired shape. Lacquer on the nails extends more than two, or even three weeks. The shape of the nails does not need to be constantly adjusted, it does not change until the correction procedure. Correction of nails is held every few weeks. It depends on how fast your own nails grow. Growing up, the nail opens unfilled material to build up space. Accordingly, it is not varnished and differs from the basic narrowned nail. Therefore, correction should be carried out when it becomes necessary. Advanced nails care

Types of building

To date, there are many varieties of nail extensions. Each woman can choose for herself any suitable kind of build-up.

  • Fake nails

This is the simplest and cheapest formbefore, only he was available to women. False nails are made of plastic and fastened with glue directly to the nail platinum on its entire surface. This way of building can be done independently at home, it is simple, but short-lived. Moreover, the glue with which the false nails are attached severely hurts their nails, penetrates under the nail and into the skin.

  • Type building

This kind of build-up is a bit likefalse nails, but tipsy are attached to their own nails not harmful glue, and other materials. Usually, a gel or acrylic is used. Tipsa is attached to the nail by pouring a certain substance. Tipsy also made of plastic, and gel or acrylic less harm nails than glue.

  • Acrylic build-up

This method of building up is performed usingdisposable paper forms. The form is placed under the edge of your nail, the acrylic is poured on top of the nail. Acrylic is a mixture of acrylic powder and a liquid-activator. The brush is dipped in liquid, then in powder, and the mixture is immediately applied to the nail. A homogeneous, rapidly solidifying substance forms. Acrylic covers not only its own nail, it is given a certain length of paper form. Then the nails are filed to the desired shape, polished from the unevenness of a special machine with a set of milling cutters and grinding attachments. The nail is varnished.

  • Gel Extension

For this method of growth, a gel-ready homogeneous mass, a bit reminiscent of the consistency of nail polish, only thicker. Building is also done with paper forms. But to gel the gel, hands are placed in a special ultraviolet lamp to dry the gel. After complete drying, the nails are given the necessary shape to the machine for filing and grinding. Acrylic and gel nails are the most popular form of building up today. It is believed that acrylic is much more durable than gel. However, it harms our nails more. But there are many varieties of gel. Biogel includes natural ingredients and organic resins. There is also a gel with an admixture of silk fibers and gel-nail polish. The gel less harms our nails, but is less durable and durable compared to acrylic. In addition to visiting the master of manicure, you need independent care for your nails. proper care for your nails

Care for the expanded nails

Nail extensions includeregular corrections, where the master will do all the necessary steps to care for them, will change the shape and color of your nails according to your desire. However, do not just go to the salon. Caring for accreted nails at home will provide you with beautiful and neat nails and a well-groomed look of your hands. Here are a few basic rules and tips on how to properly care for your nails, which will always keep your hands in perfect condition.

  • Get used to nails If you want yourThe new nails were long, you will need some time to adapt. Get used to the new length you can in a few days. The nails are very strong, but they should not be tested because they can crack or crack. The nails are literally poured into your natural nail, so if some kind of injury occurs, the nail will be damaged along with your fingernail. Be careful!
  • Correction in time Correction of advancedNails are held on average once every three weeks. However, this can occur more often, and less frequently, depending on the growth rate of natural nails. Growing, an extended nail opens the area of ​​a natural nail, not covered with material for building. If you do not make a correction on time, under the exaggerated nail can get air, it can even split. Correction should be done on time, better even more often than necessary.
  • Means without acetone Acetone can destroy yourextruded nails, it dissolves gel and acrylic. If you want to change the boring color of the varnish yourself, use a special tool for removing varnish for nails, or at least a product without acetone. Household chemicals also should not contain acetone, or work around the house with gloves.
  • Special varnishes for nails It will be better if youyou will get special professional varnishes for the nails. In this case, you can change the color of your nails as often as you want, without waiting for correction. However, if you do not have such an opportunity, check that the varnish has a normal consistency and shelf life.
  • Specialty nail files Forget about usingscissors and nail clippers, they are only applicable for natural nails. Such tools can simply split the exaggerated nails, leave cracks on them. To change the shape or length of the nail, use special nail files for the nails. They will be marked with the numbers 100/100 or 80/80 - this is the abrasiveness of the nail file, which will cope with gel or acrylic. Do not use metal nail files for sawing and polishing.
  • Care for cuticles In the process of building andThe correction procedure for the manicure master treats the cuticle with a special apparatus. Cuticle as it were cut and cleaned with a special grinding nozzle. However, the care for the advanced nails involves self-care for the cuticle between the corrections. Do not forget to prune the formed burrs and feed the cuticle and the skin around the nail with oils.
  • Avoid temperature extremessensitive to sharp temperature changes, from this they can become more fragile, even crack or crack. Avoid prolonged heating in the sauna or sauna, and after leaving the steam room do not jump immediately into the ice pool, let the nails cool naturally.
  • Removing nails If you decide to removeextruded nails, consult a specialist. The nails are dissolved with a special composition, and the residues are cut with a grinding or polishing file. Hardly you can do it yourself at home.
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