when you can get pregnant after a stiff pregnancy The birth of a child is the most important event thatcan happen in a woman's life. But unfortunately, not every pregnancy, even the most desired one, ends with this joyful event. And one of the dangers that lie in wait for a future mother is a frozen pregnancy. Shock, pain, despair - the woman's emotions are quite understandable and natural. However, the time goes by, the first shock occurs and after a stiffened pregnancy the couple begins to ask various questions. Why did this happen, how to avoid a repetition of the tragedy, and others. Including, and when you can get pregnant after a stiff pregnancy? But, as they say, the theater begins with a hanger. And we will begin the conversation from the very beginning. What is a frozen pregnancy and why is this happening? If you do not go into medical terms, a frozen pregnancy can be described as the cessation of embryo development. Most often fading pregnancy occurs in the first three months of pregnancy. However, doctors know cases when the pregnancy died down and at a very late date - a few weeks before the expected date of delivery. But, fortunately, this happens very, very rarely. Doctors reliably established that the most dangerous for the crumbs are 3 and 4, 8 and 11, as well as 16-18 weeks of pregnancy. And the most dangerous period is the 8th week of pregnancy, during which the crumbs form all the vital organs. After this period, the danger of frozen pregnancy decreases at times.

Causes of a Pregnant Pregnancy

After the tragedy happened, all womentorments the same question - why? Why did this happen and who is to blame for this? In fact, it is reliable to establish why pregnancy has stopped, in most cases doctors have failed. Especially if after that a considerable time passed. However, they still highlight several main reasons:

  • Genetic disorders

Sometimes nature mistakes and it fails. And for perfectly healthy parents, the baby has some serious genetic pathology. But in most of these cases, nature immediately recovers and rushes to correct their oversight. As a result, pregnancy after this just stops developing.

  • Hormonal disorders

The second most common cause of the frozenpregnancy - is a violation of the hormonal background in the body of a woman. Typically, this occurs if there is a shortage of estrogen or progesterone. Or in the case, if the body has increased the level of androgens - male sex hormones. Therefore, after a stagnant pregnancy, one must pass an analysis on hormones.

  • Infectious diseases

Then there are various infectious diseases. A future mother should not be ill at all, even with colds, not to mention more serious ones. And the most dangerous infections are rubella, influenza and cytomegalovirus. You can not forget about the diseases that are transmitted sexually. The cause of frozen pregnancy can be: gonorrhea, mycoplasmosis, chlamydia, etc.

  • Artificial insemination

Numerous studies have shown thatThe pregnancy that has occurred as a result of IVF is at much greater risk. Therefore, such future mothers should be especially attentive to their condition.

  • Bad habits

The future of the baby is threatened by all bad habitsmums - the use of drugs, smoking, alcoholic beverages. And do not listen to the "well-wishers" who claim that 50 grams of red wine will bring nothing but good. Any alcohol in any quantities is very dangerous for the developing fetus. how to get pregnant after a stiff pregnancy

What to do next?

So, the frozen pregnancy is over. What to do next, after it? Of course, do not despair, and prepare for the next pregnancy. And to begin this preparation it is necessary right after the frozen pregnancy. Ask your doctor to send the fetal egg or fetus to a microscopic examination. Such a study allows to establish whether the baby had any genetic pathology, which could serve as the cause of a stagnant pregnancy. After that much will become clearer. All doctors unanimously advise not to plan the onset of pregnancy earlier than 6 months after cleansing. And do not repeat the error of most couples who fell into such a situation - do not start a full examination immediately, after discharge from the hospital. Rest, give rest to your body, come to your senses - for at least three months, forget about the existence of a gynecologist. But in any case, do not forget about the need to protect yourself. First, your body must recover from an unsuccessful pregnancy. And secondly, the reason why the previous pregnancy has died out remains unclear. So, the chance of a repeat of the history still remains. And it is very important to take into account the psychological state of a woman. Very often the failed mother after desperate pregnancy lends itself to despair and even falls into depression. And it is quite natural - after all the woman has lost the most expensive, that at it is. Her baby. In no case can you plan a new pregnancy after this misfortune until the woman feels that she is morally ready for this important step. In no case can you plan pregnancy under the pressure of others, or simply because the time has come. Do not keep your emotions in yourself - talk about them. Talk to your husband, explain your feelings to him - for sure, so it will be much easier for him to understand what is happening to you, why you become so irritable and nervous. Talk to your mom or girlfriend - their words will surely support you. As a rule, it becomes much easier for most women after such conversations. If after two or three months your psychological state does not improve, do not hesitate to - contact a psychologist. Otherwise, the situation will only worsen. And what will end is difficult to predict. to become pregnant after a stiff pregnancy

Examination during pregnancy planning

So, you are psychologically ready, came to your sensesafter an unsuccessful pregnancy and start to think about a new attempt? Congratulations, it's time to act. And the first thing that potential parents should do is to undergo a complete examination. And remember - after a stagnant pregnancy, both parents should be examined. Though the daddy with mum will be necessary to hand over different analyzes. What kind of examination is necessary:

  • Analysis for the content of homocysteine ​​in the blood

In normal pregnancy, the level of thissubstance in the blood is almost always reduced. And the decline begins from the very first weeks of pregnancy. And it is restored only after childbirth. This is necessary in order for the placental blood flow to proceed properly. In the same case, if the body's level of homocysteine ​​is increased initially, it can lead to pregnancy fading. And if the problem is detected in a timely manner, the situation can be adjusted before the onset of pregnancy.

  • Ultrasound examination

Ultrasound examination of pelvic organs andthyroid gland is an important part of the general examination. It allows you to identify hidden pathologies, which in the end can lead to pregnancy fading. Such a survey is completely painless, so you should not be afraid of it.

  • Determination of the level of hormones

As everyone knows, the normal coursepregnancy is possible only if the hormone balance is correct in the body of the future mother. Including those hormones that are produced by the thyroid gland. This kind of research is extremely necessary for doctors, so that they can make a correct picture of what is happening and, if necessary, prescribe a course of corrective therapy, so that the tragedy will not happen again. Therefore, after each unsuccessful pregnancy, these tests are mandatory.

  • The presence of antibodies to rubella

Of course, directly this factor for fadingpregnancy does not affect in any way. But if you want to approach seriously the issue of pregnancy planning, you still need to pass this analysis. Of course, in the event that a woman does not know if she was sick with rubella in childhood.

  • The level of autoantibodies in the blood

This analysis is necessary in order to understand,the reaction of the immune system caused the fading of pregnancy. Knowing this, it is possible to prescribe corrective therapy in advance, which will help to correct the situation and avoid the repetition of the tragedy.

  • Presence of hidden infections

This study is necessary for both parents. Unfortunately, statistics say that every third person suffers from a sexually transmitted infection. Moreover - more than half of these people do not even know about their disease, because it is asymptomatic. Therefore, tests can help to identify, and therefore, treat infections, if any. And you need to do this before you are ready to become pregnant again. If during the examination the doctors reveal the presence of any pathologies, they will prescribe the necessary treatment, which will reduce the risk of repeated frozen pregnancy. Sometimes this treatment lasts only a few weeks, and sometimes takes a very long time - a few months, or even years. Of course, this is a very long time, but do not rush to get pregnant. Do you want to give birth to a healthy baby? So, it's worth the wait. Do not attempt to become pregnant until the doctor gives you permission. Be patient, do not torture your doctor with questions: "Well, when can you get pregnant already ?!" when you can get pregnant after a stiff pregnancy

Getting ready for pregnancy

However, the worst case is described above. Most often, the examination does not reveal any serious pathologies from the health of potential parents. So, most likely, your gynecologist will give you permission to attempt to become pregnant in about six months. But in this case, too, this question should be approached very, very carefully - this will help to avoid the repetition of a frozen pregnancy. And first and foremost, it is mother who should pay special attention to the way of life that she leads. It is necessary to reduce to the possible minimum the influence of all negative factors of the environment, to revise one's lifestyle and habits, and to visit his gynecologist on time and on a regular basis. And, of course, very strictly follow all the rules and comply with its regulations. This will help avoid complications both with the conception itself, and with the subsequent course of pregnancy. In each case, the doctor will select individual recommendations for each future mother. However, there are general recommendations that all women need to fulfill without exception:

  • Exposure to harmful substances

Daily on the body of any personaffects a large number of a variety of harmful substances. Exhaust gases, household chemicals, even the sharp smells of perfumes and cosmetics. Try to minimize all these impacts. In the event that a woman is forced to work in harmful production, she should be asked to transfer her to easy work. Or, if this is not possible, it is worth changing jobs, no matter how good it might seem to you. After all, nothing is more important than the health of your crumbs! Do not get pregnant until all the negative effects are eliminated.

  • High-grade food

Not the last role during pregnancy plays anddiet future mother. And to revise the menu the future mum should for some months before approach of pregnancy. This is necessary to ensure that the body has time to make up supplies of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals. In the diet for the future mother there is nothing supernatural. She should refuse fried, sharp, smoked and salty dishes. In addition, it is necessary to exclude all products containing dyes and preservatives. Carbonated drinks, coffee and alcohol should be excluded completely - it is best to replace them with non-carbonated mineral water, fruit drinks and unsweetened compotes. The menu should include as many fresh vegetables and fruits, greens, as well as meat, fish and seafood. In addition, do not forget about products with high iron content. It is found in large quantities in the liver, buckwheat, apples and pomegranate juice. Discuss your menu with your gynecologist - it will help to choose the most optimal. It is best to do this in advance, and not when the pregnancy has already come.

  • Multivitamin preparations

Be sure to consult your doctorabout the reception of multivitamin complexes. In most cases, a woman simply needs to take these drugs, because with the help of the menu alone it is not always possible to provide the body with all the vitamins and minerals necessary for him. In addition, it is mandatory to start taking vitamin E and folic acid. Vitamin E plays a huge role in the normal course of pregnancy. First, it is responsible for the proper functioning of the reproductive system, secondly, it is necessary for the proper development of the embryo, and in the third, vitamin E is responsible for skin health. But it is very important - the skin of the expectant mother during pregnancy is subjected to serious stress. And the lack of vitamin E with a high probability can lead to the appearance of strong stretch marks.

  • Strengthening immunity

Unfortunately, few modern people canboast of an impeccable immune system. Therefore, before planning a pregnancy, the expectant mother should take care of strengthening her immunity. In the event that the woman is not particularly sickly, then nothing special will be required of her. It is enough to spend at least two hours a day outdoors, and try to walk as much as possible. About the diet, we have already said above - properly drawn up menu also helps to strengthen immunity. In addition, review your daily routine - you need to sleep at least 8 hours a day. And you need to sleep at night, so about the midnight get-togethers with friends and travel on the World Wide Web for the time being forgotten. Do not deprive attention and tempering. No no! No one asks you to dive into the ice hole in January frost. But at the end of the adoption of the soul to beat his feet with cool water will never interfere. Try to walk as much as possible barefoot - on the soles of the feet contains a huge number of a variety of receptors. And regular walking barefoot greatly strengthens human health. Walk barefoot at any opportunity, when there is such an opportunity.

  • Physical activity

Getting ready to become a mother, a woman must take care of herself.about a good physical shape. First, a woman who is in good physical shape, much easier to bear the loads that inevitably occur during pregnancy. Secondly, such expectant mothers certainly will not have problems with excess weight, and thirdly, a physically weak woman, the process of giving birth is much more difficult. And the old form after childbirth will be much easier to restore. Of course, do not push yourself to exhaustion. But morning exercise, walking, swimming in the pool will only benefit you. how to become pregnant after a stiff pregnancy

If the trouble came again

Unfortunately, very rarely, but stillthere are cases when the cases of repeated frozen pregnancy are repeated two, and sometimes more, times. In this case, doctors talk about such a pathology as the habitual miscarriage of pregnancy. Typically, this happens if there are serious violations in the body of potential dad or mother. However, even in this situation, one should not lose courage and despair - in most cases doctors can determine the cause of such a phenomenon. And the level of modern medicine is so high that you can cope with even the most difficult problem. And in the long run, sooner or later, you will still become happy parents. If, of course, they turn for help in a timely manner, right after an unsuccessful pregnancy, and not when it's too late. After all, the course of any diseases with time only worsens, so in no case do not take the time. Medical assistance should be timely. But, fortunately, such cases are extremely rare. Most often, most women who have encountered a dead pregnancy, easily get pregnant and give birth to healthy babies. So believe in the best, take care of your health and ... look after your dowry! Happy pregnancy and mild delivery! We advise you to read: