cake from gingerbread For many housewives the basis is lush and beautifulBaking has still remained unsolved secrets. After all, cooking, and even more cooking biscuits, cakes and other flour products - a delicate matter, requiring the cooks patience, special skill, endurance and experience. If you adore sweet, but do not "get along" with the test, this does not mean that you should give up trying to make a delicious dessert. There is a way out: we suggest remembering and introducing into your everyday life a recipe for a quick and very appetizing dish. A cake of gingerbread can be prepared with a delicate sour cream, with different fillings: roasted nuts, raisins, bananas and other fruits. Love honey? So why not add it to your creation. As an ornament, the dish is poured with a thick layer of chocolate glaze or sprinkled with ground peanuts. The main advantage of the dish, thanks to which it has won such popularity, is the simplicity of its preparation. You will spend no more than 20 minutes to make a dessert. The product does not require baking, and therefore do not have to worry about whether the dough will rise, whether the cake will turn out. Spoil the cake of gingerbread cookies is almost impossible, so even inexperienced housewives can take note of the favorite recipe. You'll see, the dish will turn out insanely delicious and hearty. Is this not a good reason to invite close friends? Serve with tea, coffee, warm milk. All - both kids and adults - will be delighted with the juicy dessert.

Cake "Summer"

Summer is the time for juicy berries and ripe fruits, sowhy not take advantage of the gifts of nature and cook an appetizing dessert? We will prompt a very quick and simple recipe that will help out in a difficult moment. If guests suddenly appear on the threshold of your house, and in the refrigerator, as the saying goes, roll the ball, there is always a way out - make a cake of gingerbread. It does not require baking, therefore, the procedure for preparing the dessert takes a minimum of time. That the dish turned out juicy, we will add a little sour cream of average fat content, and fresh fruit - bananas, kiwi and oranges - will give it really summer taste. If necessary, you can slightly change the recipe by replacing the above products with berries grown in your own cottage. For this ideal: strawberry, raspberry, cherry, cherry or, for example, currant. Ingredients: For cake:

  • two large bananas
  • ½ kg of any fresh gingerbread
  • two small oranges
  • two handfuls of peeled walnuts
  • kiwi

For cream:

  • 150-170 grams of granulated sugar
  • 500 milliliters of home or shop sour cream (choose a product of medium fat content)
  • half a two-hundred-pound packet of butter

For sweet glaze:

  • 30 grams of powdered sugar
  • two large spoons of milk (you can make sauce with sour cream)
  • 35 grams of cocoa powder
  • butter - 40 grams

Cooking method: If you do not get products from the dough, and in the family live lovers of sweet, this recipe is simply obliged to enter into your culinary use. Appetizing gingerbread cake does not require the cook to master the craft of baking. It is enough to buy fresh products, whip the cream (soon make sure that it's incredibly easy to do) and cut the fruit. Then it will only be necessary to assemble the product and water it with freshly glazed glaze. So, if you are willing to spend a little time to eventually try a delicious treat, let's start the lesson immediately. Learn and remember, this knowledge will help to meet with dignity even the unexpectedly unexpected visitors to the house. If you want to make a cake you can from any gingerbread, for example, chocolate. This recipe involves the preparation of sour cream, but if this product is not found in the refrigerator, replace it with cream or cook another sauce, for example, from milk or a custard. Experiment with the ingredients, of course, you can - the main thing to act very carefully. After all, sometimes even small changes can spoil the easiest and tasty dish. The recipe begins with the simplest: cut each gingerbread horizontally into three equal parts. To make the dish tender, choose soft, fresh products. If they are a little dry, put them in a deep bowl and pour a little milk. Hold for 30 seconds and remove. Gingerbread is soaked, and the dish will be more juicy. Now we will deal with fruits: peel them and cut them into medium cubes. Be sure to remove the oranges from the excess skin and film. If using walnuts, dry them for a while - three to four minutes - in a skillet without oil. You will see, the result will please you. The recipe has almost come to an end, it remains to make an appetizing cream. To do this, chop slices of softened creamy product, fill it with sugar-sand and rub with a fork. When the ingredients turn into a homogeneous mass, add sour cream to them. Ideally, the cream is beaten with a mixer for five minutes. As soon as it increases in volume and changes color, turn off the kitchen appliance. If you want, you can add a pinch of vanillin, which will add spice to your creation. Well, let's assemble the dish? Each piece of gingerbread dipped in a cream and spread on a flat plate. Products should fit tightly to each other, thereby forming a reliable springboard for the future cake. When you make the first tier, lay a layer of fruit on it, smear it with three tablespoons sour cream, then in the same way prepare the other floors of the dish. The product can be of any shape: in the form of a slide, round, square. Here each hostess makes a decision independently. The classic recipe for dessert is a persimmon. However, it is very sweet in itself, and in combination with bananas will be a real "carbohydrate" boom. Therefore, we decided to replace this fruit with oranges, which will give the cake a slightly sour taste. Well, when the assembly of the product is finished, grease the top and sides with the remains of the cream and clean in the fridge soak. And in the meantime, weld the icing. Note that the sauce immediately burns, so you should act quickly, besides, do not forget to constantly stir it. So, heat the milk over low heat, then pour sand and cocoa into it. The first can be replaced with powder - it is much better and faster dissolves. Regularly work with a spoon, so that no excess lumps form. Once the ingredients form a uniform, thick mass, add butter and another three minutes, hold the dishes on the stove. A well-cooled glaze decorate the cake of gingerbread, at the very end sprinkle it with crushed nuts. By the way, chocolate sauce is brewed in different ways - today there are a lot of options. We offered a recipe based on milk, but if you want to try to make sauce from sour cream, at the very least, add the remaining cream to it, which impregnated the product. As for the nut component of the dish, it can be almonds or peanuts. If you do not want to spend too much time on decorating, just sprinkle the dessert with grated chocolate chips. We wish you good culinary experiments! cake without baking cakes

Dessert of gingerbread with raisins and nuts

If a fruit dessert, the recipe of which was citedabove, suitable for the spring-summer period, when in the shops and in the market are abundantly represented all kinds of berries, the second dish is ideal for the cold season. Although in principle it can be safely attributed to universal dishes, relevant all twelve months. A cake with raisins with the addition of nuts does not need advertising. Even if you do not understand anything in baking, it does not matter - the dessert is only in a couple of minutes. It will be appropriate even at a children's party. Ingredients:

  • two two hundred and fifty-gram packs of fatty sour cream
  • ½ kg of fresh gingerbread
  • 0.5 cups of peeled peanuts
  • 115 grams of powdered sugar
  • 50 grams of soft raisins


  • chocolate bar
  • powdered sugar - optional

Cooking method: If you want to make an inexpensive dessert without baking, then the following recipe will perfectly suit your requirements. It is economical not only in terms of money, but also time. Preparing the dish takes a minimum of effort - you can do it in about ten to fifteen minutes. Please note that it will take several hours to impregnate the food. Now let's get down to business: first, combine the deep powder and powdered sour cream. Thoroughly beat the mass with a metal halo - actively rotate the device so that the sweet ingredient completely dissolves. Remove from the shell nuts and fry them in a dry saucepan, then gently rastolkite a mortar or hammer. Gingerbread cookies into several pieces - ideally three. Fresh raisins do not have to be filled with water, because it is soft enough. However, if you are caught drier, old berries, soak them for five to eight minutes. After a well wring out and dry with a paper towel. The form - it can be a deep plate or utensils for baking, - in which you plan to prepare a dish, lay a special film. If not, take a regular plastic bag. Now, each spice-cake should be soaked in sour cream sauce and laid out next to each other. In empty places, add small pieces of products, apply a layer of cream on top, sprinkle with nuts and raisins. In exactly the same way, prepare the remaining tiers of the dish. When you manage, treat it with the remnants of the cream from all sides. Immediately cut the cake into portions and start eating it is not recommended - give the dessert time to impregnate. Ideally, the dish should stand in a cool place for about three hours. Immediately before serving, cover the dishes with a flat plate and turn over sharply. Then remove the already unnecessary polyethylene and decorate your creation with chocolate, grated in advance. You can do differently: cook the cocoa glaze, cool it and pour the dish. Bon Appetit!

Classic gingerbread pie with fruit

Introducing another masterpiece of culinaryart - a pie of chocolate gingerbread with fresh fruit. If in the first case, the composition of the dish included oranges and kiwis, then this recipe is slightly different from its predecessor. This time you need a strong, sweet persimmon and bananas. The cream will be made from homemade cream, a pinch of vanilla essence will give it a special flavor. Gingerbread dessert is a dish that is worth trying, so boldly embark on a culinary procedure. Ingredients: Cream:

  • a glass of sugar
  • 185 grams of butter
  • Vanilla essence - at your discretion
  • 20 percent sour cream - 200 milliliters


  • 250 grams of bananas (about two average pieces)
  • 650 grams of any gingerbread
  • ripe persimmon - two pieces (pick up strong fruits)
  • 65 grams of walnuts

Chocolate sauce:

  • three large spoons of cream or sour cream
  • fifteen milliliters of melted butter (creamy)
  • cocoa - 25 grams
  • sugar - to taste

Cooking method: First of all, cut the cakes into two or three pieces. Persimmon and peeled bananas with thin slices. With nuts, remove the shell and dry them in a saucepan, then grind it with a mortar. You can leave a few whole pieces to decorate the future cake, and now it's time to make a cream. It does not have to be cooked, the procedure is very simple: lay out the oil from the fridge beforehand, so that it is slightly melted. Then send the product to the bowl for the blender, pour the sugar and pour the sour cream. Turn on the appliance and whip the ingredients into a lush mass, pay attention to the lumps - they should be disposed of. Here enter the fragrant essence and mix. We proceed to the final stage of dessert preparation - to its assembly. To begin with, soak gingerbread with sour cream, then gradually put the items on the plate one to the next. They should fit snugly, so if there are gaps, close them with dough pieces and nuts. The second tier of the dish consists of persimmon slices, and the third of bananas. Between them, make another layer of gingerbread. At the very end, pour the dish with the remains of vanilla sauce and sprinkle with ground nuts. You can cook glaze on water, milk, cream, we suggest using a "sour cream" recipe. Put a bowl of butter on a quiet fire and melt the creamy product. Then put sugar in it and sow cocoa. Carefully rub the mixture with a fork to get rid of excess lumps. Then add the sour cream and boil the glaze, without bringing it to a bubbling, about six minutes. Regularly stir the mass as soon as it thickens enough, turn off the hotplate and cool the sauce. After apply the chocolate stains on the cake of gingerbread and take it to a cold room. Before serving, cut into portions and serve for tea.

gingerbread cake without baking

Cake "Appetizing"

Finally, let's look at another recipefast dessert. This dish will appeal to true lovers of sweets, because it includes not only gingerbread and fruit, but also a white marshmallow. The cake turns out to be very tender and juicy, but at the same time insanely high-calorie. Therefore, if you follow your figure, you will have to confine yourself to a small piece. Ingredients:

  • ½ kg of light gingerbread
  • 250 grams of marshmallows
  • 80 milliliters of sour cream
  • 200 grams of low-fat cottage cheese
  • powdered sugar - optional
  • 20 grams of instant gelatin
  • two large bananas
  • vanilla

Cooking method: First, dissolve gelatin in slightly warmed water. Then rub cottage cheese with a fork and put it together with sour cream into the blender bowl. Add vanilla and a couple of pinch powders, at the very end - a thickener. You can do without sugar, because the cake is so incredibly sweet. Whisk the ingredients in a homogeneous, thick mass. Now break the small pieces of gingerbread and, dipping them into the cream, collect the dessert in the form of a slide. Alternate the dough with chopped banana slices. Divide the marshmallow into two parts and distribute it over the entire surface of the product. Cakes that do not require baking are ideal helpers for busy housewives. Their preparation takes a minimum of time, but such a dessert will please not only children but also adults. Experiment with the filling: in the summer, add fruit or berries, and in winter try a variant with raisins and peanuts. Cook with soul and pleasure, then each dish will turn out to be appetizing.