wafers Waffle making is an amusing and veryfascinating, especially if you have a special kitchen appliance. Just ten minutes, and an incredibly delicious treat is already on the table. If such an adaptation in your arsenal is not available, it does not matter - sweet dessert can be baked in a frying pan. There are a lot of the most incredible recipes of this tender and beloved dish: it is made with chocolate, vanilla, custard, lemon or other cream. If you do not want sweet, we recommend making wafers filled with chicken, bacon, cheese. In addition, the dish is not only of different taste and with different fillings, but also of all kinds of forms. So, if you decide to bake sweet crispy wafers yourself at home, then try to "play" with their appearance. Dessert can be made square, in the form of a rectangle or, for example, roll another warm dough with a cone or a tube, then fill them with an appetizing cream. Now you do not have to long and painfully look for delicious recipes, because our site contains a whole library of interesting, simple and more complex instructions for the preparation of desserts and other dishes. So we suggest right now learn how to bake a waffle with us.

Waffle-snack with cheese

Probably, almost every hostess whoat least once had a similar culinary experience, will agree with the fact that it is a pleasure to cook wafers. Delicate delicacy is baked in an electric waffle iron in just 20 minutes, while this is not about one product, but about ten to twelve pieces. Why not learn to make waffles? There are many recipes: if you decide to pamper your baby with dessert, we recommend baking sweet crispy straws that can be filled with any cream: custard, cottage cheese, vanilla and so on. Many people do not know about this, but it turns out that waffles sometimes act as snacks. This is the recipe we propose to consider in more detail. Ingredients: Unsafe wafers:

  • 450 grams of low-fat kefir
  • 25 milliliters of olive oil
  • seven grams of granulated sugar
  • two eggs
  • three grams of soda
  • ground cinnamon - if desired
  • a tablespoon (without a slide) of a baking powder
  • a glass of sifted flour
  • salt


  • 100-150 grams of cheese
  • sour cream - two tablespoons (table)
  • large spoon of mayonnaise
  • five grams of tomato paste
  • pepper red or black - to taste

Cooking method: Recipes of wafers, however, as well as any other dishes, for years of experience of experienced masters of cooking has accumulated a great many. Lovers of sweets cook wafers with chocolate cream, fruit sauces or simply sprinkle them with powder, pour strawberry or other jam, condensed milk, honey. Then everyone has their own preferences. We propose to master the dish, which will be an excellent snack for the festive table. Waffles with a cold cheese filling will satisfy everyone, even the most whimsical guests. Before baking is still far away - the first thing to do is to measure to the extent of a batter. To do this, beat the eggs in a homogeneous light yellow mass, then slowly pour in the warm kefir (pre-heat it in a microwave oven or on a stove). Now enter the sugar, oil, unburned soda and a few pinch of salt. To add cinnamon to wafers or not is an individual matter for everyone. After you have thoroughly mixed all the ingredients until uniform, pour the sifted flour into the resulting mixture, as well as the baking powder. To get rid of the lumps, we recommend to whip the dough with a mixer - start with a minimum speed, gradually increasing the speed. Then the waffles will come out even and beautiful, without tubercles. Ready-made mass should not be too dense - ideally its consistency resembles a dough for pancakes. Now heat to the desired temperature electric wafer, lubricate it with several milliliters of vegetable oil and pour a little dough. Spread it on the entire surface of the device, close the lid, after two or three minutes the wafers will be ready. In exactly the same way, you need to do the rest of the product. When finished, put them in a heat-resistant dish and send them to a preheated oven so that they do not cool down. Now tackle the filling. We offer a simple, but certainly delicious recipe: ready unsweetened wafers, while they are still hot, you need to roll with a tube or cone and fill with cold or hot stuffing. To make it, the cheese should be grated on a fine grater and mixed well with sour cream, mayonnaise, tomato paste and pepper. This dish will become an ideal snack. If a party is planned in your house, make waffles and serve them to guests. While everyone will gather, everyone can refresh themselves before the main dishes. waffles recipe

Wafers from unleavened dough

Baking enthusiasts area universal recipe for delicious wafers. Made from an unleavened dough, they, first, are very economical, and secondly, incredibly appetizing. Sweet, delicate ruddy products are baked very quickly and do not require any talent from the cook. So if you do not know how to cook, just buy an electric wafer and read this manual. Everything is simple and understandable - they are connected, beaten up, mixed, poured and baked. You can serve them with sugar powder, jam or any other gravy. If you want, try making a chocolate sauce. We wish good luck and pleasant appetite! Ingredients: Fresh:

  • white flour - 400 grams
  • some table vinegar or fresh lemon juice
  • eggs - two pieces
  • vegetable oil - for processing electric waffle irons
  • a half cup of warm water
  • Sugar, as well as salt, put it at your own discretion
  • pinch of slaked soda


  • powdered sugar and fresh berries

Cooking method: Probably, this very simple, unpretentious, you can even say a primitive (in a good sense of the word) recipe. Not always there is time for cooking, especially for busy, working people. Therefore, to distract yourself to culinary delights, there is sometimes no desire or energy. For this recipe, waffles do not need to run to the store for milk, kefir or other products. These ingredients are sure to be found in every refrigerator. So if you do not know what to pamper your family for breakfast, try baking soft wafers. It is recommended to serve a dish with a sweet sauce, honey or berry jam, so it will be much tastier. First, separate the proteins from the yolks, combine them with the salt and pour in the vinegar or lemon nectar soda. Thoroughly beat the ingredients with a whisk or a mixer. Slightly warm the water and part of it - slightly less glass - pour into the egg mixture, then pour the flour, necessarily pre-sifted. Continue gently stirring, enter the remaining liquid. If you want the wafers to come out sweeter, add more sand than indicated in the recipe. Mix the moderately dough batter and put the waffle iron to warm up. If you have an expensive device with a good non-stick coating, you can not lubricate it. However, if in doubt, in order not to spoil the dessert, treat its internal surface with vegetable oil. Then pour a little dough - two or three large spoons - close the lid and bake until a beautiful ruddy shade. When they cool, distribute them in portions saucers, sprinkle powder and next place fresh strawberries, raspberries or other berries at your discretion. Also a very tasty dessert is obtained with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. We are sure that your loved ones will appreciate your efforts.

Wafers "Spicy" with cinnamon and sour cream sauce

Make crispy and soft wafers reallyeasy - it is proved by many mistresses in practice. This gentle dessert is equally good as with ordinary powdered sugar or condensed milk, and with another simpler sauce, for example, with homemade jam or jam. This time, we suggest baking friable wafers and pouring them with sour cream. Thanks to cinnamon, the products have an unusual aroma, and hence the name "Spicy". The dish is served with warm milk, cocoa, coffee or tea. Ingredients: Crumbly:

  • packing butter (take a two-hundred-gram)
  • 20 grams of granulated sugar
  • 220 grams of wheat flour (necessarily well sifted)
  • chicken eggs - three pieces
  • salt
  • three pinches of ground cinnamon

Sour cream:

  • 60 grams of fatty sour cream
  • sugar - at your discretion
  • vanillin - optional

Cooking method: Despite the abundance of a wide variety of waffle recipes - on yogurt, water, milk and so on - they all have one common property, which every mistress should remember. To make the items come out lush and beautiful, be sure to get all the necessary ingredients from the fridge beforehand. Keep in mind that the dough is whipped from products of the same temperature - only then the wafers turn out to be ideal. First, several times, sift flour with a sieve, then melt in the microwave oven oil. Sprinkle sugar, cinnamon and a little salt in it (roughly a pinch). After the mixture is well mixed, all the ingredients are properly dissolved. The received liquid mix connect with a flour, here enter the whipped eggs in a hotel bowl. Now, working with a mixer or a whisk, mix a loose dough, similar to a sparse pouring sour cream. To wafers turned out without lumps, we recommend adding flour gradually, in small portions - on a pinch. As soon as you can, smear an electric appliance with a piece of butter and pour a couple of spoons of dough into it. After close the lid tightly and bake the wafers for three or four minutes. While the products will cool down, take care of the cream. Doing it is just as easy as sweet friable cakes. So, put sour cream in a shallow bowl, pour sugar into it and, if you want, add 1/2 bag of vanillin. Stir the mass with a fork until a lush, uniform mass. To make the sauce better to beat and get tastier, buy a dairy product with increased fat content, you can even use homemade cream. When you can, distribute the wafers on plates and pour them a gentle cream. As you can see, it's really easy to bake rosy items, as they say, there would be a desire. If you want to diversify the recipe, add the berries to the sour cream sauce, ground in puree. For this purpose: raspberry, red or black currant, blackberry or strawberry. You can make wafers not only with butter, but with margarine, just choose a quality and not cheap product. And that while you are doing the preparation of the cream, the products are not cold, put them in the oven, heated to a maximum of 150 degrees. We guarantee that such a dish will not leave indifferent any member of the family, either adult or small. recipe for waffles

Wafers "Oatmeal"

Baking can be useful, you just need to pick upsuitable recipe. Usually wafers are made on kefir or milk, such products are softer and more delicate. If you want to save, prepare a fresh dish on the water. There are lots of dishes, so you can experiment as much as you like. We propose to make oatmeal wafers, which are sure to please the adherents of the right and healthy diet. Ingredients:

  • 1/3 cup brown friable sugar (wafers can also be prepared from ordinary sand)
  • wheat flour - 240 grams
  • 40 grams of any oatmeal
  • 0.5 two-hundred pack of butter
  • seven grams of baking powder (if there is none, add soda to the waffles in the same amount)
  • salt - to taste
  • one and a half cup warm milk
  • Refined oil - for greasing dishes
  • two eggs

Cooking method: To the recipes wafers do not need a special approach - no expensive ingredients, no great culinary experience behind your shoulders may not be. However, the dish will still be very tasty. The product furnace, of course, is recommended in a special appliance, the name of which speaks for itself - an electric waffle iron. Its advantage is that thanks to the non-stick coating, wafers are perfectly removed, in addition, they are evenly baked from all sides. Therefore, it's just a sin not to try an appetizing dish, especially since this recipe consists of useful products. So, start making future wafers with kneading the dough: first sift twice flour, pour sugar, two grams of salt and a specified amount of baking powder into it. If you use small flakes, add them immediately, otherwise it is recommended to crush the oatmeal in the blender. Now mix the eggs with a special corolla, combine them with warmed milk and butter, pre-melted in a quiet fire. Very soon the wafers will be ready. Stir the dough thoroughly and, while it is infused, heat the electric appliance. Then treat its inner surface with refined oil and start baking appetizing wafers. Keep them too long is not worth it, otherwise they just burn, on average, three to five minutes - it all depends on the particular device. When the products acquire a golden brown tint, it means that they are ready. Wafers made from oatmeal are not only very delicious: an indisputable plus of food in its usefulness. As you know, Hercules favorably affects the gastrointestinal tract, does not cause heaviness, improves digestion and is very nutritious. Before calling close to the table, pour the ruddy items with fruit yoghurt, sweet berry syrup or honey, melted on a steam bath. This dish is a great start to the day, which will necessarily be successful and productive. You can and should prepare waffles at home. Now you have everything for this - and simple, understandable recipes, and knowledge of the theory. It remains only to apply this in practice, so run to the store for electrofilter, however, if you do not have the opportunity to purchase the device, do not worry. This is not an excuse to postpone the cooking of food - bake wafers in a frying pan. And remember, the success of the dish will ensure compliance with two basic rules. First, do not forget to sift the flour, and secondly, use products of room temperature. We wish you successful experiments and delicious breakfast! We advise you to read: