with what to wear a black dress No one will hesitate and hesitate,that fashion is not limited only by the red carpet, fashion is not only novelties and trends. Fashion is a reflection of all times and entire ages. Dress is an expression of femininity and style, and a black dress is style, sexuality and uniqueness. What can disarm a strong sex and force you to think only of you! A strict dress, small, medium, long in the floor or even with a train - is a classic. Black dress always had its own exceptions, and even its own requirements. The history of fashion can not exist without mentioning the famous and unforgettable Coco Chanel, who in 1926 created the same "little black dress" and gave him a start in life. Almost a century ago in Europe, he could be associated with sorrow, but now such a dress has become an ornament of any woman's wardrobe. So, what needs to be taken into account, choosing his own, and most importantly - with what to wear a black dress? There are many options for choosing a cocktail or evening gown of black color knee length. It will always emphasize your beauty, as it will always remain a feature of refinement, taste and refinement.

With what to combine a black dress?

  • It is very fashionable to wear it with a pearl thread around your neckand earrings-pearls in the ears. Or replace the pearls with other ornaments from medium-sized stones. The image should be supplemented with a black clutch, thin tights of flesh-colored color and black classic shoes, possibly with boats.
  • A long black dress is better combined witha jacket of juicy color. Shoes in this case should be high-heeled and matched in tone to the jacket. Replace the jacket can be a jacket, emphasizing the image of a casual scarf.
  • If you have a long sleeve, you can add a fur vest to your dress.
  • Fashionable youngsters can experiment with colored pantyhose or leggings.
  • Choosing a short black dress for a walk,Addition of the image can be considered a leather jacket and moccasins. Stylists assure that the leather and accessories made of it are ideal for a black dress and are in perfect harmony with each other.

Black dress can be found in the wardrobe of almost every woman and girl. But do we know how to wear it? how to wear a black knitted dress

The rules of wearing a dress from Coco Chanel

  • Knees should be covered with a dress.
  • It was not allowed to have a dress with decorative additions.
  • Only a clear accent cut the waist.
  • The dress that has the sleeve must be without decoration.
  • Thin stockings are necessary under a black dress.
  • Closed shoes.
  • Without massive and heavy jewelry.
  • A little bag.

The reincarnation of the black dress can be considered the creation of his Hubert de Zhivashni (Hubert de Givenchy) for the actress Audrey Hepburn in the film "Breakfast at Tiffany."

The rules of the black dress from Zhivashni (Givenchy)

  • It can slightly open the knees.
  • There is a short sleeve or lack of it.
  • The accent is cut on the waist.
  • Beige and thin stockings are allowed.
  • Large jewelry - preferably one.
  • Gloves for ladies - as an additional accessory.
  • Shoes - boats, a small or ordinary handbag.

how to wear a black dress

With what do they wear a black dress?

For the celebration, for the combination and harmony of the image, the following rules should be considered: how to wear a black dress:

  • Thin tights or stockings will do the best, but categorically unacceptable is the presence of tight pantyhose.
  • Of shoes combined with a black dress only shoes, but not sandals.
  • As for the bag, here is the best option - a clutch of a small or medium size.
  • Earrings-carnations (or studs) will be a wonderful addition in the form of accessories.

Undoubtedly, after the fashion change andthe relevance of the images, additions and innovations to the black dress. To modernly match the seasonal novelties, you can pick up tights of medium density of dark blue color, shoes or ballet flats in the tone of tights, a small clutch or purse, crystals or medium stones like necklaces. The black dress is best suited tight black tights, ankle boots, open-toed shoes or black sandals with large straps, leather clutches, envelope bags (bright colors are possible), accessories in the form of large earrings, combined in color with a general way. A suitable example for a hairstyle can be combed and harnessed back hair.

With what to combine a knitted dress?

Girls tend to stand out from the crowd,in order to draw men's views and admiration for themselves. Especially if the dress fully emphasizes the beauty of the figure and covers it. The mysterious female image in this dress always looked erotic, mysterious and tender. So let's figure out how to wear a black knitted dress.

  • Dresses of black color and ribbed binding look great for office style.
  • If it has a three-dimensional gate, then it will accurately and unmistakably emphasize the woman's femininity.
  • An additional contrast can serve as a wide belt, suitable for your image.

Do not be afraid to wear chic black dressescolor wherever. To convey feminine traits and nature, individuality, its charm, a black knitted dress always serves in support, which serves us as an indispensable part of our wardrobe. Undoubtedly, it only emphasizes the beauty and femininity of every girl and woman, making them in the hearts and eyes of men even more attractive.