Correct application of shadows How to properly dye your eyes with shadows to giveexpressiveness and depth of view? Let's share with small tricks, which will help visually completely change the appearance with the help of the simplest cosmetics.

Small tweaks for greater effect

Brown eyes are warm, soft, very expressive. At the question of how to paint eyes with shadows in this case, experts recommend giving preference to the shades of soft and warm, cold ones here are bad. The best options are beige, sandy, brown colors. But for a swarthy skin, the most optimal option is a brown-olive scale, with very dark hair, blue-black shadows are allowed. If you have fair skin, then the question of how to properly color your eyes with shadows, is solved with the help of greenish-turquoise shades, bright blue flowers, but with brown ink. Applying makeup is recommended in this way:

  • on the surface of the upper eyelid should first apply more light shadows, and then draw a dark pencil upper eyelid near the line of growth of the eyelashes;
  • The lighter pencil draws the lower eyelid, after which the line is shaded;
  • the upper corners are brought in by dark shadows for the depth of view, for the light effect this same color should be used for the folds of the eyelids;
  • mascara is applied in several layers.

brushes for applying shadows Shadows for blue and green eyes Many people think,that blue eyes are the most attractive, but are you able to correctly paint them? The complexity creates the presence of a variety of shades of such eyes - gray-blue, bluish-green, ordinary blue, deep violet-blue. Choosing shadows is better in the cold range, for which you need to take the blue, gray, turquoise, purple shades correctly. But much depends on how much this palette is combined with the color of the hair and the shape of the face. Perhaps it would be much better to paint blue eyes with shadows of sand, gold, beige. Unusual, beautiful, rare color - green. For such eyes it is necessary to select a very light, unobtrusive image, to overload them with dark shadows and sparkles is not necessary. Correctly to use beige, creamy, golden-white, opal light, white-lilac shades, well approaches and color of a champagne. All this makes the eyes more vivid and attractive, perfectly matching with green. The best option is to paint the green eyes in a completely golden palette. This make-up is suitable for both day and night time. But for an expressive look with artificial lighting it is best to take terracotta and dark blue shades with a contour pencil of coffee or marsh shade. Good for partying and pinkish-purple shades, lilac shades. For a business meeting, it is better to choose more calm tones. The secret of makeup for gray eyes Gray eyes have an unusual, slightly cold shade, so picking up cosmetics for them is quite difficult, because you need to not only make them more vivid, but do not spoil the impression of shade. In this case, it is best to use light shadows, for example, sky-turquoise, light gray, sky-blue. To put shadows it is necessary in some layers, and to disguise bags at the bottom century, it is necessary to use usual powder of a corporal, neutral shade. Mascara is applied in several layers, but it is better to twist the eyelashes before, so the look will be more open, expressive. Using makeup for eyes of different types To properly dye the eyes, it is important to consider not only their color and shape of the face, but also the type of the eye itself. How to do it? Everything is simple, sit in front of a large mirror in such a way that the light does not fall due to the face, but directly to it, that is, it was at the mirror. Look at your face, pay attention to all the little things. Look at how shadows fall and what impression it produces. After that, start painting your eyes, do not be afraid to experiment. Narrow small eyes must be visually enlarged, to give the cut the desired direction. It is best to use a pencil, which draws fine lines for both centuries, while a little deviating from the line of the eyelashes, all lines are slightly shaded. If the eyes are Asian type, then you should do a little differently. On the eyelids, light shadows are applied to visually enlarge, open the eye. After that on the eyebrows are added shadows of brown shades, and along the eyelashes draw a thick line, which must be shaded. correct selection of shadows

How to paint small eyes?

With great attention it is necessary to paint small eyes,which should be highlighted, made brighter and more. Usually, it is precisely the owners of this form that have numerous problems with cosmetics, since incorrectly selected colors and methods of application can make them even less, completely spoiling the whole impression. Therefore, eye makeup should be approached carefully, pay attention to any small thing. You have to start by giving the brow the right shape, making them thinner, but more expressive. Line of eyebrows should be in harmony with the shape of the face, do not shade the eyes. Before you start applying shadows, you need to use masking tools that allow you to align the overall color, make the eye more light. To do this, you need to apply light shades (for example, beige, ivory, white, peach) under the eyebrows, on the inner corner to visually enlarge the shape. Correctly apply the shadows in such a way that the Latin V turns out, but on the side. After this, a soft brush should draw an arc from the outer corner right above the fold of the eye cavity. Dark colors are applied only to the lower eyelids. Both above and below all shadows must be applied to the level of the pupil, dark shades should smoothly blend towards the temple in order to visually remove the eye from the nose and make it large and expressive. It will also be correct to use a pencil or a pencil, with which a thin line is drawn from the outer corner to the middle of the century, slightly narrowing it. This raises the eyelids, making the look more open. Before you begin to apply the mascara, you should twist the eyelashes slightly so that they look up, the color of this cosmetic product should be dark, light colors are not recommended. You can apply one or two layers of mascara. cosmetics for make-up

Correct large eyes

Some seek to make the eyes visuallybig and bright, but how to be the one for whom exactly this form represents a problem? Painting such eyes must be very carefully, to emphasize all their advantages and not to turn into cons. Holders of large eyes should remember a few simple, but mandatory rules when using cosmetics. All lines must be smooth, very thin, elegant, almost invisible. Applying shadows and pencil lines is best from the inside of the eyelid, while the color of cosmetics is of great importance. Light shades of pastel shades can reflect the shine of the eye, they should be applied only to the inner corner. But the dark shades that fit the tone to the very eye, emphasize the depth and luxury. The ink also needs to be used with caution, apply only to the upper lashes in one layer. Round and bulging eyes Round eyes should be given a more elongated shape, which is possible due to dark shadows. They are applied to the upper eyelids, and at the outer corners it is recommended to draw the arrows with the help of a dark pencil, blurring them. It is not recommended to apply shadows in the middle of the century, since this only emphasizes the not very advantageous shape of the eye, it is also not advisable to apply pearl nuances with sparkles, very light. In this case, it's best to draw corners with light, but quite clear lines. Painting bulging eyes has always been much more difficult, since it is necessary not only to hide the bulge, but also to give the eyes an attractive, mysterious look. It must be remembered that light shadows only underline all the shortcomings in this case, but dark ones are capable of concealing the convexity, but with this make the eyes more expressive. Experts in this case recommend to use not shiny, and matte shadows, while they should be applied to the inner corner, shading towards the eyebrows. Thus, you can achieve an interesting effect, which completely disguises all the shortcomings. Many do not attach so much importance to shadows for makeup. It is with the help of this basic tool that you can not only completely change the appearance, but also hide some of the shortcomings, make the eyes more vivid, expressive, and look - mysterious.