lip augmentation Lush and sensual sponges are firmly in fashionXXI century. Many girls and women would like to increase the volume of their lips to appear more attractive and sexy. Today, the plump and enticing female mouth is a serious competitor to even beautiful big eyes with a pony. A striking example is the actress Angelina Jolie, whose beautiful eyes still overshadow the shape of her standard lips. How to visually enlarge the lips without resorting to the services of a plastic surgeon? There are several fairly effective ways to make them look bigger and more attractive.

Traditional make-up and modern special tools

In order to give your lips the right shape and volume, you can use the classic makeup rules.

  • The color of the lipstick should be light. Its structure is glossy. Brilliant bright lips always look lush than dark and matte.
  • Before drawing the outline, apply a preparatory tonal base. For example, cream powder.
  • Lip your lips with a pearly pencil or haylayterom. This will add extra volume, making them sculptured and convex.
  • A clear contour must be carried out only over the upper lip, retreating beyond its limit no more than half a centimeter. The lower contour should be shaded, making a natural transition.
  • The maximum effect of lip augmentation withmakeup can be achieved using a liquid shimmery. It is applied to lipstick or even instead of it. The most brilliant place on the lips should be in their center. A bright point can be put on lipstick of any color.
  • Use special brushes for feathering. Draw contour lines with short strokes from the middle to the edges.

Modern cosmetic products also helpvisually increase the thin lips. Special glitter "flame" gives a short, about two-hour effect of seductive swelling. They include pepper, cinnamon, ginger or menthol. After applying the lip slightly begins to pinch, and they swell slightly, increasing in size. For those who are ready to step even further, there is one more modern way to add extra volume to the lips. He balances on the brink of cosmetics and surgery. This is tattooing or permanent make-up of the lips. A special dye is injected under the skin with a thin needle. Then they shade. On average, tattooing lasts from three to five years. Then it fades and disappears. It can be combined with conventional cosmetics. However, it is not suitable for everyone, since it has a number of medical contraindications. methods of eye augmentation

Folk ways to make sponges plump

Our great-grandmothers did not have such amazingcosmetic possibilities that we have with you. They had to use natural "plummers" and their own savvy. The effect of the old ways to increase the lips is small, but it brings the general benefit to the body.

  • Daily massage. You should gently massage your lips with a toothbrush twice a day. The natural circulation will improve, they will become softer, brighter and more magnificent.
  • Scrub. You can buy a modern and expensive. And you can take some honey and rub it with the same toothbrush. As a scrub is also suitable mixture of sugar, moisturizing oil and water. After prolonged use, the lips should visually increase due to a constant flow of blood and renewal of skin cells.
  • Essential oils. A few drops of cinnamon oil, peppermint or cayenne pepper will turn ordinary petroleum jelly into a lip balm to increase the lips. The effect is approximately the same as that of brand special glosses.
  • Contrast of temperatures. Take a few ice cubes and hot water. Alternately apply ice to your lips and heat them. Then a bit of biting your teeth. After application, the size and brightness of the color of the lips is increased. Instead of ice, you can take snow, and instead of water use steam. The effect is noticeable immediately.

exercises for eye augmentation

Special exercises

To the lips do not lose their shape, you needtrain them daily. This will also help them visually increase. There are many different exercises. But among them you can select several basic ones and do them at least once a day for 10 repetitions each.

  • Open and close the lips, which are strongly extended forward, with a tube.
  • Alternate the stretching of the lips forward with their stretching into a smile.
  • "Wrap" inside, pressing one on the other.
  • Blow the air through the closed mouth of the tube. At first, evenly, and then jerks.
  • Rotate the closed lips in different directions. Write out the eight of them.
  • After he had pronounced the vowels "a-e-o-u," he opened his mouth.
  • Pull the tongue forward and hold it in this position for about three seconds.
  • Within minutes, whistle any melody.

Such gymnastics will strengthen the muscles of the lips and make themmore precise. But do not forget that a strong opening of the mouth can form additional mimic wrinkles. As an alternative to these exercises, you can consider playing on wind instruments. In order to visually increase the lips, you can use any of the above methods. Or try everything if there is time and desire. Remember that a quick and obvious result will only come from applying cosmetic and "irritating" remedies. A long and persistent effect - from regular mechanical action: exercise and massage.