bruises under the eyes Such a phenomenon as bruises under the eyes is familiarmany people. However, few people they are satisfied with. Immediately the question arises - why did they appear at me? Therefore, people are constantly looking for ways to deal with these very bruises. And in fact find! Getting rid of bruises is quite real. But the main thing that needs to be done is to find out, because of what these bruises under the eyes appeared. After all, without knowing the reason, it is unlikely that you will be able to eliminate bruises - you can only do worse. So let's look at everything in order. We will tell you about the main reasons for the appearance of bruises, as well as about effective ways of eliminating them in each specific case. But remember that all this information is given only as a survey. It is recommended to consult a doctor who will clarify the cause of bruising. After all, in a number of cases, they can only be a consequence of various serious diseases of internal organs. bruises under the eyes what to do

Causes of bruising under the eyes

So, what can cause such trouble as dark circles under the eyes? There are several reasons for this:

  • Anatomical feature of the human body

In some cases, the only culpritthe appearance of bruises under the eyes becomes an anatomical feature of the body. The skin under the eyes is too thin, and the blood vessels are too close to the surface of the skin. Because of this, they shine through the skin, giving it the same bluish shade. As a rule, this phenomenon has been observed since childhood. And get rid of such bruises under the eyes is possible only with the help of a cosmetologist. No home remedies will simply help you.

  • Age-related skin changes, weight loss

In the event that bruises under the eyes appearedwomen over 45 years old, it is possible to suspect age-related skin changes. With age, the skin loses its elasticity, begins to sag - peculiar sacks are formed, which due to the blood vessels acquire a bluish tinge. The same happens with a sharp decrease in weight. Therefore, you can not drop more than two kilograms per week.

  • Diseases of internal organs

The most dangerous bruises under the eyes are those,which are a consequence of diseases of internal organs. They can appear as a result of a number of diseases. Iron deficiency anemia - with this disease, the skin becomes extremely pale, the skin becomes very dry, thinned. As a consequence - the appearance of bruises under the eyes. Another pathology that can provoke the appearance of dark circles under the eyes is the kidneys. After all, sick kidneys, as a rule, sooner or later lead to the development of edema, including under the eyes. Because of the accumulation of fluid under the skin, it acquires a darker shade. This condition may indicate a serious threat to human health - the kidneys can not tolerate negligence. No less dangerous and pathology of the cardiovascular system - they also often become the culprits of the appearance of bruises under the eyes. For example, the expansion of the vessels, which become more visible under the skin - is observed in many such diseases. In the event that the disease is congenital, bruises can accompany a person from childhood. Do not try to engage in self-medication - at stake is not only your beauty, but your health. Do not delay the time - immediately after the appearance of bruises, consult a doctor. In most cases, bruises under the eyes are the first anxious bells. If you turn to a doctor in time, you can find the disease at the very beginning. So, and it will be much easier to treat it than in a neglected state.

  • Incorrect mode of the day and lifestyle

Sometimes bruises indicate only that theirThe owner holds too little time in the arms of Morpheus. And this is not surprising - with the modern pace of life! Work, then home chores, lessons with the child, and even for yourself, the time to find it is necessary - that's when we, women, lay down after midnight. And then they are genuinely puzzled - where do I get bruises? But an adult needs to sleep for at least 8 hours! Try to begin with just to sleep - sleep normally for at least a week. Perhaps you will stop tormenting the question "where do I get bruises?" And if this measure does not help you, you can continue to search for the reasons that led to the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. And if you continue to nedosypat, do not ask the question "when will my bruises disappear?" Because the answer is simple - never. Yes, and problems can begin. And your lifestyle as a whole plays an equally important role. Abuse of caffeinated and alcoholic beverages, smoking also very often lead to bruising under the eyes. Therefore, if you know such a sinful, try to get rid of them. Very often you can hear objections - "for me it's too difficult." However, this is a very doubtful excuse - all these habits can lead to too serious complications, in comparison with which bruises seem childish babble.

  • Too much eye strain

If you are spending with a TV or computertoo much time, your eyes can respond not only with redness. Very often dark circles under the eyes indicate exactly the excessive overload. First, try to reduce the load - pastime in front of the TV or computer monitor, at least for an hour, replace it with a walk. This will be useful not only for your eyes, but for the body as a whole. And if you have to spend a lot of time behind the computer monitor for your work, then at least once a hour make a five-minute break.

  • Excessive pigmentation of the skin under the eyes

And sometimes the reason for the appearance of dark circles undereyes is the increased pigmentation of the skin in this area. In this case, you can try to get rid of bruises at home - this will require bleaching procedures. What tools can be used for these purposes - we'll tell you a little bit later.

  • Hematoma

In the event that a person is hit in the regioneyes, wondering why there was a bruise, it is not necessary - everything is very clear. In this case, it is necessary to apply cold as soon as possible to the damaged area. Be sure to ask for help from a traumatologist - he will make sure that there are no serious injuries and will prescribe further treatment. because of which bruises under the eyes

Elimination of bruises under the eyes at home

So, if the problem appeared, it is not worth itlong lament and get people around the question "why did the bruises appear exactly in me?". As already mentioned above - first visit the doctor. The doctor will accurately determine the cause of the appearance of dark circles under the eyes and tell you what to do next. Well, at home you can try using the following tools:

  • Sour cream and lemon juice

This tool is very effective at increasedskin pigmentation. To do this you will need a few drops of fresh lemon juice and a tablespoon of sour cream. Thoroughly mix them, apply on the skin area under the eyes and leave for 5 minutes. After this, rinse thoroughly with cool water and apply moisturizer. Such masks should be done every day, for one week. It is not necessary to do this procedure for longer, since a skin burn is possible.

  • Honey and Welding

Another very effective mask is honey withwelding. It is prepared as follows - mix one teaspoon of tea leaves and two teaspoons of honey. Melt the honey in a water bath, boil the mass for a minute. After it has cooled, apply under eyes, leave for 20 minutes, then rinse with cool water. If you do everything correctly, it's unlikely that the question "why do I have dark circles?" Will be relevant for you. We advise you to read: