causes of autoimmune hepatitis Autoimmune hepatitis is a dangerous diseaseliver. This disease is caused by the fact that the liver directs its protective functions against itself, which means that not only can not fight infections, but, more simply, it is engaged in self-destruction. And this disease provokes strong inflammatory processes in the liver. The causes of this disease are still unclear, but there are two main factors that strongly influence the development of this form of hepatitis. This is the external environment and the presence of other infectious diseases in humans. An interesting fact is also the fact that most of the disease is caused by a young woman at a young age. Therefore, some doctors associate hepatitis both with genetic chains, and with the hormonal features of the woman's body. Men are ill with them very rarely. And if they get sick, the symptoms are manifested in a less active form. diagnosis of the disease

Visible signs of autoimmune hepatitis

Hepatitis of this genus has both in the main andaccompanying manifestations. As a rule, the first signs of more than half of patients become visible only after 7-10 years, or even more. At an early stage, hepatitis can only be detected with special tests in the laboratory. The first signs of autoimmune hepatitis are a feeling of heaviness under the ribs on the right side, and the kidneys can also begin to ache. Frequent disorders of the pancreas and stomach, a sharp decrease in immunity, which is not compensated by vitamins and a balanced diet. Against the background of all these signs, jaundice and general malaise may appear. Autoimmune hepatitis is quite easy to confuse with other types of hepatitis, since its manifestations are identical with manifestations of general disorders in the functioning of the liver. But here is the most important factor: hepatitis of this kind makes itself felt very sharply and vividly, as well as all its complications. Having tested for detection of this type of hepatitis, doctors should determine the specific type of hepatitis, in order to assign the right treatment to the patient. In total there are three such types, and each of them has its own peculiarities. delivery of tests

The main types of autoimmune hepatitis and their features

The first type of hepatitis manifests itself the fastest. At half of patients symptoms are observed already in three years after infection. Cirrhosis of the liver also develops rapidly, so in this case, doctors prescribe corticosteroid therapy. The problem is that not everyone can help. Type two is extremely rare, and mostly in young children. Such hepatitis also affects the kidneys to a large extent. Due to the fact that the virus of this type has great resistance to therapeutic drugs, in most cases a person recovers again even after the appropriate course of treatment. Finally, the third type is characterized by the production of a large number of strong antibodies to liver antigens. It manifests itself irrespective of age and is difficult to treat. However, in medical practice there were cases of complete cure. Diagnosis of any of the listed hepatitis is carried out based on the detection of markers of certain antibodies in the blood of a person. Analyzes are carried out in several stages at certain intervals, as this disease is often associated with ulcerative diseases and certain types of renal failure.