hyperemia of the skin of the face Some diseases can not be recognized withfirst glance. For their diagnosis it is necessary to conduct a special examination, to give a bunch of tests. Or only during medical examinations the doctor may notice signs or symptoms. Others are visible to the naked eye. Hyperemia of the face belong to the category of the second. And with this disease many women, unfortunately, are familiar not by hearsay.

What is hyperemia

So, the hyperemia of the skin of the face is rednesscertain areas of the epidermis, which is due to an intense influx of blood to that. Localized this redness more often on the cheeks, chin and nose, less often - on the forehead. This disease is not contagious, it is also not contagious. But the disease brings a lot of inconvenience. Spots that have arisen on the skin, it is impossible to disguise. Maybe it's for the best. Otherwise, the girls would not go to the hospital, but tried to hide all the defects with the help of cosmetics.

Why there is congestion

To date, there are many factors,why there could be hyperaemia on the face. Therefore, in the first place, it is necessary to identify the cause, and only after that - to treat the consequences. Otherwise, after a while reddening will return. And the next time to cope will be much more difficult. On the basis of the reasons that cause the disease, you should choose a specific method of treatment. Among the main factors experts identify the following:

  • Age changes

It is believed that after 35 years, women appearsuch a problem as vascular disorders. And because of them there is that same redness on the face. This is associated with the age, so it is important after 30 to constantly undergo examinations with doctors (every six months).

  • Diseases

Usually our body tries to tell us thatsomething is wrong with health. Often, congestion is a sign of some kind of disease. For example, it may be a violation in the digestive system and digestive tract, the presence of gynecological problems in women, diseases of the nasopharynx, parasites, skin diseases.

  • Allergic reaction

Often, redness appears due tosensitivity of the girl's body to some substance with which he had to interact. Usually the allergy is manifested for a second or third time, and not immediately, as you have used food with an allergen or made up with cosmetics. Therefore, you need to donate blood for tests to identify the protein.

  • External factors

Redness can appear due to differencesair temperature, mechanical damage to the skin, weathering. Remember once and for all: before leaving the house on your face you should apply protective creams. And choose products for a certain season. So, for example, the tonal basis, which is designed for the warm season, can not be used in winter.

  • Emotions

Often hyperemia appears only whena person experiences strong psychological stress, excitement or experiences a joyful event. This is due to the high tide of blood. In this case, redness usually passes quickly. If the stains on the skin remain long, consult a dermatologist. hyperemia of the facial skin

How to get rid of skin hyperemia

First, you need to understand whichcases should treat this disease. It turns out that if hyperemia is temporary, you do not need to buy expensive drugs, go to doctors and do special lotions. This category includes redness, the appearance of which is associated with an increase in body temperature, excessive mental excitement and emotional outbursts, physical activity or mechanical stress. In all listed cases, the hyperemia passes on its own, sometimes even a few minutes after manifestation on the skin. Completely differently should be done when hyperemia is protracted. You will have to contact the clinic if the stains do not pass within 24 hours. If the redness of the face is associated with one of the current diseases, first the doctor establishes the diagnosis, then appoints a full and comprehensive treatment. As it was said above, it is necessary to fight the cause (the disease itself), and not with the consequence (hyperemia). If you follow the doctor's recommendations, redness, like other symptoms, will quickly come down from your face. In the case when the hyperemia has arisen because of the allergy to some stimulus, it is necessary to eliminate what causes it. You will also need to take an antihistamine drug, which the doctor will appoint. If it is not known what the allergen contains, an additional examination will be required, during which it is necessary to adhere to the recommendations of the attending physician. It will be necessary to exclude from the diet harmful food, stop using cosmetics. If hyperemia is an independent disease associated with age-related changes or branching of the vascular network, then treatment is required in dermatologists. However, unfortunately, not always even with its help you can completely get rid of stains. In this case, an experienced cosmetologist can help. unpleasant hyperemia of the skin of the face

How to get rid of stains yourself

  • Cosmetology clinics

To date, they are effectively fighting withhyperemia with electrocoagulation. The essence of the method is that the damaged vessels are affected by a light electrical discharge. To do this, use either a thin needle or a directional beam of light. Thanks to this procedure, the vessels (and along with them the skin) become much lighter. But for a long-term result, it is recommended to undergo a full course of treatment, rather than make one visit, and then hope for a miracle.

  • People's Councils

In the fight against this disease, folk medicinealso offers some tips about which girls who are faced with this problem should know. First, always use lotion. You can either buy a product in the pharmacy or make it yourself. For preparation, Hofmann's fluid and boric acid are needed. These ingredients are mixed in equal proportions and regularly wipe the face lotion obtained. Especially it is suitable for oily skin. Girls with a dry type (one hour before and immediately after application) should apply moisturizing creams to the treated areas. Be sure to make a special ointment. Despite the simple composition, it is quite effective. So, with her help you can protect yourself from hyperemia, especially in winter frosts. To prepare, you must use Vaseline and anesthesin (in a ratio of 10: 1). Thoroughly mix the ingredients, then pour the resulting liquid into an opaque vial. Ointment should be stored in a closed container. Use as needed. Revise the diet. It is necessary to give up what strengthens the blood circulation: caffeine, alcohol and spicy food. Try to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits grown in your area. With overseas products, one should be cautious, since it can contain substances to which our body is not accustomed. As a result - an allergy. Properly care for the skin. Wash only with warm water and never rub your face with a towel, just dip it. Try to less injure the epidermis, as this is fraught with the appearance of spots, acne, acne. If you are scratched, do not use alcohol and other similar aggressive substances. Avoid irritants. In winter it is wind, and in summer - the sun. As you can see, hyperemia can be won if you make an effort! Do not self-medicate, do not make a diagnosis, do not act on the principle of fortune telling on a camomile. Otherwise, you will only aggravate the situation. Because of your experiments, it will be more difficult for the doctor to diagnose. If you decide to use traditional recipes, be sure to consult with a specialist.