Causes of Cough The causes of the appearance of chest pain during coughing canbe very diverse, more often it is associated with cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, and infection can also be a source. Acute chest pain when coughing can cause inhalation of acrid smoke, the presence of a foreign body in the organs, swelling, or trauma. In any case, when these pains occur, you should definitely consult a doctor, but in no case do not self-medicate, especially if you have the following symptoms: fever, weakness, malaise, coughing intensifies within a week, coughing up has bloody veins, there is difficulty in breathing, the face acquired a bluish tinge. inflammation of the respiratory system

Inflammation of the respiratory system as a cause of chest pain when coughing

Because of severe inflammation of the respiratory organs in the chest, there are unpleasant sensations, when coughing, passing into pain. The following diseases can be included in this list:

  • tracheitis. Appears often due to inflammation of the respiratory tract lying above, for example, with laryngitis or acute rhinitis. Occurrence of inflammation of the trachea is promoted by cold or dusty air, inhalation of gases and vapors. The main sign is dry cough at night, and especially after sleep. A coughing fit arises with laughter, crying, deep breathing and is accompanied by a sore pain in the chest, pharynx. Therefore, patients try to breathe superficially. In most cases, the inflammation from the mucous membrane of the trachea descends into the underlying airways, and the cough becomes even more painful and painful. With this prospect of spread, an antibiotic (better in the form of an aerosol) is usually prescribed, from a painful cough - codeine, libexin, and expectorants.
  • bronchitis. Inflammation of the bronchi is usually accompanied by a dry painful cough and develops against the background of ARVI, as well as in people who often suffer from sinusitis, rhinitis, etc. To alleviate chest pain when coughing, apply alkaline inhalation, rubbing the chest or mustard, put the jars, make hot foot baths with the addition of mustard. It helps to cope with a cough abundant hot drink (mors, lime tea, hot milk with soda) and syrups on herbs (althea root, licorice). Of the drugs doctors usually appoint stopptussin, tusuprex.
  • pleurisy. Pleura is a thin serous membrane, part of which covers the lungs, and the other part - the thorax. Most often pleurisy is a secondary disease and occurs due to chronic processes in the lungs. There are several forms of pleurisy, but cough with acute pain is usually a symptom of dry (fibrinous) pleurisy. The patient complains of painful sensations when breathing, coughing, tilting.

Sweating, subfebrile temperature(37-37.5 ° C) mainly in the evening, rapid breathing. The optimal position for reducing pain is on the sore side. Treatment for pleurisy is different in duration and complexity and is aimed primarily at arresting the main process, which is the source of the disease. Symptomatic treatment is carried out in particular for the purpose of anesthesia. causes of chest pain

An excruciating cough as a symptom of lung disease

This feature also appears in different formspneumonia. This is especially true for croupous pneumonia, characterized by severity and severity of leakage. The causative agent is pneumococcus. The disease develops rapidly, the temperature rises to 39-40 ° C, already from the first days of the onset of the disease, dyspnea occurs. On the third day comes a cough and sputum of characteristic rusty color. When coughing there is a strong stitching pain in the lungs, localized mainly in the inflamed part. With focal pneumonia, such pains are extremely rare. Pneumonia in any form is a dangerous disease requiring immediate and long-term treatment. Collapse of the lung (pneumothorax) is accompanied by sharp stabbing pains in one of the halves of the chest, more often in the upper parts. There is a feeling of tightness in the chest, lack of air, so the patient begins to breathe more often and deeper. Every movement, including cough, is painful for the patient. This is due to the sudden accumulation of air around the lungs, which presses on them, preventing them from opening completely to normal breathing. Pneumothorax develops after a traumatic effect on the chest (fracture of ribs, knife wound in the chest) or spontaneously after a strong physical exertion. Acute chest pain when coughing occurs and with lung cancer. Most often this widespread form of a tumor appears in men, they suffer from lung cancer four times more often than women. Usually they are smokers with long-term experience or people working on the production with the presence of different kinds of pollutants. One of the most constant symptoms of cancer are coughing attacks. At first dry, after is accompanied by allocation of a small amount of muco-purulent sputum with blood veins, because of what it can be taken for tuberculosis. An excruciating coughing is accompanied by the appearance of deep pains in the chest. diagnosis of the disease

The cause in diseases of the cardiovascular system

Pain during coughing in the chestappear not only in diseases of the respiratory system, but also in patients with problems in the cardiovascular system. Usually, the appearance of such a sign indicates the severity of the disease and the need for emergency medical care. The main thing is to determine the true cause of pain in a timely manner, because the symptoms associated with heart diseases usually differ markedly from similar symptoms associated with other diseases. Therefore, if such signs indicate the development of myocardial infarction or aortic dissection, it is important to correctly diagnose the disease and make hospitalization, while it is still possible to save the patient. The cause of the appearance of cough in this case is mainly associated with stagnation of blood in a small circle of blood circulation. In patients, there is a paroxysmal cough, which is manifested most when exercising. At rest he subsides. A dry, painful cough, accompanied by the discharge of sputum with bloody veins, appears with a lung infarction. Similar symptoms can be observed in patients with mitral heart disease. Cough, accompanied by long bouts and increased intrathoracic pressure, can lead to the development of hypertension, the appearance of a chronic pulmonary heart. Pain in the chest with a cough is also observed with inflammation in the pericardium. In this disease, an inflammatory fluid accumulates in the pericardium. Often, pericarditis occurs as a complication in diseases of various internal organs. The cause is often infectious agents, for example, bacterial infection caused by pneumococci, mycobacteria tuberculosis, etc. Pain in the heart is noted as the main symptom of dry pericarditis, although it does not always appear. Pericardial pains increase when the patient lies on his back, with a cough, deep breath, swallowing. The disease is complex and requires in-patient treatment.

If the problem is related to other systems and bodies

Sharp shooting pain in the chest when coughing canTo be connected with a traumatism (bruises of ribs, dislocations of the shoulder joint). Diseases of the musculoskeletal system often give this symptom. For example, with cervical and thoracic osteochondrosis, the chest may also be sore, which is enhanced by unsuccessful movements or coughing. Pain in the lower thoracic region of the back, exacerbated during coughing, with reversals, straining, awkward movements, is also evident in osteoporosis of the spine. This disease is mainly found in women after menopause and may even cause a vertebral fracture. In addition to the above-mentioned possible causes, the appearance of this symptom may be associated with disorders of the nervous system. In this case, all the same signs may appear, as in heart disorders: dyspnea, tachycardia, sensation of lack of air, increased anxiety, depressive state. In fact, it can be a syndrome, like psychogenic thoracalgia. In any case, we can conclude that there is a need for compulsory medical consultation and for examinations in the presence of such an alarming symptom as chest pain when coughing.