eyebrows for a round face Lovely ladies! Well, how much can you complain about the shortcomings of your appearance! All stylists and fashion designers (and also psychologists and psychiatrists) tirelessly repeat that ugly women do not exist, but there are only those who simply do not know how to be beautiful. And in general, beauty is a subjective concept. However, the generally accepted canons of beauty compel us to pinpoint the faults of our mirror double and, finding them, lament over our own imperfections. So, for example, chubby girls consider the shape of their face to be not elegant enough, not too simple and even unjustifiably cheerful. But look, how many around the round-faced beauties, not at all worried about such, let's say, a disadvantage. And all because the round face simply requires some adjustment. No, of course, the very shape of the face can not be corrected, but you can visually extend it with your hair and makeup. Do you know what really makes the round face graceful and attractive? Eyebrows! It is the eyebrows for the round face that become the accent that the wearer of this outline transforms into a lunolic beauty. So let's find out what the right eyebrows should be for a round face.

Harmonious shape of eyebrows

In fact, the round face shape is perfect,because there is no more perfect figure in nature than the circle. However, the form is shaped, but the round face does not always look perfect. Having given the person a perfect form, nature does not always give perfect facial features: the eyes are not too big, the forehead is not high enough, the chin is shallow. So it is the eyebrows that will allow you to achieve harmony in the guise of a chubby lady. That is, the eyebrows should balance the proportions of the face and slightly disrupt the perfectly round outline. What kind of eyebrows does this help?

  • Wing Shape

All stylists agree thata suitable shape of eyebrows for a round face will be the shape of a bird's wing with a noticeable fracture. And the length of the eyebrow line and the height of the fracture can vary. A not too long line with a high bend and a noticeable fracture is suitable for a face with large features, such as, for example, Cameron Diaz or with big eyes, like Christina Ricci. And notice, the higher the forehead, the more shallow can be the arch of the eyebrow. However, a perfectly even crescent on the round face is not appropriate: a noticeable kink must necessarily be.

  • Straight line

Straight eyebrows are also able to balance unnecessarilyperfect outline of round face. However, you should choose this form carefully. For example, too short or too long straight eyebrows can make the face wider and shorter. Also inappropriate for the round face and a perfectly straight line of eyebrows. The ideal shape of the straight eyebrows for a round face is a slightly curved line directed from the nose to the temples, such as, for example, the shape of the eyebrows from Kirsten Dunst. So, the most "right" eyebrows for a round face will be eyebrows, repeating the shape of the bird's wing, or straight eyebrows. Why? Such lines of eyebrows "break" the ideal circle, extend the face, counterbalance too large or too small features. The most unsuccessful form of eyebrows for a round face is an arch. Such eyebrows (whatever their ideal shape is not in itself) will only add roundness to the already round outline. And, strangely enough, too sharp a break in the eyebrow is also not desirable on the round face. Such a form will bring dissonance to the overall appearance and will not shift the emphasis, but, on the contrary, emphasize the smooth roundness of the face. eyebrow shape for round face

How to make the right eyebrows?

The process of eyebrow correction on a round face looks like this.

  • First, we determine the starting points of the eyebrows -The distance between them should be (approximately) the width of two fingers. If the eyebrows are moved closer, then all the extra hairs should be carefully pulled out.
  • Now remove excess hair, which clearly "ran away" for the lower border of the eyebrows.
  • When the natural form is already noticeable, we begin to adjust the width of the eyebrows, plucking one hair from below. Note that the smaller the facial features, the thinner you can make the eyebrows.
  • The length of the eyebrows should also be adjusted. For eyebrows in the form of a wing, their tips should be shorter than the length of the eyebrow from nose to fracture. If your eyebrows have a straight shape, do not make them appear as a conditional line drawn through the nose wing and the outer corner of the eye.
  • If you are so immediately "out of sight" is not ablecorrect the shape of your eyebrows, then cover it with a foundation, then go around the hair with a pencil, drawing the line, and then pull out all the extra hairs. And when going to make-up, adjust your eyebrows with a special gel and a pencil or eyebrow shadow. Do not forget about the color of the eyebrows, which should be in harmony with the color of the hair. A blonde lady should use a light brown or gray pencil for her eyebrows, brown-haired women should choose a dark chocolate pencil, and a black pencil should be used only for brunettes. In general, do not worry about the imperfection of your appearance. By the way, girls who are convinced that their face has a round shape, are often mistaken. Look carefully into the mirror. For a round face are characterized by such signs:

    • wide cheekbones,
    • The outer corners of the chin,
    • the distance between the protuberances of the lower jaw is much longer than the distance between the cheekbones.

    If this is the case, eyebrow eyebrows are your option. Good luck! We advise you to read: