make-up for blondes with brown eyes Recently, to meet a true blonde withbrown eyes are a real rarity. This type of appearance makes its possessor to take a closer look at the selection of makeup: the color of shadows, lipstick, blush. A girl with such bright features can easily overdo it with makeup and look vulgar. Makeup for blondes with brown eyes should correspond to the general image of the girl: the hue of the hair, the color of the skin and, of course, do not forget about its purpose.

General rules for choosing cosmetics

Blonde with brown eyes most often has a skinlight shade. In this regard, the tonal basis should be the color of ivory or beige tone. And when choosing the color of blush, it is best to give preference to a pale pink shade. A pencil for a brow should be chosen brown, because dark eyebrows to blondes will not work, as well as black mascara. Here your choice is to stop on a brown or dark gray color. Shadows for brown-eyed blondes have a small assortment. Blue, brown, beige, gray and golden - these are the colors that you need to pay attention to. It is worth remembering that the correct choice of the color of the shadows will emphasize the brown eyes, and the wrong one, on the contrary, will ruin all the makeup. As for the shade for the lips, for fair-skinned brown-eyed girls, beige or light pink lipstick is best suited, as here it is more advantageous not to make a special emphasis on the lips. But the owner of a beautiful tan can safely choose coral shades. For brown-eyed ash blondes make up, which focuses on the eyes. They should be a bright spot on the background of the whole image. And the color of lipstick should not distract from beautiful dark eyes. In addition, in the makeup for each day, harmoniously fit translucent shadows with the most natural colors. make-up for the brown eyes of blondes

Evening make-up for blondes with brown eyes

To create an evening makeup for brown-eyed blondes, you need to use more dark and shiny colors than in everyday make-up.

  • We mask problem areas with the help of a correcting agent of natural color;
  • With a tonal cream, level the tone. Remember that the foundation should have a shade that is close in color to the skin;
  • After foundation, you need to apply a thin layer of loose powder (preferably with a matte effect) to give the face skin velvety;
  • In black pencil, select both the upper and lower eyelid with a clear, bold line, as close as possible to the eyelashes;
  • On the upper and lower immobile eyelids, apply shades of brown, then shade them, while creating an emphasis on the outer corner of the eye;
  • With a pencil of light gray-beige color, it is necessary to accurately draw a line under the eyebrows, adjusting and emphasizing their natural shape;
  • Using friable white eye shadow, you should clearly draw the upper mobile eyelid, while acting neatly;
  • In order to express the most out of the whole imageeyes, you need to dye your eyelashes with black ink with the effect of volume, you can also use false eyelashes: simple, with feathers or any other decorative. It will give your appearance of brightness and mystery;
  • The final touch is the application of a glossy lip gloss of beige color. As this is an evening make-up, you can take advantage of coral shades.

make-up for blonde with brown eyes

A variant of extravagant eye makeup

For this makeup option you will need a basefor shadows, shades of color "denim" or simple blue shadows, as well as shades of purple and reddish brown, black eyeliner, black mascara. You can also use false eyelashes.

  • We put the foundation-base for the eyelids. This base-base will help the subsequent layers of shadows for a long time to hold, will not allow to roll down, and also will make the colors of shadows more deep and saturated;
  • We start with the application of blue shadows in the middle of the upper eyelid, closer to the line of the eyelashes;
  • A little above the layer of blue shadows, you should put a shade of purple;
  • For the remainder of the upper rolling age, we apply shades of red-brown hue (you can use the "sepia" shade);
  • It is necessary to shade all the shadows among themselves so that the transition between them is completely invisible;
  • Using a black pencil or a black eyeliner draw the arrow (thin or fat - it's up to you) along the line of growth of the eyelashes;
  • For the lower eyelid, you need to use shades of red-brown hue, and in the outer corner you can add a little black pencil;
  • Completing the eye makeup, we use false eyelashes and black mascara.

End the evening image can be blush shadesclose to the natural color of the face. Lipstick here you need to use a soft color - light pink, for example, because the main emphasis of this make-up is done on the eyes. As mentioned earlier, the dark eyes of blondes are their brightest feature, the business card when they come out. You can give this image a mystery, for this in the corners of the eyes on the upper eyelids glue a few sequins or rhinestones. This kind of makeup is good because you can pick up other combinations of different shades of shadows. By experimenting, you can achieve the most successful version of make-up just for you. We advise you to read: