makeup for round eyes That the evening turned out to be glory, and you managedTo attract the attention of the most handsome guy in the club, you need to take care of your bow in advance. Create a unique image that not only accentuates chic round brown eyes, but also conceals some skin problems, is not difficult. It is enough to use for make-up quality cosmetics and to show a little imagination, experimenting with the style the day before.

Before the club: make a make-up correctly

Despite the fact that in most of the nightThe lights are quite dim, in such an environment almost all defects are clearly visible. This problem is faced not only by young and inexperienced girls, who first decided to apply cosmetics on their faces, but also well-known personalities who constantly resort to the services of professional make-up artists. Therefore, to prevent the most common mistakes, makeup for round eyes should be done in stages. Step One: Apply a foundation foundation A correctly applied foundation is half the successful makeup, since healthy, glowing and shimmering skin always looks great, even if you used a minimum of makeup. However, unfortunately, the foundation does not always lie evenly, especially if the upper layers of the epidermis are strongly flaky. Therefore, it is recommended to make a superficial peeling (at least one day before the celebration), and then - a moisturizing mask. By the way, be careful, because tobacco smoke in bars and clubs, which are almost never ventilated, can lead to rapid aging of the skin. To avoid stress, it is necessary to use a special serum with antioxidants (it wipes the face before applying the tonal basis). Usually, celebrities prefer to spend evenings in such institutions. As you can see, in the morning their face looks radiant, as if they spent the night in a beauty salon, and did not have fun with friends. In this case, you should know the measure, otherwise instead of an even tone you can get a spotted color. Avoid tonal creams that lie down in a thick layer, give preference to light moisturizers and a corrector. Thus, you will not only hide redness and a rash, but also provide a persistent, high-quality make-up for the next six to eight hours. Step two: apply powder. You can achieve natural shades in evening make-up with the help of radiant blush on a powdery basis. Cream products in this case it is better to leave for another time. The fact is that during active pastime you will sweat, because of what makeup can flow and smear. Step three: we paint the eyes Evening make-up for round eyes is better done in bright and catchy tones, while the lips are best to paint neutrally, since the accent should be made only on one part of the face. That shadows did not roll down and did not fall off, preliminary on upper eyelids and under eyebrows put a basis. For brown eyes, it is better to choose bronze, dark gray, earthy-brown hues that emphasize the natural color. But soft, soft and bed colors (purple, pale pink, white) are best left for office or daytime makeup. Makeup for round small eyes is best done with dark eyeliner or persistent pencil. A thin elegant line on the upper eyelid will add expressiveness to your eyes and slightly "pull" the cut. But at the bottom do not use this kind of makeup, as it visually reduces the size of your beautiful brown eyes. The final step is applying a waterproof mascara that will not spoil your makeup, even if you dance all night until you drop. Step Four: make sensual sponges If for round brown eyes you have chosen saturated shades, then it is better to paint lips with usual shine. Also, the pearlescent lipstick colors are allowed, which will allow you to add a little lack of volume at times. If you choose bright colors, then you will have to constantly leave for the ladies' room to tidy up the makeup. In addition, if you overdo it with cosmetics, the result can be unpleasant to surprise you, since the image will either be too vulgar, or you will be like a circus clown. makeup for round brown eyes

Freshen up makeup or what to do in the heat of events

Two or three hours of dancing, lots of cocktails,Unrestrained laughter - and on your face there will be first signs of fatigue. To be able to fix makeup, be sure to bring along a cosmetic bag with improvised means: powder, glitter, lipstick, shadows for brown eyes.

  • Bright Look

Soul room, constant movement, causingincreased secretion of sebum, leads to the fact that for small eyes, shadows, no matter how persistent they are, slump and gather in folds. By the end of the evening, this kind, to put it mildly, can frighten even the most uncomfortable gentleman. Therefore, be sure to bring with you to the club palette, which you used to make up the brown eyes. And remember some secrets that you will definitely need. The first tip - always wear a cotton bud in the cosmetic bag, as they can remove the remains of mascara, shadows, foundation. The second, no less useful - if during the celebration your cilia are stuck together, divide them with a toothpick, which can be borrowed from the table. Thus, you can solve two problems in one fell swoop, without washing off for this makeup.

  • Pure face

After several hours, having looked in the mirror, youyou can find a greasy shine in the T-zone. Control the appearance of excreta can be with the help of a usual matting wipe, which should be taken with them to the club. Due to the tight packing and relatively small size, you can store a few things even in a small clutch. Also do not forget to take a compact powder of the right color to straighten the base. First, the problem areas should be soaked with a clean cloth to get rid of the old makeup, which got on the face of dust, dirt and sebum. Then walk a few times with powder, and on the cheekbones, apply blush, which, in extreme cases, can be replaced with pearlescent shadows. However, be careful if you have chosen the same shade for brown eyes, it should not be used on the rest of the face.

During the ball: we fix the errors

If you come to the club, you will notice that with thislighting your makeup looks terrible, hurry to the ladies room to correct your mistake. So you can bring the brown eyes in the corners with a golden outline pencil or shadows. This move will not only give expressiveness to your fatal look, but also add brightness to the image. On the lips, apply gloss or lipstick of light colors. makeup for round small eyes

Cinderella after twelve or how to properly remove makeup

All night you shone and danced like a wound,and in the morning do not feel the ground under your feet? Fatigue is not an occasion to go to bed without visiting the bathroom beforehand and washing off a ton of makeup from a cute face. Clearing your skin and moisturizing it is your first priority. Step one: wash Usually girls use soap or gel for washing to remove make-up from the face, resulting in the skin dries and flakes. And only a few decide to do this with a special product, prepared on a cream basis. This product not only removes the remnants of powder and foundation, but also nourishes the upper layers of the epidermis. Step two: clear the cucumber or chamomile tonic - in this case the best option. First, it restores the acid-base balance of the skin. Secondly, it disinfects and prevents the appearance of acne and acne. Thirdly, it completely cleanses the pores of sebum. Step Three: moisturize In order to look like the whole morning, always put a mask on your face before going to bed, and then a nourishing night cream. This will help saturate the skin with useful substances, restore lost moisture, stabilize the release of fat glands. In the morning, as soon as you wake up, be sure to drink a glass of purified water or freshly squeezed juice. But on the night of the fluid is better not to use, if you do not want to wake up with swelling and bags under the eyes.