how to pluck your eyebrows correctly Ugly, not well-groomed eyebrows in a conditionspoil the most exquisite makeup. Well-groomed eyebrows, neat makeup, properly selected palette of make-up make your eyes more expressive. To give the eyebrows the necessary form, you need to correctly choose their shape. Many women, and especially young girls, often ask how to properly pull out eyebrows. You can advise the first time to do it in the beauty salon. A professional stylist will help you choose the right shape that suits your particular type of person, advise how to eliminate minor defects in appearance with the help of eyebrow correction, and extract them qualitatively. After correction of the eyebrows with the help of plucking, the sight becomes brighter, open, and the face acquires a special expression and charm. Then in the future you will simply have to follow the shape of the eyebrows, periodically pulling out the growing hairs independently. But you can also do on your own and do not attend the salon at all. It is enough to know how to properly and accurately pluck your eyebrows in accordance with your type of face. You can improve your image right in front of the mirror while sitting at your favorite dressing table. If you are going to do this at home, it is very important to choose the right tool. To properly and beautifully pluck your eyebrows, you need to take tweezers with bevelled edges. Moreover, it must be disinfected to prevent infection. Also, the correct plucking of the eyebrows implies the subsequent treatment of the skin with a lotion that removes inflammation. Note that all these procedures need to be done before applying makeup. Every woman who knows how to tweeze her eyebrows understands that otherwise she will "earn" skin irritation. In principle, this science is not difficult. Just need to know some subtleties and learn the various tricks of this case. Of course, you first need to determine the shape of the eyebrows. But this is something for beginners and is an insoluble problem. But do not despair. In fact, nothing complicated in this. After a bit of training, you will know exactly how to properly pull out eyebrows, you can do it without problems. Well, now let's move on to the subtleties we should orient ourselves on. how to pull out eyebrows correctly

Find the perfect shape

With the help of a small eyebrow correction, you cana matter of seconds to get amazing results. The main thing is to correctly determine your type of face. And then you can begin to correct your appearance by plucking the eyebrows of the required shape. On examples of celebrities, we will consider the various shapes of the face and eyebrows, which are ideal for them. A square face, for example, can be softened if the eyebrows are correctly and accurately plucked: make them slightly rounded. Megan Fox is a living example of this option. Such eyebrows will make the face more roundish, slightly sexy. If you naturally have such an outline of the face, but the eyebrows are straight or pointed, deal with their correction. Comb the eyebrow from top to bottom and walk with tweezers along the top part. Then comb it from the bottom up and remove the excess hairs from the lower part. If the eyebrows are round by nature, then just once a week to pull out the growing hairs to maintain their ideal shape. A mistake for this form of face will be to pull out a clear straight line of eyebrows. This will weight the lower part of the face. Oval, slightly elongated face with soft lines of cheekbones and lower jaw. For such a form, the most sexy are long enough eyebrows, the ends of which are slightly omitted. A clear example for you in this case is the face of Emily Blunt. To correctly set the length, take a pencil or ruler and draw an imaginary line from the nose wing through the extreme point of the eye to the eyebrow. If your own eyebrows are shorter, extend them with a pencil that is shade lighter than the tone of the hair. With a darker color pencil eyebrows will look unnatural. If they are too long, you need to pluck the hairs out of the ideal shape, and then powder this place to hide the redness. For women with this form of face, you can not make carefully traced eyebrows with a kink - they visually extend the face. If you have a heart-shaped face like Eli Larter, where the width of the cheeks and forehead is almost the same, and the pointed chin is pronounced, then the thickest and shortest eyebrows will be the best for you. They contribute to the balance between the lower and upper parts of the face. The eyebrows should not be too wide, but thick to compensate for the pointed chin. The eyebrow line should end above the outer corner of the eye, for this you need to pluck excess hairs on the bridge of the nose and on the ends. If the eyebrows are very thick, comb the hair up and scissors to trim their ends. After that, comb the eyebrows along the line of hair growth and apply a transparent gel - then they will take a more accurate look. A round face, when the width of the face is almost equal to its length, and the chin is rounded and soft, like that of Jennifer Goodwin. The ideal shape for such eyebrows is clearly defined, arcuate. In this case, the face will look the more well-groomed, the higher the angle of the eyebrows. At the same time, their fracture should be directly above the outer edge of the iris. From this place to the end it is necessary to perform a plucking of the eyebrows until the hairs come to resemble something like a tick or an inverted V. If the eyebrows are naturally straight, then they need to be combed in the direction upwards to the middle, and under the eyebrows to apply white shadows - due to the fact that they attract light, visually an attractive arc will be formed.

How to pluck your own brow

Having defined the form, you can starteyebrows in order. Before plucking, apply a little cream to the skin around them and leave it for ten minutes. After that, wipe the disc to remove the remnants of the cream and wipe the skin with an alcohol-containing lotion. Then brush the eyebrows with a special brush and draw a contour. Use a contrast pencil for this. Now, grasping the hairs closer to the root, pull them out with a sharp movement in the direction of growth. To keep the skin less injured, hold it lightly with your other hand. Pull out the hairs one at a time, do not try to speed up the process, grabbing a few at once - it can injure the skin. After the procedure, disinfect the inflamed skin with lotion, and then apply a soothing cream. Now that you know how to correctly determine the shape of your eyebrows and understand how the plucking process is going on, you can try to give your own eyebrows a proper shape in accordance with all the rules and your own taste. Show a little patience, and you will be satisfied with your new image. Knowing how to properly pull out eyebrows, you can change, create new images and always be unpredictably good. So we advise you to pay due attention to the above tips - they work. We advise you to read: