how to choose sling Numerous and long-term experiments and researchchild psychologists have shown that the baby in my mother's intimacy and warmth needs no less than in the air, sleep and food. Children, most of the time in the immediate vicinity of the mother's body, develop emotionally and psychologically much faster, and most importantly, more harmoniously than the kids who spend all the time in a wheelchair or in an arena. And the stroller is not always the best means of transportation for a walk. Of course, in the park there will be no problems with it. But in the store with the stroller is not so convenient, not to mention the cases when there is a need to go somewhere together with the baby. Any mom knows what kind of problem the wheelchair creates if there are underground passages, stairs, buses and metro along the way. As the baby grows, it's not so easy to wear it for a long time - and my mother's hands become numb and sore, and the crumbs are not always comfortable, especially if he falls asleep, and my mother is deprived of the opportunity to change her hands from time to time. Fortunately, there are various types of devices for wearing young children, which evenly distribute the load on my mother's back, leaving her hands free - these are slings. From this article you will understand how to choose the sling that best suits you and the baby, and also learn the advantages and disadvantages of such carry and rules of using them. which sling is better


Sling-kangaroo or backpack. Most often he has three different positions, allowing you to carry the baby in front - face to mom or from mom, and behind her mother. In the models intended for newborn children, there is one more thing - lying down. In addition, this model slinga is equipped with a rigid headrest for reliable fixation of the baby's head. When buying, be sure to pay attention to the fact, for which age is this or that model. Most often on the product packaging there is a restriction on age or weight. As a rule, from birth to the year parents have to change three models. In addition to general weight restrictions when buying a "kangaroo" should take into account some more features. Features of model selection

  • The first thing to look for when choosing the right model is how wide the pocket for the child is;
  • Also be sure to check the width of the rubber bands. This must be done in order to avoid squeezing the vessels and rubbing the legs of the crumb;
  • Also, when buying, it is very important to consider the fact,what time of year is it planned to use a backpack. If the winter - in addition to the volume of the crumbs, consider the amount of winter clothing. Be sure to pay attention to the fabric - it must be frost-resistant;
  • In summer, choose the most soft and natural material, without the presence of coarse seams, which can rub the tender skin of the baby;
  • It is also very important that the model has a rigid back and preferably a roller, on which you can put your head;
  • Pay attention to the security issue. Specialists in children's slings are advised to give preference to those models in which the baby is tightly pressed to his mother and in no case has the opportunity to slip. Therefore it is better if the model is deep enough;
  • Also pay attention to the strength of all fasteners, buckles, straps, carabiners and fasteners. They must be carefully fixed - stitched with a few stitches and duplicated with rivets;
  • It is best to choose models that have one wide zippered fastener. Such sling is easy to put on and take off, without forcing the baby to wait, when the mother will cope with all these hooks;
  • When buying a backpack, be sure to consider whomost of the time will be toddler-mom or dad? And it is for this parent to choose a model. Most often, of course, such honor falls to my mother;
  • Before you buy a backpack, it is mandatoryit is necessary to try on yourself, preferably by placing a baby in it. Listen to your feelings - do you feel comfortable enough? Is it convenient for you if the straps are tight?
  • Prefer models with wide straps, which can be fastened crosswise;
  • The presence of a wide waist belt is also welcome,which is adjustable in width with special fasteners. Such an attachment system distributes the weight load evenly, thereby preventing the appearance of a feeling of fatigue and muscle pain;
  • Remember, crossed behind the back straps backpack completely exclude the situation in which they can slide off my mother's shoulders;
  • For a nursing mother, this model is ideal,in which the front straps are unfastened. This will quickly feed the baby breast, without removing it from the backpack and not attracting the attention of strangers.

Also, many backpack models are equipped withvarious numerous pockets. It would seem, little things, but they sometimes help you out on a walk. After all, in the pocket you can put a spare diaper, a handkerchief, a bottle of water. This removes the need to take an extra bag with you. The only drawback of the kangaroo model is that doctors do not advise keeping a child in it for more than two hours a day. For longer wearing it is recommended to use a different kind of carrying - a sling. how to choose sling correctly


Verbatim word sling translated as patchworkholder. Despite the fact that in our minds the word flap is associated with a small piece of cloth, in fact such a model is a very large cloth - about two meters long and not less than a meter in width. Sling can be fastened in various ways, depending on the desired position of the baby and as it grows. There are several types of such sling. Sling with rings This type of sling is almost the most favorite kind of all parents without exception. Sling with rings is a two-meter strip of fabric, about 70 centimeters in width. The ends of the sling are called "tails". On one of the tails are the rings and lining under the shoulder. The second tail of the sling is filled in rings, and its length is adjusted by the mother independently. Such a sling is universal and suitable for children of all ages - both for newborn crumbs, and for one-year-old babies. Sometimes the question arises: how to wear this miracle? In fact, there is nothing complicated in this. A newborn baby can be put in a sling, like a cradle, and a child older on the back of the mother, or on the thigh. The sling is worn on the shoulder, and the shoulders must be alternately changed. Sling with rings has both a number of advantages, and some drawbacks. The main advantage is the fact that the child's position can be quickly changed from vertical to horizontal. In addition, it is very simple to remove the asleep crumb from a similar sling - just loosen the tail in the ring, and the child will not be in a sling, but in your arms. The only drawback that exists in a sling with rings is the uneven distribution of the load, since it is worn only on one shoulder. To reduce this effect, moms are strongly encouraged to regularly change the shoulder, which is the load. Pocket This sling is made of fabric, a circumference of about one and a half meters, and its width can vary from 40 to 70 centimeters. A special pocket is cut out of the sling, into which the child's breech is placed. This pocket is very often called "smile". Thanks to the pocket, the child is well fixed in the sling, and its back is supported by the upper edge. Usually a sling-pocket is sewn to order for a certain size, or it has a number of hooks or buttons that can be adjusted to the desired size before use. The child can be put in a pocket, as in a cradle, to sit the mother on the hip or on the back. Such a sling is worn on one shoulder. The main advantage of this device is its lightness and compactness. Unlike the sling with rings, the fabric here will never weaken. But there is also a defect - it is not regulated. And the size of the sling should be carefully selected directly under the complexion of one of the parents. As a rule, both father and mother can not use the same sling-pocket. Scarf This is a kind of sling, which is a narrow (on average 60 centimeters in width) strip of fabric, length of three to six meters. Depending on how you tie the model, the position of the child is fixed. Sling scarf can be purchased at almost any children's goods store. Most often, this model of mothers prefer to wear on two shoulders, since this is the best way to wind the load on the back. Short slings - a length of two to three meters, mothers prefer to wear on one shoulder, tying the scarf in a ring. In a short scarf, the baby's posture can also be varied in a variety of ways. However, unlike the long, the entire load will be distributed unevenly - on one shoulder. Sling-scarf for newborns is the best choice. Handkerchief Sling handkerchief occurs a little less often than the above, but it should not be ignored. Perhaps, for some people this species will be the most suitable. It is a cloth in the form of a scarf, about 150 by 100 centimeters in size. The two upper corners of the kerchief are tied over the chest, and the lower two ends are under the breast. The kid is behind his mother. You can also carry the baby in the cot, tied a handkerchief across one shoulder. Unequivocally answer the question, which sling is better, very difficult. Everything depends on the needs and preferences of each particular baby and his mother. When you learn how to wear a sling correctly, you will understand how to handle it, then, undoubtedly, appreciate the convenience of this device and you will be delighted to tell about it to newly mums. We advise you to read: