How fun to have a children's holiday If your precious child is scheduleda significant event, be it a birthday or a family children's party in honor of some other event, the question inevitably arises: how to conduct this event is fun and interesting, what to treat the kids and what games to take them. The table for babies can be made light. Ice cream, cocktails or juice, an abundance of fruits and berries and, of course, cake. For beauty and interest drinks can be served with funnels, use napkins with children's motives, and put kids' caps on their heads. In addition, for children you can buy a variety of masquerade or . When the meal time is over, howrule, starts running around the house with screams and a passing scatter of everything that gets under your hands. To maximally reduce the effect of the raging hordes of children, we must come up with interesting and funny games for them. Do not forget to sing "Karavai" if the occasion of your party is Birthday. Then you can play blind man's buffs (I hope you do not have to remind me how to play this funny game). Then you can proceed to more relaxed games. In advance draw on the large sheet of paper the girl's face, only without a nose. Attach a magnets poster on the refrigerator, and the other magnet will be her nose. Children with blindfolds in turn should stick a spout where it is necessary, and who it will turn out more precisely, that will win. Then you can play paint. In the middle of the room stands the presenter and calls the color. That child who has this color on his clothes, he, holding on to it, moves from one side to the other. Who does not have this color, he must run, but that the leader did not catch him. Read more with the guys poems by heart, jump on the balloons and do not forget to prepare small prizes for the winners and comforting to all the other children. And one more tip: do not buy baby whistles and other noisy objects, otherwise you will have a headache! I hope your holiday will be fun and interesting, the main thing - show creativity and a little patience. We advise you to read: