rebenok During the technological progress, more and morepopularity is acquired by electronic games. However, many are mistaken that such games can only be played on a computer. In addition, there is an opinion that computer games do not bring any benefit, in particular to children. However, electronic games are not just a computer or a game console. To date, there is a large number of developing electronic games and toys. They are intended not only for the youngest children, but also for those who are older. Such toys help cognize the world, begin to orientate in it, develop motor skills, speech, etc. Older children find reliable assistants in electronic games in the learning process. For example, the electronic designer "Znatok" is very popular. This designer is of genuine interest not only in children, but also in adults. And it's not surprising. Designer "Expert" is an exciting game with an element of learning. With the help of a designer, you can easily and unobtrusively explain to the child the principle of the radio operation or answer the question why the lamp lights up. Electronic designer "Expert" is an understandable and intelligible explanation of elementary and basic laws and principles from the field of physics or electronics. The structure of the designer includes a variety of components, which can later be assembled in the form of electrical circuits. The methods for assembling circuits are described in detail in the instructions, supported by illustrations. Electronic designer "Expert" will give the child the opportunity to apply their creative abilities. Designer schemes are not only cognitive, but also practical. With what pleasure the child will start to collect this or that circuit, knowing that the result is a radio receiver, a digital voice recorder, a night light, a bell and even an alarm system. The options provided by the designer - a great many. It is worth noting that the designer "expert" can carry away your child for a very long period. It provides for various levels of complexity designed for children of a particular age. The designer has four variations. Three of them differ in the number of schemes, and the fourth is intended directly for studying the school curriculum. Reinforcement of theoretical knowledge in practice is not only interesting, but also contributes to better mastering of the material. Designer "Expert" helps your child to turn the learning process into an exciting activity that will bring him a lot of positive emotions. Particular attention is paid to the safety of children who will use the designer. All its elements and parts are made of high quality materials that will not harm the child. Electronic designer "Expert" is a fascinating and interesting training in the basic concepts from the field of electronics.