how to choose a coffee maker for home Coffee has invaded our life not so long ago. But during this time he found a huge number of fans around the world. Although today there are many people who prefer strong coffee, traditional tea, juices or milk. Nevertheless, in almost every house the morning begins with brewing a cup of coffee. True gurme continue to brew coffee in dzhezvah on open fire or even in hot sand. Fans of all kinds of devices start coffee machines. But most prefer the golden mean and make coffee in the coffee machine. And at the moment it is coffee makers that remain the most popular goods among lovers of natural coffee. How to choose a coffee maker for home? The question is by no means idle, because the number of types and brands of this household equipment is so great that it is very difficult to understand them. However, not everything is so hopeless. In fact, you can select a coffee maker without difficulty, if you know the principle of the operation of its various types. So, we offer you a small educational program.

Coffee press

This is, perhaps, the simplest to datecoffee brewing device. Of course, this is not a household appliance, but it can be called a coffee maker, although it is not boiled in it, but it is brewed. Manage the coffee press is even easier than with dzhezvoy (turka). This device for brewing coffee is also called a French press or a reciprocating coffee machine. It is a cylindrical glass tank (a wide flask) with a mesh piston. The ground is covered with ground coffee, which is then poured with boiling water. After a few minutes, the piston is gently lowered and the coffee is poured without thick. Strictly speaking, this piston serves as a kind of filter, leaving on the bottom grinded coffee beans. The process itself is similar in many respects to the so-called brewing of coffee "in secretarial", when it is simply poured into a cup and poured with steep boiling water. The advantage of this device is the ease and speed of brewing coffee. In addition, he will successfully replace the traditional coffee maker where there is no electricity or a plate (for example, in nature). As an office version of the coffee machine French press is also quite acceptable. Its main disadvantages - the inability to prepare cappuccino or espresso, as well as a complete lack of automation of the brewing process. But the coffee-press can also be used for brewing loose tea and herbs. to choose a coffee maker for home

Geyser coffee maker

One of the very first models of coffee makers. Initially, the geyser coffee machines were not electric, and the drink was cooked in them by mounting the device on the stove. The heating element, which is equipped with modern models of coffee machines, was absent. However, this is perhaps the only difference. Otherwise, the new generation of geyser coffee machines work in the same way as their predecessors. This coffee machine consists of two or three compartments. In one of them water is poured, then a vertical tube is put into it, on which a container for ground coffee is put. When heated, the water rises through the tube and spills out onto the coffee. Brewed boiling water (geyser) coffee is collected in a special container. In some models boiling water passes through coffee several times, and in some only once. On average, the process of brewing a drink in a geyser coffee machine takes five to seven minutes. On the one hand it's good (because it's fast), and on the other not very. The fact is that in a geyser coffee machine it is impossible to weld a really strong and fragrant drink. However, its undeniable advantage can be called a simple device and the availability of parts that do not wear out too quickly. Hence, such a coffee machine will last long enough without significant breakages and without loss of quality. The power of the geyser coffee machines varies from four hundred to thousands of watts and directly depends on the volume: the larger the volume, the more powerful the coffee maker. The volume of it can be calculated for cooking and one serving, and even eighteen. When choosing it is also worth paying attention to additional functions:

  • light indicator;
  • drink strength regulator;
  • auto power off;
  • delayed inclusion;
  • thermostat regulator.

Drip coffee machine

It is these coffee makers that are most often found inour homes. And the reason for this - their low cost, which, of course, can be attributed to the merits of this unit. Coffee in them is prepared by the way of filtration. The water poured into the tank heats up almost to the boil, and then starts to flow on a drop of ground coffee, poured into a special mesh filter. After passing through coffee, the water flows into the coffee pot or immediately into the cup. The length of the process depends on the amount of coffee that you are going to cook. The more water you pour into the coffee machine, the longer it will fill the tank, because it flows into it literally by drop. The power of the drip coffee machines also depends on the volume. However, lovers of strong coffee should choose low-power drip coffee machines. The fact is that the lower the power, the longer the coffee will be brewed and, therefore, it will get stronger. And the minimum power of such units is about eight hundred watts. When choosing a similar model, pay attention to the presence in it of the anti-drip system, which blocks the operation of the unit, when the coffee pot is removed from it. This allows you to pour yourself a cup of coffee before the whole process is completed. And select the coffee maker, depending on the filter it is equipped with. Nylon filters are designed for about sixty brews. Nylon filters with titanium coating serve longer, but also cost more. Such filters should be washed after each brewing, and in due course to change. Very simple to use disposable paper filters, which after use are sent to the trash.

Horn coffee maker

Designed for making espresso andcappuccino. A drink in such a coffee machine is prepared under the influence of high-pressure steam. Its name was given to this unit due to the presence in it of a special horn made of metal or plastic. It is in this horn that the ground coffee falls. Carob coffee makers today are considered the most optimal for a combination of price and quality. They are, of course, worth more than geyser and drip coffee machines, but the possibilities for making coffee have much more. Carob coffee machines come in two classes: Pump-Espresso and Steam-Espresso. The latter belong to the younger class, they are cheaper and they make coffee under low pressure. In such coffee machines, water is poured into an airtight container, where a special valve opens after boiling. Passing through it, water brews coffee and flows down into the cup under the horn. Pump-espresso pumps are not only distinguished by a higher price, but also by the quality of the prepared beverage. In them, and the water is heated to a higher temperature, and the pressure is created powerful (fifteen bars). When choosing a carob maker, focus primarily on its class and other characteristics:

  • pressure power;
  • model of the capuchin;
  • material horn (metal are considered better);
  • volume.

how to choose a coffee maker for home correctly

Capsule coffee makers

These coffee makers are designed for brewingpressed coffee in capsules. Such capsules are first pierced in three places, and then charged into the coffee machine. Under the influence of a powerful jet of coffee in the capsule is mixed, and then water enters the chamber with coffee powder, which is supplied under pressure. Thanks to the tightness of the plastic or metal capsule, the aroma and taste of the coffee is perfectly preserved. In addition, capsule coffee machines can be used to beat milk for cappuccino. The drawback of such models is a limited choice of coffee varieties for brewing, as you can only use what the manufacturers of coffee capsules offer. You can not prepare freshly ground or coffee-mix in a capsular coffee maker. And the cost of such an assembly is quite high.

Coffee machines

The most modern and most expensive type of coffee maker. The process of making coffee here is fully automated. And there are so many models of this know-how that they can devote a separate article. We only note that they are designed, as a rule, to prepare a large amount of coffee and are usually used in coffee houses, restaurants, bars and offices. However, for home use, coffee machines also get. It is believed that the coffee cooked in them is the most delicious. But this statement is very controversial. Many will never give up the opportunity to brew freshly ground coffee in the old manner, using jesper, and someone will prefer to buy a coffee maker or even a coffee machine. How to choose a coffee maker for home depends only on your preferences and ideas about the true taste of coffee, as well as on financial opportunities. And there's plenty to choose from today! So the most important thing is to decide on the type of coffee machine, in which we tried to help you understand. Good luck with your choice and pleasant shopping! We advise you to read: