how to choose a washing machine Today there is a huge choice on the marketwashing machines. They differ in price and performance: with front and vertical loading, with automatic electronic and manual control, built-in and stand-alone. In addition, machines are offered with and without drying clothes, narrow and full-sized, compact and low-end models. And how to choose a washing machine among such a variety? To get an answer to this question, it is necessary to understand which of the presented models is better. Now there is no general rule on terminology, therefore different companies use different terms to denote the same functions and modes of washing machines. How to choose the right type of washing machine in this situation? Let's try to figure it out.

Download size and type

To begin with it is necessary to be defined with the sizeswashing machine - we decide where we will attach it so that it stands comfortably and does not take up much space. You also need to determine the type of download. If the choice is made in favor of a machine with a vertical load, then you can be sure that squeeze it in the most inaccessible corner. Such washing machines are very compact, they do not need a place to open the door. This model has another significant plus: it can be opened even during washing. And this, you see, is very convenient. But if there is enough space in the room, choose a front-loading machine. It is also used as an additional working surface. In addition, this option will cost several times cheaper than the version with a vertical load. Of great importance is the place where you are going to put the machine. In Western countries, special rooms are assigned to washing machines. In Russia, places for washing - a corridor, bathroom or kitchen. Such rooms greatly shorten the life of the washing machine and make its use not very convenient. For example, the bathroom has a high level of humidity - water vapor spoils the electrical and mechanical parts of the machine. And in the kitchen, the washing machine itself will threaten food products because it is a source of harmful chemicals. In this situation, the best place is the corridor, but here the car will be too far from the sewage and water supply. When choosing a machine it is important to take into account the volume of laundry loading. If the family has 2-3 people, then the load of 3.5-4 kilograms will be enough. For a large family it is better to choose a washing machine with a maximum load of 6-7 kilograms of dry linen. how to choose a washing machine

Which washing machines are better: standard, small or narrow?

An assortment of modern washing machines includein itself all three basic types (based on their size): standard, small and narrow. How to choose a washing machine so that it approaches the area prepared for it? Let us dwell in more detail on these basic dimensional types. Standard washing machine: height - 85 cm, width - 60 cm and depth - 58 cm. This technique should be installed in a large room, away from the wall for 3-5 cm. And the choice of a narrow washing machine (depth 32 cm) is actual If you want to arrange a laundry corner in the corridor or in the kitchen. For very small rooms are designed small machines with dimensions of 67x50x40, which can be installed even under the sink. For this case, it is best to buy a "water lily" sink so that it can cover the washing machine from above, thereby protecting it from water.

Choice of the manufacturer

  • The main thing is that the washing machine should clean and effectively clean all types of fabric;
  • The machine must be economical;
  • It is desirable that it works quite quietly and has a simple control;
  • And last but not least, it's security and reliability of connection.

So, which firm best meets the datacriteria? It should be noted immediately that a small percentage of the marriage is for all manufacturers of household appliances. And from this point of view, it is impossible to say unambiguously which manufacturers of washing machines are better. And yet in more well-known firms, the percentage of marriage is less. If the technology of an expensive brand suddenly fails, then its repair will cost several times more than inexpensive models. So here is still important guarantee. Below you will find some tips on choosing a washing machine. From them you can understand which manufacturer will best cope with the necessary tasks.


Has an electronic control system for the distribution of washed laundry in the drum during spinning.


The technique of this manufacturer can be attributed toelite class. These washing machines have excellent noise insulation, unique and interesting technical solutions, amazing resistance to vibration during spinning and excellent build quality.


The ACTIVIA (CANDY) series washing machines have a liquid crystal display that shows each washing phase.


These producers have a price slightly lower than the previous category. If you decide which firms are better from the price / quality ratio, then the washing machine from these manufacturers will be the most successful choice.

  • AEG

Here the possibilities and quality are higher than those of the previous category. This manufacturer has the first washing machine, which has 1800 rpm.


This is a fairly reliable technique that hasa lot of opportunities for a small cost. Therefore, it is the most accessible in our market and is designed for a wide range of customers. Availability, good technical capabilities and sufficient reliability - all this makes the washing machines of these manufacturers very attractive to people.


Is not only quite famousthe manufacturer of washing machines in the world, but also the ancestor of aggregates with the top loading. Unfortunately, this company is little known in our country. Their technology has sufficient reliability and is not inferior to many eminent manufacturers, such as ELECTROLUX, SIEMENS and BOSCH. washing machines how to choose

Classes: power consumption, washing, spinning

The choice of washing machine can be based ona class of washing, a class of washing and энергопотребления. So, how to choose a good technique, based on these characteristics? Remember, the levels of washing efficiency are denoted by Latin letters, from A to G. Classes A and B are high efficiency, which is combined with a very careful attitude to the tissues. C, D and E denote the average efficiency. F and G are low. Similarly, the spin classes are indicated. It is worth saying that this is the most adequate indicator than the number of revolutions, since it indicates the residual moisture of the laundry after the spinning process. By these letters-indicators it is quite simple to determine which washing machines are best washed and are more careful about laundry. If, however, it is more convenient for you to focus on the number of revolutions when spinning, when choosing a model of a washing machine, consider that a speed that is above 1000 rpm will be effective only for terry dressing gowns or towels. For cotton, 800 rpm is sufficient, and it is better to press soft fabrics for 400 turns. The energy consumption class (also from A to G) indicates the degree of economy of the model. And buying a low-end washing machine will have a positive impact on your electricity bills. If you decide to consult a sales consultant and ask which washing machine to choose, be prepared to ensure that he does not give you an unambiguous answer and will tell you that only the washing programs differ in technique. washing machines what to choose

A little about washing programs

The criteria for choosing a washing machine includeand washing programs. More recently, it was believed that a large number of programs in the washing machine means its excellent quality. And this criterion was voiced as the most important one. As a result, there are so many regimes that users are increasingly difficult to navigate in them. That is why there is an opposite tendency at the moment. Experts advise to focus on the models of new generation cars, which have only 3-4 programs for different types of linen: cotton and linen, silk, wool and synthetics. And also there are several additional modes. For example, an additional rinse program that will be needed for people with allergies or families with a small child. Alternatively, soak, remove stains, intensive washing, which are necessary for heavily soiled laundry. A quick wash mode that is suitable for lightly soiled items, half load mode and others.

Reliability and durability

In this case, you need to pay special attention tothen, where the washing machine was assembled. Experts believe that the Italian assembly machine is usually designed for 5-8 years, and the German assembly - for 10-15 years of impeccable service. But the washing machines that were assembled in Korea, serve about 5 years, and the Chinese assembly - 3-5. The record holders include cars of Swedish and Austrian assembly, because they can last up to 14-20 years. There is such an important parameter of reliability - manual assembly. For example, the Turkish manufacturer BEKO assembling of washing machines is made by automatic machines. This, of course, shortens the life of the machine, but it reduces its cost. After all, it is good to fix the part of the unit only a person. At factories of such companies as BOSCH and ASKO, the assembly is done manually. The same can be said about the Austrian technique of EVRONOVA. It is worth noting that manual assembly affects only the duration of the service of machinery - the quality of washing remains unchanged in any case. And at last we will consider some more important factors on which the correct choice of the washing machine depends:

  • Tank material

The tank of composite materials or stainless steel will last much longer than the enameled tank, unstable to damage;

  • Panel

Maybe button or touch - it's up to you. The main thing is that the notation should be in Russian;

  • Luke

Undoubtedly, it is more convenient to get and load laundry if the hatch door can be opened 180 degrees;

  • Noise.

If the place of the washing machine is in the kitchen, where allthe family usually spends a lot of time together, it is best to buy low-noise models. Which washing machine to choose is up to you and your family members. The main thing is that it is suitable in terms of parameters, has all the necessary functions and is relatively inexpensive. And if you think that such a combination is impossible, you are deeply mistaken. Go shopping, compare, find out details about a particular model. You can even read reviews about certain brands of technology on thematic forums. With a goal in mind, you are sure to find what you really need. We advise you to read: