how to choose a bicycle Summer is not what it was on the nose, it surely stepped forwardand on calendars, and on green shady avenues, and on cozy parks with benches, and on forest paths, on which it is so nice to ride a bicycle. By the way, about the latter, to ride it, it must first be purchased. And if this issue is very relevant for today, let's discuss it. So, how to choose a bicycle? No, everything is better in order, let's start with where such inventions are used.


Which bike to choose will depend on the purposeuse. For example, the postal services of many countries in the late XIX century. began to actively use a similar design for the delivery of newspapers and letters. This greatly accelerated the process. In the UK, the total number of postmen "on wheels" is 37,000 people. A bicycle was chosen for patrolling the streets. He has a high maneuverability, which allows more free movement in the urban jungle, and if we talk about the countryside, then this mode of transport for the villagers is not a luxury, but a means of daily movement. Even a bicycle company is chosen as a means of transportation of its own employees in huge corporate territories. This was done at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Germany. There were even special troops during the First World War, who were engaged in reconnaissance operations, both on one and the other side. We can still enumerate for a long time where this transport was used. But it was the turn to get to know him better.

Types of transport

Do not think that today there is only oneThe model that will take you to all places is equally pleasant. Not at all. Just as cars are divided into trucks, cars, etc., so it happens in our situation. Therefore, when choosing a bicycle, it is necessary to decide where to ride most, and what surface topography will occur most often.

  • Road (ситибайк) - perfectly suitable for urban areas and small recreational trips. A more significant factor is convenience.

How to choose a road bike, and what are availableDifferences? First of all, look at the saddle. It should be with a high fit and good shock absorption. The foot brake is more often used, speed switching is carried out in the static state. Provides good protection from dirt all major parts. Which one to choose a bicycle for the city, so it was both convenient and practical? Choose models with a luggage carrier. It is both practical and convenient: you can bring a passenger, or you can - a small cargo. Wheels cover the wings, which is not available in other models. In general, they do not require special care. But, what can be noted, as a large and rather significant disadvantage is their weight (more than 14 kg). How to choose a bicycle for the city for the strong and the weaker sex? Very simple. On sale there are options with a female (open) frame and with a male (closed). Therefore, choosing a bicycle for the city, you will not find any discrimination on the "comfortable" grounds. The only thing I would like to note is that there is no need to give extreme loads, it is not calculated for them. So, when choosing a road bike, look around first: will your choice be able to master the proposed landscape.

  • Highway - is specifically designed for high-speed driving on good quality asphalt. On such constructions it is possible to participate in marathons or races.

How to choose a highway bike and not to lose? Here you should pay attention to the shape of the steering wheel: it is special. Did you notice the athletes, who during the ride are crouching and holding on to the "mutton horns"? Their choice - a highway bike, because it is such a form of steering characteristic feature of such models. A bent rider landing is called aerodynamic. How to choose the right bike for road skating, what to focus on, and what advantages it has. That, undoubtedly, it is important at a choice of a sports bicycle, it to specify capacity of its transfer, after all speed is one of the major parameters in competitions in which, probably, you will get to participate. A light and thin frame is typical. Wheels with a diameter of 622 mm or 700 mm (ETRTO system) should be narrow, and tires - high pressure (about 10 atm). When choosing a bicycle by weight, note that the lightest specimens weigh less than 3.5 kg, because modern materials are used carbon, titanium, aluminum, magnesium.

  • Mountain (mountain bike) - this model is intended for high-speed descent from the mountains. "Off-road vehicle" of the bicycle world.

Mountain bike how to choose which features. It goes without saying that there should be a lot of gear, the best option is more than 20. Correctly when choosing a bicycle, touch the wheels. They must be powerful, and the tires wide. Also specify, what is the damping fork, which is intended for damping strokes. Which mountain bike to choose and not get lost in their types? For this, it is necessary to at least briefly familiarize yourself with the available options. Without shock absorbers (Rigid) -the most simple entry-level model. Cope with the highway and a good quality primer. The frame is steel or alloyed, since other materials are very rigid for lack of depreciation. Such a mountain bike should be chosen when you are just starting to ride, and experience is not there yet. Hardtail (Hardtail) -classical frame and shock-absorber fork. The equipment can be both professional and entry-level. Such a mountain bike is chosen for racing in cross-country or for roads of low quality. Softtail - to choose the right mountain bike, you should determine how important depreciation is for you. In this model, the shock absorber is front, and the rear wheel is slightly movable with respect to the frame. With intensive pedaling, the rear suspension will not fluctuate. Full-suspension - how to choose the right mountain bike of this type and what is it for? First, there are two pendants (on each wheel). Secondly, it is quite strong, but it has a lot of weight and, with increased pedaling, it swings. Most often used for high-speed or parallel descent. Which bicycle is better to choose, you can not say at once, it all depends on the level of initial training or complete absence of it. Although, it is better to master the skills of skiing on the simplest "unit".

  • Racing - a type of highway, usedfor bicycle races. How to choose a high-speed bike for various competitions, what are the nuances. It should be taken into account that there are differences between the cyclo-cross models and for the separate ones, when the race is on time. In the second model, the design of the rudder is special: there are longitudinal close tubes and "armrests". The saddle is short, the geometry of the frame is typical.

When choosing a high-speed bike, be guided by the direction of your ride and the features of those or other tournaments.

  • Track - they are used for cycling tracks, the task -the development of maximum speed on an even interval. There are no brakes or speed switches. Most importantly, there is no free play of the rear wheel.

How to choose the sports bike the most competently you can determine only after you choose for yourself the priority type of cycling.

  • Tourist bike - how to choose which onemodels to stop. Decide which cargo will be transported, large, medium or very tiny. Models are more similar to roadways than mountain ones. If you choose a tourist bike for long and exciting travel, do not worry, its design is reliable, and the hull is very durable. How to choose a bicycle for cycling is already approximately clear, you can follow further

There are many more models, each with its own peculiarities, but we will not go into this topic, but the question: how to choose a bicycle in details and details.

The most common questions when choosing a bicycle

Question: What influences the choice? Answer: First, growth. All the fun of riding can ruin an incorrectly selected frame. And how to choose a bicycle for growth? To do this, you should know that the manufacturers produce "growth", that is, the model in several sizes, not all the same feet from the ears grow. Choosing a bicycle for growth, you must imagine how to determine the size of the frame. This distance from the axis of the system (from the carriage) to the intersection of the seat post with the standpipe, is measured in inches. Next, we present a table of matching frames and human growth. what bicycle is better to choose It is better to choose a bicycle "with fitting", becausedifferent manufacturers may have different "matching" sizes. Question: How to choose the right bike for a child? Answer: To make an intelligent purchase, it's important not to lose sight of a lot of details. How to choose a children's bicycle, we will now discuss. It is impossible to call children's models a serious vehicle. Rather, it is a toy "from an adult life". When choosing a children's bicycle, remember that your crumb grows very quickly, but do not rush to choose a bigger model. After all, to master the "riding" ride, you need skill, coordination of movements and, of course, courage. How to choose a tricycle to the child was comfortable and fun. Characteristic features of such mini-models: they are intended for children 2-3 years old, the growth of toddlers should be 95-103 cm (approximately), the pedals rigidly attached to the front wheel. The operation of the product is very simple. How to choose a children's bicycle if the child is already preparing to learn the basics of "cycling" more thoroughly? And here we should focus on the more "adult" category of models. Choosing a tricycle for older children, you can choose the option in which the third wheel - an additional, the so-called "training model." This option is suitable for children 3-7 years old with a height of 105 cm to 128 cm. And now remember some tips on how to choose the right bicycle for children:

  • Knowing the diameter of the wheel, you can pick up the growth of the bike. It should be equal to 2.5 diameters.
  • The frame should be low, which will allow the baby to jump off the bicycle if necessary.
  • The chain must necessarily be protected by a casing.
  • The correct choice of a children's bicycle shouldbased on psychological factors. When it comes to the braking system (braking or "braking"), think about which bicycle you will buy a little later, because it is quite difficult to switch from one model to another. What kind of bicycle to choose a child - think, and better, let the child help to make a choice, because the owner of this purchase and the main rider will be exactly to him.
  • How to choose a bike for a baby we are a bitfigured out. On the color and various design options, I think, it is not worth talking, these are individual concepts and for everyone this choice is a matter of taste. But there is one more small question: how to choose a tricycle if the legs do not reach the pedals to the pedals, and you really want to get a "rolling" tool! In this case, either children's bicycles with footstools, or none at all, because the legs of your child should reach both the pedals and the ground. What tricycle to choose? Of course, the safest for crumbs. Look, try on, check the safety arcs that are present in the models for the smallest. Do not forget about the toys baskets and the sun umbrella that can be included in the kit. Question: how to choose a model for children from 7 to 13 years? Answer: How to choose a bicycle for a teenager, if a child really likes skating, of course. It is necessary to choose a small copy of an adult serious model. This option will be suitable for long trips, has a good speed and will last longer. When choosing a bicycle for a teenager, note that vehicles with a wheel diameter of 24 inches and a shorter base can be heavy. How to choose a teen bike, if your child has grown by years? You just need to try, sit down, drive. Standing in the window and already liked the machine can be inconvenient to operate. Question: Which company to choose a bicycle? Answer: A large number of manufacturers are represented on the market, some of them have already won respect, others just enter the bike sale market. What brand of bike to choose, you decide. We'll just let you name a few of them, then it's up to you:

    • Stark. The cheapest offer. Models of primary and secondary levels. "Cheap and angry" is a pretty good offer with acceptable quality.
    • Atom. The firm is domestic, the frames of their Taiwan. Something like a "folk product". Deserves attention.
    • Merida. "People's Brand" in the Russian Federation. Good quality at an affordable price.

    Further, we simply list the possible options,and you will already choose by yourself: KHS, Author, Haro, GT, Scott, Gary Fisher, TREK, Cannondale, KLEIN, Pinarello, Orange, Santa Cruz, Intense, Stels, Schwinn, Fuji, Stork, NORDWAY, Mongoose, ROCK MACHINE, Stinger, Jamis, MUSTANG, Forward, Jeep, FELT, Flyte, Alpina SL, Alpina HT, etc. Question: How to choose a bicycle? Answer: It all depends on who is chosen and what tasks the unit will be loaded with. How to choose a bicycle for a woman? Such models are characterized by an open frame (the pipe between the bicycle handlebar and the seat is lowered, and not closed by a triangle). In fact, wondering how to choose a bicycle for a girl, when you come to the store, you should ask "female frame", so it will be more correct and accurate. Inexperienced sellers can simply not understand. The peculiarity of such designs can be called elegance, planting more sedate than in the "masculine" model, smoothness of movement (after all, the lady goes, and not the blacksmith) -this has a leisurely walk that will allow her owner to enjoy the beauties of the surrounding area. How to choose a bicycle by weight? It is necessary to ask, from what material the frame is made, if there is no possibility to raise it and feel it by your own hand. Choosing a bicycle for an adult man, you can take a cheaper model with a heavier frame, but a teenager can raise such a machine can be quite difficult. Types of frames:

    • Steel - used on cheap models, strong enough, but have a high weight-about 16 kg.
    • Chromium-molybdenum steel - weighs less, is also used on affordable models. In its pure form, it is practically not produced, it is combined with steel.
    • Aluminum - a fairly good ratio of strength / weight. The price class is not below average.
    • Titanium - loses weight, the cost is not always justified, although it has considerable strength.
    • Magnesium - the cost is high. But pretty light and strong.
    • Composite frames (carbon, Kevlar) are light structures, but very sensitive to physical influences.

    How to choose a bicycle for an adult in such adiversity, it is not easy to say. Most likely, be guided by your financial and physical capabilities. Choosing a bicycle for the city, and if you do not plan to carry a centner of potatoes or sugar, you can stop your eyes on the middle segment, and at the same time, remain very satisfied. When choosing a bicycle for a woman, give preference to lightness and comfort, as well as design, but not to the detriment of other important characteristics. In addition, when choosing a bicycle for a girl, make sure that she can easily reach the handlebars with even bent hands. This position helps to avoid fatigue, and the hands of most girls are not as pumped as the guys. A few recommendations on how to choose an inexpensive model

  • It is better to have as little plastic in the equipment as possible;
  • Do not buy designs with "unknown" manufacturers;
  • It is better to choose aluminum connecting rods.
  • Narrow saddle.
  • The amount of "bloat" increases the cost, but not the quality.
  • Hard fork is much better than any bad cushioning.
  • If you choose for serious driving, it is better not to save, such models will last for one season, and then breakages will begin.
  • So, we think how to choose the first bike, youhave already understood, have learned to choose a teenage bicycle, and to choose a bicycle for the child too can easily. The only thing we can not help is to teach you how to ride perfectly, because it is the individual labor of each and the share of courage. We wish in the field of cycling great pleasure and good for the body! We advise you to read: