how to change a man's shirt into a woman's shirt Let's give her husband a second chance! He will need this kind of menswear if:

  • its "carrier" has greatly increased or decreased in volumes;
  • was infinitely devoted to her, to which the shirt "reacted" to the worn sleeves and collar;
  • a man prefers to wear only new things.

Of course, this list can be continued further,because the reasons and reasons for us to want to remake the shirt of her husband (father, brother, son ...) in a women's shirt, there is a great variety. And to change a man's shirt into a thing for the opposite "sex" is not at all difficult, it is enough to have such a desire, as well as threads, a needle, scissors, a sewing machine and several different (depending on your idea) elements for decoration and decoration. How can this be done in practice? Let's look at several options.


Having determined which particular men's shirt you wantremake for your wardrobe, wash it, dry it and iron it, then prepare all the necessary tools and proceed. By the way, for this version of the female blouse as an auxiliary material you will need a braid or satin ribbon of a small width. So, let's begin. Lay out the still male thing on a flat surface and cut its upper part together with a collar to the depth that you need for a small decollete. If the sleeves at the shirt are short, then leave them in their original form, otherwise cut them to the required length - just above the elbow. Now bend all the trimmed edges of the shirt so that they can be inserted into a tape or tape, and then try and try on it. All in size? Now treat the edges with an overlock and stitch them on the typewriter, then insert a ribbon or ribbon and, pulling the fabric off, tie it with bows. If you deprive yourself of the women's shirt of men's pockets (if they were, of course, on the original) or leave them, decide for yourself. Otherwise, the product is quite ready to go out.

Blouse with ruches

Now try to change the shirt,designed for men, in a women's blouse with ruches. The tools remain the same, just add a piece of soap, a felt-tip pen, or something like that, for the marks. Lay out a washed and ironed shirt on a table or other smooth and hard surface, and then, on a pattern of its size, draw a tank top on it. Further, having got rid of the shirt from the collar and sleeves, and also cutting it slightly from the sides, sew the blouse from the wrong side according to the pattern and process the edges. Now tear off the sleeves of the shirt and, removing the old seams, cut the sleeves into strips of equal width, then gently sew in a single strip - it should be rectangular in shape, with even edges, handle the edges and tighten. Sew ruffles to the collar of the blouse, make the belt out of the remaining fabric. That's it. Wear a woman's blouse, remade from a man's shirt. how to make a woman's shirt

Smart blouse

To make an elegant blouse for her husband's shirtyourself, a lot of effort will not be required. Prepare a white man's shirt and get ten meters of finishing tape of any bright color. Next, remove the shirt from the collar, and instead of it around the neck, thread several rows of braid so that the rack is completely closed. Now remove the cuffs, and at the bottom of the sleeves and on the strap of the fastener, also patch the braid. Do not forget that the buckle should not embarrass you, the woman, with its masculine location, so just replace the buttons with laces or buttons (do not forget to sew in slotted hinges).

Blouse - "peasant woman"

In this case, we redo the men's shirt inladies' blouse - "peasant woman", for which we will again need all of the above listed tools, as well as the shirt itself and a small piece of fabric of a different color. Using a pencil or a piece of soap, draw the decollete on the original depth you want, and then cut off excess fabric. Now, with the help of an overlock or zigzag, treat the edges of the cusp and stitch it, leaving a free hole. Insert the elastic band, connect its ends and tighten the kulis to the end. Next, determine the desired length of the sleeve, cutting off excess material, and cut out the prepared cuff fabric, a width of ten centimeters. Sew their ends and smooth the allowances. Now fold each cuff halfway (along) and flatten the middle, and then unfold, flatten the allowances to it, and fold it over the middle line again. Collect the sleeve in small assemblies, insert it into the cuff and sew one to the other. Repeat with the second sleeve, then sew the bottom of the shirt, if you shorten it. Another version of the transformation of a man's shirt into a woman's blouse is ready.

Just a topic

To make it, you can useclassic men's shirt with short sleeves. Cut the product along the lines of the neck and armhole, and then cut a little cloth from the sides. Sleeves do not throw away - they are useful for sewing straps. Now on the back of the shirt - about a centimeter above the breast pocket - make a mark, and then bend the top of the future topic and sweep the seam line. Sew the sides, then stitch the kulis, one and a half centimeters from the top of the product, and insert the elastic. And, as a finishing touch, sew in the places convenient for you in the top part of the top of the strap, made of the sleeves of a man's shirt. Decorate your summer clothes with buttons and other decorative materials. We advise you to read: