pillow toys with their own hands Someone might say that soft toys -completely useless thing and only collects dust in the house. But psychologists disagree with this and argue that children need their own soft toys, and preferably from various materials that can be studied during the game. In our stores there is no shortage of such toys - from pretty teddy bears to scary and incomprehensible germs. But today we will not talk about them, but how to create soft pillow-toys with our own hands. After all, the thing created by you, in any case, will be unique and will bring a lot of positive moments to your child.

What do you need to create a pillow-toy?

If you decide to make funny soft cushions with your own hands, which at the same time will serve as toys, you will need:

  • Different scraps. Large and small, made of ribbons, various fabrics and laces, oilcloth, felt or leather.
  • Threads of different strength and color.
  • Filler for pillow (holofayber, sintepon or any other soft material).
  • Buttons or beads (for making noses and eyes, if the pillows are in the form of animals).
  • Needles, thimbles, scissors.
  • The tailor's meter, ruler and chalk - for cutting our parts.
  • Sewing machine and iron.

Do not abandon the child's help in creatingfunny toys. Such an occupation will be very useful for children, will develop their discipline. You will help him develop perseverance and develop fine motor skills. We think, to remind that the creation of a pillow will help develop the child's creative abilities, unnecessarily. But attracting the child to work, it is important not to forget about safety. Needles should not be stored without threads, and it is better if there is a magnet in the box where they lie. The tools with which the child will work should also be safe, the same scissors with rounded tips. And work on a sewing machine or with an iron - only under the supervision of an adult, so that the child does not injure his hands. A suitable pattern can be found in specialized stores or created independently, by showing a fantasy. Another option is to rip off the old toy and copy the pattern from it. We are for the manifestation of our own imagination, because this is an excellent chance to realize our vision of the world! pillow toys

Secrets of the manufacturing technique

Making funny pillows with your own handsconsists of several stages. First, you need to pick up the material for making the toy and prepare it for sewing (wash and strip off the fabric). Then it is necessary to cut the details, sweep, stitch them, fill the pillow and decorate it nicely. The ideal material for making the pattern is the cardboard. Firm templates better fit to the fabric and can come in handy in the future. The ready-made pattern must be applied to the underside of the fabric and, pressing tightly, draw the edges with chalk or a handle. Chalk is more often used if the fabric is for making a dark color. But note that it can distort the dimensions of the finished parts. For cutting out parts, you need sharp scissors, otherwise you can "chew" the fabric.

We connect details

Sew the pillow better with a sewing machine,and you need to do it strictly on the planned lines. Usually, these toys are quite large and sewn from the wrong side, and then they turn out. If you decide to make small cushions with your own hands, then the seams can be made from the outside, then they will also act as a decorative element. Before you turn out the finished product, be sure to match all the seams and make small incisions on them. This will help to unscrew the pillow, and its edges in the finished form will look very neat and beautiful. We select the thread for sewing as much as possible in the tone of the fabric. pillow toy with your own hands

Example of a pillow-toy: a frog

Want to have a funny place in your homea frog and a pillow in combination? Let's make this craft yourself. We need a green cloth for the head and eye, yellow for the abdomen and green felt (or any other fabric that will not crumble) - for the paws. A smiling mouth we sew on a ready pillow with red threads of a mulina. Now it only remains to sew three balls, and the frog is ready! Details of eyes and head are typed on the thread with a seam "forward needle". Now we fill them with sintepon and tighten the thread. Try to distribute the packing evenly, so that no lumps are produced. We tighten the thread stronger and fix it. We should have three balls, of which two are small - the eyes and one larger - the head, it's the torso. To the big ball attach the tummy. To do this, we take a yellow fabric and sew it with a stitch seam like an overlay. On balls, which act as eyes, we embroider with threads of the pupils. On the head we embroider our mouth. Below, on the side where we have a yellow abdomen, we sew the paws-stand. So our merry little frog is ready, which can easily serve as a soft and comfortable pillow. And most importantly, you made it yourself!