furuncle Furuncle - inflammation and suppuration of the hairfollicle and surrounding tissues. An abscess can form on any part of the body, but most often it appears on the neck, under the armpits, groin, on the face, chest, knees, buttocks. If you do not pay attention to this problem in time, the furuncles can greatly increase in size. In particularly neglected cases, the patient is subject to urgent hospitalization, since without surgery, with exacerbations can not do.

Causes of furuncles

Note that boils do not appear there,where there is no hair cover (soles of the feet, palms). This disease occurs after the bacteria enter the follicles through the hair channels. When they clog up, the bacteria begin to multiply rapidly. Naturally, your immune system begins to fight infection, while allocating white blood cells. The place where the inflammatory process occurs is swollen, swollen and blushes. Inside the cavity, pus is formed. If the boil is not opened and the contents are not completely removed, it will be very painful. But before you start fighting with the pustule, you need to find out why it happened. Otherwise, furuncles will again appear on the body. After all, if you do not eliminate the cause of the disease, the consequences can be unpredictable, up to the formation of carbuncles. So, it can be:

  • Weak immune system and exhaustion of the body

Perhaps the body of a sick person is simply notcopes with ingested bacteria. It should be noted that the exacerbation usually occurs in the winter-spring period, when there is a particularly severe shortage of vitamins. Often this also occurs after the transfer of serious diseases. Do not forget that prolonged physical activity, constant fatigue, stress - all this leads to disruption of the nervous system. As a result - furuncle on the body.

  • Neglect of hygiene and skin irritation

If a person does not pay personal hygiene enoughattention, and is washed, for example, once a week (or even less often). If he wears rough synthetic clothing that rubs his skin. If it comes into contact with chemicals, furuncles may appear.

  • Failure in the work of sebaceous and sweat glands

Excessive sweating leads to irritation. Salt left on the body, corrodes the skin. Through microcracks, bacteria that actively multiply in such a favorable environment for themselves begin to penetrate into the follicle. Therefore, if you do not want to cut out the furuncle later from the armpits, do not forget about the deodorizing and antibacterial agents that are sold in pharmacies and stores. boils

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Boils

At the initial stages, we often do not payattention to the boil, as we take it as a regular pimple. Thinking that he will soon pass, the girls, at best, rub it with alcohol or even leave alone. At worst, they begin to squeeze out. Remember once and for all: if all purulent formations are not removed, the furuncle will develop even faster and stronger. And if this happens, only the surgeon can help. Therefore, it is so important to learn to distinguish between acne and boils. So, in the beginning the person starts to scratch the skin strongly. After a while there are unpleasant painful sensations. The itching site turns red and gradually swells. The next stage is the formation of an inflamed nodule. The furuncle acquires a purple-red color and slightly extends upwards. And the longer you wait, the worse. After 3 days, tissue necrosis occurs inside the formation. After that, the boil starts to hurt unbearably. Concomitant symptoms: severe headache, malaise, fatigue, high fever (up to 38 degrees). If the abscess appears on the knee or in the joint area, then any movement will cause discomfort. Cases of inflammation of the lymph nodes that are near the affected area are not uncommon. If everything goes well (sometimes it is, but rarely), the resulting purulent-necrotic stem after a couple of days will begin to tear itself away. In its place a small wound is formed, which can bleed slightly. A little more - and all the painful sensations, swelling, inflammation pass. The main thing is not to bring an infection in this period. On average, everything takes about 12 days (at least 8). In the same case, when there is a complication, the purulent-necrotic process can go beyond the follicle. And then the boil should be removed with a scalpel, but only in a specialized institution.

  • Furunculosis

Often, the patients on the body appears not onlya furuncle, and at once a little. If this happens all the time, you should immediately call your doctor, as the education indicates a more serious illness. It is necessary to undergo a complete examination, take tests. And only after that it will be possible to start treatment.

  • Carbuncle

For this disease is characterized by inflammationseveral hair follicles are located nearby. And if the boil can pass by itself, the carbuncle is removed only in the clinic by surgical means. In the postoperative period, the patient should properly care for the wound in order to avoid inflammation and repeated suppuration.

Location - head: causes, symptoms and treatment

  • Furuncle on the threshold of the nose

Usually the disease occurs as a result ofcombing the skin surface in this area. Staphylococcal infection very quickly penetrates through microcracks and begins to spread. After a while a person can get sick with teeth, whiskey, eyes, sometimes the temperature rises. Perhaps the spread of puffiness and other parts of the face. The nose (wings and tip) is very swollen, and the boil is increased. If you do not start on time treatment, pus can get into the blood vessels.

  • Furuncle on the nose

As in the previous case, the boil appearsdue to the introduction of staphylococcal infection. Symptoms are almost the same: fever, swelling, redness, pain, swelling. The disease lasts several days, while the condition only worsens.

  • Furuncle in auditory canal

Occurs as a result of improper care,scratching or damage. In the beginning there are unpleasant painful sensations in the neck, gums. When chewing or talking, the symptoms can be worse. When pressing on the cartilaginous tissue of the ear where the furuncle is located, you can feel a sharp pain. what is a boil

Complications with improper treatment of boils

First, there can be a blood poisoning (because ofspread of infection). With the wrong treatment, when you yourself try to squeeze out the boil, begins purulent inflammation of the lymph nodes. Particular danger is represented by the formations that are near the veins. In some cases, the abscess that appears on the face leads to death. Even one furuncle can cause the formation of metastases on internal organs (liver, kidneys). Therefore, in no case do not self-medicate. It should be noted that even a conventional pimple beauticians are not recommended to squeeze out hands and improvised means (nail files, scapula, etc.). Trust your skin only to experienced professionals who understand this problem.

What can not be done with boils

There are a number of rules andthis disease. Often, the fair sex people forget about them and act at random. This negligence not only makes diagnosis and treatment more difficult, but also leads to sad consequences. So, after the furuncle has formed on the skin, immediately go to the clinic and register for an appointment. In no case do we treat it with iodine, greenery and other coloring products. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the doctor to estimate the size of the abscess and the area of ​​its spread. Also, do not squeeze out the boil, especially if it is located on the face. Firstly, you can not completely clean out the pus. Secondly, you risk damaging the skin and putting the infection in the blood. And this is fraught with more serious complications, starting with meningitis, ending with an abscess of the brain. Pay attention, you can not raskvyrivat even ripe furuncle. Do not use piercing or cutting objects on your own. Do you think alcohol completely disinfects the skin and instruments? This is the most common mistake we usually make! Physicians sterilize everything in special solutions to ensure complete safety. After all, some types of infection are not destroyed by ordinary peroxide or 90% ethyl alcohol. Remember once and for all: if there were no complications, the furuncle should open itself. And after this happens, put a piece of gauze on the scar and fix it with adhesive tape. Change the bandage at least once a day, at least. Avoid moisture, try not to get water on this part of the body. Vatu, non-sterile wipes, pieces of cloth, etc. it is better not to put on a boil. Also, be careful with ointments, as they can cause irritation or inflammation. And do not forget to call the surgeon the next day. He will examine the wound and prescribe medications for you. But do not drink antibiotics at random! They can harm your health. If you or your relatives do not have a carbuncle (several boils in a small area at once), do not try to treat it. Here, even national recipes and pharmacy medicines will not help. Only the surgeon's scalpel cope with this problem. If you work with food or people, take a sick leave! First, on the feet of any disease is transferred to a hundred times heavier. Secondly, it is a violation of sanitary norms. Think, would you like to eat bread or a cake baked by the hands of such a person. Was it nice for you if the nurse, covered with abscesses, worked with your child. boils

We treat furuncles in the hospital: what the doctor should do

First, the doctor examines the boil anddamaged surface to identify the focus of the disease. If surgical intervention is necessary, the patient is given a local anesthetic and begins to carefully open the boil. After the pus comes out completely, drainage is done. At the initial stages, patients are treated as outpatients. If there is an exacerbation, the patient remains in the hospital under the supervision of specialists. Also, you can be put in the surgical department, if the furuncle formed on the face and caused swelling. The patient is assigned for a certain time to bed rest and gives only liquid food.

Prevention: how to avoid the emergence of boils

Now you know about what a boil and howwith him to fight. But, you see, it's much easier to prevent the disease than to treat it later. To avoid further relapse, first, start eating right. Eat as much more citrus, because they contain enough vitamin C. Do not eat greasy, spicy, smoked food. If the furuncle reappeared on the body, try to exclude from the menu some meat dishes: pork, lamb. Replace them with a bird, fish. At least once a week completely cleanse the intestines. To do this, you can make an ordinary salad of raw carrots, beets, apples, cabbage and olive oil. It's great if you drink a glass of yogurt, ryazhenka, yogurt every evening. To a boil not appear on the neck, hands or feet, wear comfortable clothes made of natural fabrics. Get rid of synthetic products that cause irritation. By the way, erasing things in the typewriter, put it on an additional rinse to completely wash the powder. Observe the rules of personal hygiene! Often a boil is formed in the area where dust, dirt and sweat accumulate. Take a contrast shower in the morning and evening. In the hot season, look in the bathroom more often. At work, use damp bactericidal napkins.