remedy for depression Bad mood, apathy, desire to go to bedand sleep all day - with similar symptoms of depression, many of the fair sex are familiar firsthand. The causes of the disease can be completely different, but mostly it appears after the girl suffered a serious nervous shock. Depression can not be recognized by every person, as not everyone even knows how it usually manifests. Remember: the very first signs of the disease are constant mood swings, increased tearfulness, irritability. All this is accompanied by negative thoughts and a pessimistic attitude, both to life and to all people who surround. The most important thing is always to listen to yourself. If you feel that you can not cope with the problem yourself, then you need to seek medical help from a specialist. Also you can resort to folk medicine, which saved our mothers and grandmothers from all problems. In our time, herbs, conspiracies, etc. practically no one is being treated. But it's worth a try. It is very important that you do not lose hope and always believe only in good results. Plus, remember that these are additional measures, not the main treatment. the best remedy for depression

How to overcome depression correctly: we are treated with folk remedies

Depression to win is very difficult, but thismust be done as quickly as possible, since a neglected disease can go into a more serious psychological disorder. In folk medicine, there are many different ways that will help you overcome this problem. You can choose for yourself any treatment option. For example, experts recommend to do sports, start eating right. But do not forget to take pills, visit a psychologist or psychoanalyst, go to a special training. Remember, treating depression with folk remedies is a double-edged sword.

  • Correct and balanced nutrition

Chocolate is the best remedy for depression. This has been said more than once. And experts recommend eating only those sweets that were made from natural cocoa. Plus, in the first place for this disease, you need to add to your diet products that will help increase the content of tryptophan, amino acids in the body. Also, do not forget about the beneficial properties of carbohydrates, which immediately raise the mood of the fair sex. However, you must understand that nutrition should be varied and balanced. Otherwise, if you go to cakes, chocolates and ice cream, the mood will spoil again, but because of the kilograms you have collected. Carbohydrates - a crafty thing! Unfortunately, many people forget about this. So, in your diet you need to add fish, a small amount of nuts. As for corn and sunflower oil, the use of these products of the girl should be reduced to a minimum. Thanks to this method of nutrition, the body will receive the necessary substances that favorably affect the psychological state. Another plus of a balanced diet is that you can not only help yourself cope with the depressed state, but also completely improve your body. Eat as often as possible foods that contain vitamins necessary for our health. Avitaminosis has not benefited anyone - it's a fact. By the way, this problem concerns women who constantly lose weight, refusing food in favor of diets and starvation. Vitamins play an important role in the treatment of depression. Therefore, try to buy fresh vegetables and fruits even in winter. And learn how to prepare meals correctly. The problem is that after heat treatment many useful elements simply disappear. Therefore, prefer not to fry on sunflower oil, but steaming. What should be eaten to the fair sex if they have a depressive syndrome? Vitamin B-3. It is found in oily fish, pork, chicken, beans, whole grains, as well as in many cereals. Vitamin B-12 and potassium - these substances perfectly help to overcome apathy and a bad mood, which is mainly experienced by all women before the onset of menstruation. And the use of calcium will help the woman to recover after giving birth. Unfortunately, enduring a child, many young mothers become depressed. Thus, practically all the B vitamins help to improve the physical and emotional state. If you take any medication against depression, this vitamin will make them more effective. However, you should consult a specialist first.

  • Sports and exercise

Physical exercise is another great way,with which you can overcome depression in the initial stages, raise a bad mood. So, never and never did anyone hurt physical exercises. On the contrary, they always had a beneficial effect not only on the body, but also on the person's soul. Even if your work is connected with a constant movement, you should still give at least 30 minutes a day to training in the gym. For example, the best remedy for depression is dancing. You open yourself, your soul, forget about all problems and troubles. If you can not go to fitness or aerobics every day to the gym, then at least 20 minutes of exercise at home. It can be a morning run, a walk with your beloved or friends in the fresh air, charging. Only do it not through force, forcing yourself to get up with the first cocks, but try to get only good emotions from everything. Also there is a whole complex of certain exercises, the implementation of which does not take much time. But after them your mood will improve, you will have the strength and desire to work further. Plus, you can stretch tired muscles after a hard working day. So, stand up straight in front of the mirror. It is necessary to rise and reach up with your hands, as if you are trying to reach the ceiling. Look at your reflection. If the corners of the lips are lowered down, and in the eyes - emptiness, just smile, even if you do not really want to do it. Now repeat everything anew (3-4 times). Proceed to the next exercise. Spread your arms as wide as possible to give the impression that you have waited for someone for a long time and finally met. You wanted this man to hold tight, so that the bones crunched. Then lower your hands, stand in this position for 5 seconds. Repeat 7 more times. And the last task that will help to overcome depression. Hold your fingers to your hips, then start to rub them hard. Rub your legs, ankles, feet, knees, back. If you want, you can buy a special massager or a hard shower brush. By giving a physical load to your body, you can easily defeat the depression that has begun. Pay attention: you do not need to go to training twice a week. Otherwise, you can bring yourself to exhaustion. Sport should bring pleasure.

  • Decoctions and tinctures

Remember some of the names of herbs thathelp you forget about what depression is. St. John's Wort is a wonderful tool with which you can adjust your psycho-emotional state. Decoction from it acts as a sedative, so you will feel more relaxed and confident throughout the day. But you should know that St. John's wort is not combined with other herbs and medicines. It also reduces the effectiveness of antibiotics, so do not self-medicate without telling your doctor about it. Do not take the broth in hot weather. If you can not do without it, then in the end of spring, in the summer and in the beginning of autumn, try to be as little as possible in the sun. You can also use the usual tincture of valerian. Pay attention: you need to drink more than once in six months, when you suddenly became ill, fell mood or a nervous breakdown occurred. Valerian must be taken for a long time, since it starts to act favorably on the body only after it has accumulated in it. Tincture is perfectly soothing, so many women abuse it. Be careful, because to some extent it acts as a light sleeping pill. So, if you took a valerian, got behind the wheel, you will be torn to sleep. As a result - an accident on the road. So do not stop choosing it if you have a difficult day ahead of you. And, on the contrary, in the evening you can take medicine. And then you will have a healthy and sound sleep. A good rest will help you to get out of a difficult and restless state. Valerian can be taken with any medications. The most important thing is to know the measure. In case of an overdose, side effects may appear, that is, vision deteriorates, heart rhythm will be disturbed. Read the instructions first and read the precautions.

  • Drinks from fruit, green tea

We are treated with tea and natural juices. With their help, you will definitely get rid of depression. The most interesting thing is that most of these medicines are at home almost every hostess. The main thing is not to be lazy to cook fresh drinks. For example, tea should be brewed every day, and not once a week, topping up constantly fresh boiling water. Drink with sugar or honey - it all depends on your preferences and wishes. Also you can add a couple of lemon slices, orange peel. This is not only delicious, but also beneficial to your health! Not bad help to cope with the depression of phyto-tea. Chamomile, nettle, mother-and-stepmother - this kind of goods can be purchased at any pharmacy. It is important only to know what exactly it is necessary to take the grass to restore the nervous system. Typically, manufacturers write this on the packaging. A very useful tool that is recommended for women under depression is a banana. This product can be used in any form. You can either just eat two fruits a day, or make a mashed potatoes. No less effective products that increase the mood, are pears and apples. Treatment of depression with these fruits will not only be tasty, but also effective. Just try to purchase products grown in your area of ​​residence. Tropical and foreign delicacies are sometimes completely deprived of all vitamins and nutrients.

  • Aroma oils

Also with depression you can usearomatic oils that have a toning, soothing and strengthening effect on the body. Only the ethers should be selected for each person individually. What is sold in the markets and is called "from all ills", unfortunately, either it is useless, or in general can cause the occurrence of an allergic reaction. So, for example, good oil is considered with basil, lemon and rose. Use this product can be different. Someone prefers to take baths or lubricate whiskey, others add to masks and balms. If you want to avoid direct contact with the skin, just pour a few drops into a special lamp for the night. You will be surprised by the result. There will pass apathy, a headache, mood will rise, well-being will improve.

  • Balms and vitamin cocktails

With depression, you can fight with honey,lemon and dried fruits. In addition, thanks to this vitamin cocktail, you can strengthen your immunity. So, mix 150 grams of natural honey, 5 lightly fried walnuts in a pan, lemon juice and 200 grams of dried apricots in glassware. Let it brew for a couple of days. The received product should be consumed one hour before a meal (1 tbsp three times a day). You can also cope with the disease with the help of homemade balsam. You will need the following ingredients: valerian in drops (1 tbsp), cones of hops (2 tsp), althaea root, oregano, mint, chamomile, black tea (1.5-2 tbsp). First, take black tea, in an enamel saucepan mix it with all the above herbs. Then fill it with boiling water (take only filtered or mineral water) and continue to cook. Cover with a lid, turn off the heat and leave to stand for 15 minutes. Cool, pour into glassware. Keep in the fridge. Take every day for 100 ml (1/2 cup) 3 times. Tea balm has soothing and relaxing properties. treatment of depression by folk remedies

How to get rid of depression and bad mood

Of course, to give a one hundred percent guarantee that everyoneof the above methods of traditional medicine will help you overcome depression, it is impossible. An important role in the treatment of this psychological disorder is played by the attitude of close and dear people. It is clear that in such a state it will be very difficult for you to find a common language with relatives and others, as it will irritate, nervous everything. Plus, you yourself must make an effort to return to a full life. Try not to pour out all your negative on the people with whom you communicate. And believe me, every person who sees the metamorphosis happening to you, will try to help you cope with the problem. A few tips to help you quickly return to normal:

  • Do not sit still

To overcome depression will help you cheerful and amicablecompany, some hobby or hobby. Think, maybe there is a case that you wanted to do for a long time? If you manage to realize your dream, it will be a great push for you. In order not to happen, start life with a new sheet and forget about all the psychological upheavals.

  • Do not drive yourself into a depression

If you like watching movies that onlyDepress the nervous system, be sure to give up this hobby. It can be, for example, horrors, insurgents, dramas. Because viewing such a video, which does not bring positive emotions, will only exacerbate the situation. In the fight against depression, massage helps (with aromatic oils and special ointments). Visiting the beauty salon, you can not only relax during the procedure, but after several sessions once and for all forget what a bad mood is all about. All of the above methods are good and effective. The most important thing is that you yourself want to return to a full life. Avoid any stress, look at everything with a smile, set yourself up only for a good future. Listen to classical music, since it has an amazing soothing effect on the psyche. Eat what you like, pamper yourself with various trinkets. Finally, buy yourself that thing that you have long dreamed of. Walk more for walks, since fresh air will help get rid of all negative thoughts. Smile more, even if there is not the slightest desire. And then a bad mood will bypass you.