how to wash off hair dye with folk remedies That's really something, and shades of hair colorsnow apparently invisible! You want to become a blonde, you want - a brunette, and if you can not choose - please create a multicolor. And you need to have a lot of willpower to give up the temptation to regularly change your image, again and again repainting your hair. And of course, none of us are immune from the failure to get the wrong color of hair, which we counted on. Few of the hairdressers in the beauty salon will give you a one hundred percent guarantee that the color of your hair after staining exactly the same as the one painted on the box. And it's all right, if instead of a burning brunette you become only a couple of tones lighter, because there are worse situations! Imagine that when you decide to paint in red, you leave the salon with a head of bright pink or purple. What to do then? Of course, do not shave nalyso (although, as a rule, this is the first thought that comes to mind). Do not worry, your situation can be completely corrected: unsuccessful coloring can be washed off both in the cabin and at home. And if you want to make everything at home quiet, then you will need the most common products stored in each refrigerator. Do not believe it, but to wash off the paint from the hair with kefir is as easy as erasing the pencil drawing with an eraser! Do not like kefir? Also not a problem, because for washing it is quite useful honey, mayonnaise, butter and a bunch of other delicious products. So stop rubbing your face with evil tears and hurry to the fridge so that with the help of simple products you can wash off this disgrace from your head.

Flushing of hair dye with kefir

Everyone knows that kefir is healthy. It perfectly influences the work of the gastrointestinal tract, normalizes the intestinal microflora, increases immunity and generally perfectly strengthens the body. But the fact that it is useful for the health of hair, many of us, alas, forget. The substances contained in kefir are simply priceless for the condition of the hair (especially for stained, and especially for damaged ones). So the idea to wash off the paint from the hair with ordinary yogurt, if not brilliant, is very reasonable, that's for sure. So, how does the washing process with this remarkable sour milk product go? There are several recipes for kefir masks that will help you regain the former hair color. It remains only to choose the one that suits you the most.

  • If you have a fatty type of hair, then trythe following mixture: to one glass of kefir add forty grams of pink clay. Mix the ingredients, apply on hair for twenty minutes, rinse. If your hair is normal or dry, then use forty grams of yeast instead of clay, and keep the mask for at least two hours.
  • This method of washing is more aggressive. One hundred grams of kefir requires two chicken eggs, one medium-sized lemon juice, four tablespoons of vodka and a teaspoon of shampoo for your hair type with a high pH level. Blend the mixture well, apply on hair, cover with a cellophane cap and leave for eight hours (it is best to do this wash for the night).
  • Effectively flushes the hair off the following mask: for two hundred grams of kefir you need one chicken yolk and two tablespoons of castor oil. All mix, apply on hair, cover with a warm cloth and leave for two hours.
  • You need to do the washing procedure one time at a for a week. By the end of the period, your hair will have a shade that is close to what it was before staining. Moreover, thanks to the useful natural substances contained in the masks for flushing the paint, the structure of your hair will be restored, and the curls will shine and shine like after visiting spa treatments in an elite beauty salon.

    Washing hair dye with soda

    Soda (or sodium bicarbonate) is known withtime immemorial. Even the ancient Egyptians used this tool for both economic needs and beauty. Our mothers and grandmothers who lived in the Soviet past, too, did not always have access to quality cosmetics, and therefore often used soda for beauty and hygiene. Everyone knows that soda can clean any contamination, so why not use it to wash off the unsuccessful staining from your hair?

  • Mix baking soda and your favorite shampoo inin equal proportions, apply the resulting mixture to the hair. After five to ten minutes, wash your head with a balm conditioner for hair, to avoid disturbance of the hair structure.
  • Another way: in a glass of water, dilute one teaspoon of soda with a slide. The resulting mixture is applied to the hair and hold for about fifteen minutes, after rinse.
  • Mix three to four tablespoons of soda, a glasswater and juice of half a lemon. Apply the mixture on the hair, wrap the head with a plastic cap and a dense cloth. Fifteen minutes, wash your hair. For best results, it is recommended to keep the hair under running water for at least a quarter of an hour as long as possible.
  • Having decided to wash off the paint with hair soda, do not forget,that this method is five times stronger than the usual washing, offered in the hairdressing salon. This means that your hair will become extremely dry and need to be helped with moisturizing creams and masks. For owners of dry, thin and prone to brittle hair, it is better to choose a different method of washing (try to do it with natural means). But for those girls who have sebaceous glands on their head working too intensively, washing away soda is just a find! rinse off the hair with kefir

    Flushing paint from hair with mayonnaise

    No sauce in the world causes such stormydisputes like mayonnaise. Someone without him can not live, and someone considers him almost a poison for the body. Nevertheless, mayonnaise is tasted in almost every home. As they say in one joke: there was no mayonnaise on Mars - it means that there is no life there. That's just an increasing number of young (and not so) girls are beginning to abandon this product because of its fat content and calories. So would completely say goodbye to this delicious product, if not for one fact: mayonnaise perfectly flushes the hair off the hair!

  • Mix two hundred grams of mayonnaise with three spoonfulsvegetable oil (sunflower, olive, corn, etc.). Apply the mixture on the hair, distributing the entire length. Wear a plastic cap, wrap it with a towel and hold for three hours. Wash off with shampoo and apply hair balm to hair.
  • Mayonnaise, yogurt and yogurt mixed in equalproportions, apply to the hair and keep for an hour and a half. After washing off with shampoo and balm. For this recipe, the mixture of foods should be warm, so do not hesitate to warm it up a bit in the microwave (try not to curl up).
  • Do not forget that the fatter ingredients of yourmask, the faster it will wash off the hair, so use high-calorie mayonnaise. Although, in any case, to return the previous color for one procedure is unlikely to work. And even if your new hair color is so terrible that you are ready to wash your hair around the clock, remember: it is not recommended to use the wash more than twice a day!

    Removing paint from hair with a lemon

    Another element that the paint is afraid ofhair - citric acid. Do you know that at secular events it is not customary to submit blueberries to the table, as it stains the tongue and teeth? And even if they serve, it is only in combination with lemon, because its acid perfectly cleans traces of berries. There is nothing surprising in the fact that it is the lemon used to wash off the unsuccessful staining from the hair.

  • To freshly squeezed juice of one half of a lemonadd one hundred grams of kefir, three teaspoons of cognac, one chicken egg and one tablespoon of shampoo. Mix all ingredients, apply to hair and keep for at least three hours. After rinse with shampoo and rinse with conditioner.
  • This mask will completely wash away the paint after the shadeshampoo. Mix the juice of half a lemon, three teaspoons of vodka and two tablespoons of butter (castor or burdock). Put the mixture on your hair and keep it for an hour and a half. After washing off, as usual, with shampoo and conditioner.
  • Mix freshly squeezed juice of one lemon, twoteaspoons of honey, a tablespoon of olive oil and the pulp of one grated apple (preferably green). Stir the ingredients, apply on the head and stand on the head for one and a half hours. Wash off with shampoo, rinse with conditioner.
  • Instead of lemon, you can use lemonessential oil. The result of washing away from this will only benefit. But do not forget that the acid in large quantities is a huge harm to the structure of your hair. Do not go to bed with a mask containing a lemon, otherwise you will just burn your hair.

    Flushing paint with hair using oil

    No less good at washing away hair from hairproved to be vegetable oils. It does not matter which oil you choose: sunflower, olive, linseed or rapeseed - in any of them there are substances that break down pigment pigments and pull them onto the surface of the hair. Burdock oil, by the way, is also vegetable, although it is not used in cooking (it is sold only in pharmacies). But we all know very well what benefits it brings to our hair.

  • Mix in equal proportions any vegetablebutter and cognac. Depending on the degree of staining, we apply to the hair for a period of two to four hours. Then wash off with shampoo, rinse with balsam.
  • Burdock oil is heated to body temperature,evenly distributed over the entire length of the hair and rubbed into the roots with massaging movements. We put on the head a cellophane cap, a towel and keep at least six hours (in this case, you can go to bed with a mask). Wash off with shampoo (you can not use the conditioner).
  • Mix four spoons of olive, burdock, almond and linseed oil, add four spoons of beer. We put it on the hair and hold it, as you guessed it, for four hours. Flush in the normal mode.
  • The only contraindication to useMasks with oil can serve as a high fat content of your hair. Possessors of dry and normal - welcome, such a wash well nourishes and moisturizes the hair, preventing brittleness and cross-section.

    Flushing paint from hair with honey

    The fact that honey is a curative, a factlong ago known and not requiring proof. For example, in our country, honey is used to prepare cosmonauts: it strengthens health and increases stamina. But the fact that honey, applied to damp hair, is able to secrete acid, know not all. This acid is akin to hydrogen peroxide, which allows you to wash off the unsuccessful staining from the hair. First you need to wash your head with a mixture of shampoo and one teaspoon of sea salt. Wet your hair with a towel, apply honey. You can not cover your head with polyethylene or a dense cloth, only a light calico scarf is allowed. Keep the honey mask for at least ten hours. After washing off, as usual. Masks with honey have a whitening effect, while they give the hair an even, natural shade. Before applying this recipe, make sure that you are not allergic to honey.  wash off the paint from the hair with mayonnaise

    Flushing paint with a decoction of chamomile flowers

    Our native Russian daisy, or, as in herold times they called it "papavka" (the yellow center of the hair looks like a navel), was always loved by domestic cosmetologists. Where only did not add the decoction of this wonderful flower: and in the cream, and in soap, and in shampoo, and in lipstick, and in toothpaste.

  • Fifty grams of chamomile, two hundred and fiftygrams of rhubarb and two teaspoons of green tea to boil with boiling water. Brew for about an hour, then rinse the hair with the infusion, pat the towel and wrap the head with a dense cloth. Thirty minutes later, wash and dry hair.
  • Two tablespoons of chamomile brew with boiling water intwo-hundred-ounce glass. After ten minutes, pour the infusion into the basin and add so much water there that you can wash your head. Dip your hair into the water for a few minutes, then just dry it.
  • One hundred grams of chamomile flowers brew with boiling water(three hundred milliliters), insist half an hour. Strain the infusion and add to it fifty milliliters of 30% hydrogen peroxide. Apply the mixture on the hair, starting with the front strands. Cover your head with a plastic wrap and hold for thirty minutes. After wash with normal shampoo, rinse with conditioner balm.
  • Decoction of dried chamomile flowers brightens evenunpainted hair, and the washing is carried out for five to six procedures. Chamomile is rich in nutrients, so the hair after it becomes smooth, shiny and elastic.

    Flushing paint with laundry soap

    The usual laundry soap is the presentsecret weapon, which our compatriots have been using for more than a century. No matter how wrinkled noses modern women of fashion at the sight of a good piece of "fragrant" household soap, and the supporters of this hygiene means much more than opponents. Many people know that with the help of household soap it is possible to clean even fuel oil. But do you know that with the help of this soap, some gynecological diseases are still being treated? That it is an antiviral agent used in the intimate sphere for the prevention of certain diseases? What many people use soap for getting rid of acne and as a remedy for hair loss? And this is not a complete list of the "track record" of this wonderful soap. So there is nothing surprising in that, and for washing off the hair, our favorite laundry soap is used. Alkaline, which is a part of soap, perfectly copes with coloring pigments, helping to return that color of hair that was before coloring. So, soap your head with laundry soap, a little foaming and hold for five minutes, rinse with water. If you are so scared of the smell, you can wash your head with a fragrant shampoo at the end of the procedure. Since the alkaline environment harms the hair structure, be sure to rinse the hair with acidified water - use vinegar or lemon for this purpose. Do not forget that it is unlikely that you will be able to return the former hair color after the first wash. Most often, no less than five to six procedures are required to ensure that the unwanted color is completely gone from your hair. Of course, it is much slower than in a beauty salon - there smelting of unwanted color takes literally minutes. But you will be absolutely happy with the state of your hair: washing with folk remedies does not leave behind any burnt strands, or terrible icteric color. After daily masks from natural, nutritious ingredients, your hair will shine and shine with health. We advise you to read: