exercise for hands with dumbbells for women Hands - one of the sexiest parts of the femalebody. Elastic elastic skin, taut muscles and a smooth curve of the shoulder line certainly attract men's looks. You need to take care of your hands at all times, but their appearance becomes especially urgent before the opening of the beach season. Short sleeves-wings on dresses and frivolous straps on weightless sarafans can not hide fat deposits, behind which all the winter hides the sculptural beauty of women's hands. If you decide to immediately correct the situation, you should do physical work right now. Strength exercises with dumbbells are very effective for slimming your hands, provided they are systematic and regular. At the same time it is recommended to strengthen the muscles of the chest, abdomen, back, thighs and buttocks. Then your fit and athletic figure can only be envied.

How to choose the optimal load

To make the shape of the hands beautiful, it is very importantchoose the optimal load. Exercises with dumbbells weighing 1.5-3 kilograms are not designed for too strong loads. Therefore, they will only help to strengthen the muscular mass of the forearms, gradually forming their beautiful relief. Pump muscles to the state of biceps and triceps bodybuilders with the help of dumbbells alone will not work, because without food additives this is impossible. The natural level of testosterone in the body of women is relatively low, so do not be afraid of losing feminine outlines. As a sports projectile, dumbbells are extremely convenient for performing a number of exercises. The variety of countless models for women will allow you to easily choose the right weight and shape. Fitness specialists do not advise doing dumbbell training more than 2-3 times a week, because the body needs some time to recover. The duration of one lesson is 45-50 minutes. As a rule, the program gives after 6-8 weeks of training. correct exercises for hands with dumbbells for women

Classic exercises with dumbbells

Before you begin the exercises withdumbbells you need to warm up your muscles well. Warm-up for women includes 2-3 dozen jumps on the socks and the rotation of the hands, simulating movements with a rope. You can also use deep swings with each foot with simultaneous forward slopes or swinging hands with an inclined body. The main part of the workout gives the power load and contains fat burning exercises. The regularity of such exercises can strengthen the whole muscular corset, which keeps the internal organs of women in their places. In addition, the flexibility of joints develops, which prevents their fragility and brittleness. This is especially important for women, whose age exceeds 35 years.

  • Traditional stand Hands are stretched out in front of you,dumbbells directed to the floor. On inhalation, both hands lift up and maximally retract. The effect of the exercise will be stronger if one leg is also pulled back, strongly bent. It is necessary to hold your breath for a couple of seconds, fixing the muscle tension. On exhalation return to the starting position;
  • Semi-squatting with hand bending With dumbbells inhands slowly sink to the parallel of the hips and the floor, pulling the press. Lock in this position. Start smoothly bending and unbending elbows into two counts. Do the exercise without sudden movements. Try to press the forearms tightly against the body. Only 20 repetitions in this position will help burn more calories and lose weight faster than you expected;
  • Exercises, lying down Lie on the floor, bendingfeet in the knees. Hand with dumbbells spread apart, bending at the same elbows at a right angle. Straining the arm muscles, close them in front of the chest, fixing the position for a while. Repeat 15-20 times;
  • Drops Fall down on one legthe hip was in parallel with the floor. Hand with dumbbells lower along the body, retract the abdomen. On the two accounts, hands slowly lift or spread apart in parallel to the thigh. Then return them back. After 10 repetitions, change the leg;
  • Extension of hands with dumbbells on the half-bentknees Raising bent elbows to the sides, keep dumbbells in front of the chest. Lock the position for a few seconds. Slowly raise your hands up, stretching your whole body and rising to your tiptoes. Just slowly return to the starting position. Repeat 15-20 times;
  • Windmill Tilt the body in parallelfloor, fix the position for a few moments. Direct arms or hand with dumbbells freely lower. Make circular strokes with each hand, achieving perpendicularity with the floor. For each hand, do at least 15 repetitions;
  • Exercises with a chair for fat womenOne hand and knee on sitting chair, the second leg slightly back. The second hand with a dumbbell is pressed to the body, bend at the elbow. Without making sharp movements, move your arm with the projectile back, straining your biceps. Fix the elbow, then slowly return the hand back. Repeat 10 times for each hand.

Power Yoga

Yoga classes can also be done with dumbbells. The program is simple enough and does not require specific skills or years of experience. Such exercises are good for women, strong in spirit and striving for harmony.

  • Utkatasana Stand up, hands down with dumbbellsalong the body, tighten them. Now sit down. The back should be straight, the angle between the thigh and the shin is 90 degrees. To maintain balance, concentrate your eyes on one point in front of you. Connect the hands in front. Inhale, jerk bend one hand, taking it up and back. On exhalation straighten your arm. Do first jerks alternately for each hand, then simultaneously for both hands;
  • Pose of a tree Standing on one leg, lay the secondleg in the thigh first. Hand with dumbbells spread apart. On inhalation slowly raise your hands serially, on exhalation - lower. Repeat 10-15 times, working with hands simultaneously;
  • Pose of the warrior Take one leg back, and the trunktilt forward. One arm is outstretched, the other holds a dumbbell under the armpit. Make sure that the elbow is turned upwards. On exhalation, change your arm and leg. This pose is very effective for women with a weak shoulder girdle, as it helps to strengthen it and give it relief.

useful exercises for hands with dumbbells for women


  • Do not swing your arm muscles at home, if you have a number of chronic diseases. These include heart disease, kidney disease, asthma or hypertension;
  • If women have problems with the thyroid gland or with the spine, physical activity should be minimal. It will be better if you exercise these exercises under the supervision of a doctor;
  • Also, do not overload yourself with dumbbells during critical days, pregnancy or lactation.

Purposefulness, will and desire to achievepersistent positive effect will help reduce the time to restore the form. Comprehensive measures combined with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle will help to consolidate the result for years to come. We advise you to read: