causes of warts in children Warts in children are benignneoplasms on the skin, which at first glance are completely harmless. Most often they appear in children after five years, the causes of their occurrence are violations of hygiene, various viral diseases. You can not just ignore this phenomenon, warts are a disease that requires treatment, since they often become just an external manifestation of serious skin diseases. Of course, warts can be picked up at any age, but timely treatment is necessary for everyone. The causes of the appearance of the disease may be different, although experts identify most often non-compliance with hygiene rules, viral diseases, weak immunity of the child. Treatment can be different: it is laser removal, and the use of medicines, and traditional medicine, which helps no less effectively.

Types of warts: how to cope with an annoying problem?

Warts come in several forms:

  • Simple, which appear most often on the hands,less often around the lips, on the oral mucosa. These are nodules that are not larger than a pea, their color is yellowish gray, the surface is rough. Such warts are prone to fusion;
  • warts flat appear as rashes onface, neck, back of the hand. These are small nodules with weak peeling, yellowish-brown in color. Such warts require treatment, they cause the child to itch or burning. Most often they are removed with a laser, but simple medicines such as fluoroufur ointment, celandine juice, magnesia are also used;
  • plantar warts are dense formations on the soles of the feet, they cause painful sensations in the child. Such warts must be surgically removed or laser treated;
  • genital warts arises because offiltering papilloma virus. This formation resembling a crest, greatly expanding. Serious treatment, usually surgical, is necessary here, but you can also use lubrication with kondilin, solcoderm, and powder with resorcinol.

celandine for the treatment of warts

Traditional medicine against warts

Specific treatment of warts in a childtoday does not exist, doctors offer several methods: destructive medicine, the use of immunomodulators. Often used and quite effective means of traditional medicine, which help get rid of small warts in children painlessly. For any child, treatment is always stress, which is associated with expectation of pain, and treatment of warts with medical methods often involves the use of surgery, laser, cryotherapy, and all this, despite modern painkillers, is very unpleasant for a baby. Therefore, some mothers prefer to first try the methods of traditional medicine. It is best to remove the warts in children with the help of chemist's chamomile or celandine. These funds are innocuous, they will not bring harm, they often help to get rid of the problem forever. Attention: before you start using traditional medicine, be sure to show your child to the doctor! The specialist must confirm that the use of medicinal herbs will not cause harm, there will not be a deterioration that may require surgical intervention. We remove warts by usual celandine. Not always popular methods are welcome, but in the case of warts there is a remedy that helps them to get rid of them. It is a celandine, which can be used in various ways:

  • Remove the wart by using celandine juice. To do this, it should be moistened with water, then lightly scrape the surface of the wart with a sterile instrument and rub it with celandine juice. Do this procedure four times a day. The course of treatment is two to three weeks, at which time the wart will turn black, then disappear.
  • Instead of juice, you can use a rich brothcelandine (pre-dried), which is mixed with glycerin or petroleum jelly. This mixture in consistence should resemble a thick ointment. The resulting drug warts are lubricated several times a day.
  • Compresses from decoction of celandine, whichsuperimposed on the night, do this: in 1.5 liters of water should be boiled for 10 minutes a tablespoon of dry celandine. The broth is infused for six hours. Compresses to the affected areas of the skin are imposed before bedtime, after about a week, a positive effect becomes visible.
  • Many recommend taking celandine juicea few drops inside. But do not experiment. Juice celandine is toxic, in such small doses it is unlikely to cause severe harm to the baby, but still risk his health should not.
  • removal of warts by laser

    When is it necessary to remove the warts?

    In some cases, treatment of warts in childrenrequires radical measures, that is, surgical removal. In which cases is it necessary? Most often, removal is required when the warts appear on the sole of the foot. They cause a lot of inconvenience, the child can feel pain, stepping on the foot. In addition, the wart can be accidentally thwarted, what to do categorically is not advised! Surgical intervention is also necessary when the wart is convex, constantly in contact with clothing. In some cases, it is recommended to do this if the warts have a non-aesthetic appearance, located directly on the child's face. For disposal, modern methods are used, which are reliable and absolutely safe. But before doing this, you need to consult a doctor, consider factors such as the way of treatment, the time of rehabilitation, the type of healing. It is also necessary to examine the child to find out his immune status. It may be necessary to take drugs for a while to strengthen weakened immunity, the main cause of the appearance of warts. Any parent knows that the baby should be examined regularly by a doctor. At this age, the immune system is just beginning to strengthen. In addition, the child is subject to any disease more than an adult. One of these diseases are warts, which many parents do not take into account. The fact that an inoffensive-looking wart can become an external manifestation of a much more serious condition, so if you notice a baby such growths on the skin, you should immediately show it to your doctor. Today, modern methods of treatment are offered, warts can be removed by laser, with the help of cryotherapy, even using traditional medicine, but before that you should examine the child, follow all the recommendations of the observing specialist.