causes of thrush in children The female audience does not need to be told indetails of such an unpleasant disease as thrush. But many questions arise when such a disease, which is considered to be characteristic exclusively for adults, is found in the child. In this case, the lesion focus is usually localized on the mucosa of the oral cavity.

Causes of the disease and its consequences

Candidiasis (scientific name of the disease) refers tofungal diseases and requires special treatment. Its causative agent is the fungus of the genus Candida, which is present in small numbers in every organism. But the inflammatory process develops only under the influence of some factors that have a detrimental effect on the microflora of the mucosa. Most often, the causes of thrush are antibiotics and decreased immunity. Due to the underdeveloped immune resistance of the organism to viruses and bacteria, candidiasis occurs in infants. Most people pick up the disease from their mother during childbirth. In this case, it does not matter how they passed: by natural route or by surgical intervention (caesarean section). Neglecting the baby's own hyena, poorly washed and not sterilized nipples and bottles are the direct way to infecting it. Candidiasis can get sick and children after a year of life. The cause of the development of their disease is usually antibiotics, which, along with the destruction of pathogenic bacteria destroy useful, and various drugs of hormonal type. Frequent diseases and reduced immunity supplement and accelerate the development of thrush. The oral cavity is the place where candidiasis most often localizes. But it can arise under a diaper, where diaper rash is often formed. If you do not start timely treatment, the disease will develop into a chronic form. As a result, it will serve as a background for the manifestation of allergies and various inflammatory processes. A late visit to a doctor, a late diagnosis and an incorrectly chosen treatment regimen will contribute to systemic exacerbations of the disease. As a result, this will lead to the defeat of the internal organs of the child. There are cases when a fungal disease leads to infection of blood. The most difficult is preterm infants with underweight, in whom immunity is reduced due to immaturity. The development of candidiasis in them can lead to serious complications and death. As for the newborn girls, for them a thrush in the vagina often causes a synechia (fusion of the labia). diagnosis of the disease

In what form is the disease manifested?

Thrush in the oral cavity can be recognized bywhite curds of curdled type in the sky, gums and tongue, which can be taken as the remains of a mixture for feeding or breast milk. But if the speck is removed, under it you can see the inflamed surface of the mucous red. This type of disease is called candidal stomatitis. It can occur in severe, moderate and mild forms. In mild form, except for the presence of a white coating on the oral mucosa, there are no symptoms. And the general condition of the patient does not change, the baby feels well, shows activity and eats well. Cure this form of candidiasis is quite simple. And with the appointment of a doctor all symptoms disappear in a week. The disease of moderate severity can be accompanied by an increase in temperature to 37-37.5 ° C. The child begins to refuse to eat, becomes restless and capricious. When removing the white coating in the mouth, blood appears from the wound. This form of stomatitis requires complex treatment. The doctor, in addition to treating the oral cavity, prescribes antifungal medications for oral administration. The kid feels healthy after 2 weeks. With severe candidiasis, the temperature can rise to 38 ° C. The child is difficult to eat, he constantly cries and complains of pain. Plaque on the mucosa more like a continuous film, which covers the entire oral cavity, turning to the throat. To cope with thrush, it will take more than two or three weeks. When the fungus infects the skin, the disease is called candida dermatitis. Its main localization: inguinal folds, buttocks, neck, hands and feet. Reproduction is promoted by a moist environment with increased temperature, which is formed under the diaper. The resulting rashes may look like wet spots or small pimples with a white tip. Regardless of this, they cause discomfort and pain to the child. The manifestation of the disease in children older than a year is considered a sign of low immunity. Plaque usually appears on the mucosa in the mouth, but if the child has a habit of sucking his fingers, the symptoms may appear on the skin around the nail plate. treatment of thrush in children

Prescription of medicines

There are many drugs that can get rid of thrush, but more common are:

  • nystatin;
  • Candida;
  • miramistin.

Nystatin. Doctors quite often prescribe this particular drug for treatment. It is released in the form of tablets, ointments or suppositories. The main feature of nystatin is that the fungi of the genus Candida adapt extremely slowly to it. The drug is prescribed for the threat of developing a severe form of thrush. This applies to preterm and newborns suffering from a neglected form of candidiasis. Ointment should be applied 2 times a day to the affected areas, and the tablets should be applied following the doctor's prescription and instructions. The course of treatment is about 2 weeks. Candide. The drug is similar in principle to the previous one. It is prescribed as a solution. Babies should wipe the mucous of the mouth with a cotton swab dipped in medicine. The procedure is repeated several times a day for about 10 days. Miramistin. The drug has a broad spectrum of action and can be used as an antidrug agent. It is produced in the form of a solution and ointment. Usually lubricate the affected areas with a piece of gauze, moistened with a solution. As a rule, prescribe in combination with antifungal medicines.

Folk remedies

The most common treatmentCandidiasis is a mouth rinse with soda. To make a solution, you need to dissolve a teaspoon of soda in a glass of warm boiled water. Breast children can wipe the mouth with this compound. The procedures are carried out with a periodicity of 2-3 hours. The flax seeds with honey help to cope with thrush. For the preparation of seeds (1 tsp) pour boiling water (100 ml), insist for about an hour, then add a spoonful of honey. The agent lubricates the mucosa several times a day. You can wipe the plaque and tincture of the flowers of calendula. For the preparation of dried flowers (1 tbsp.) Pour boiling water (100 ml). Insist, wrapped in a container, an hour.

Preventive measures

Prevention will help prevent developmentthrush. For this, future mothers should be prepared in advance for childbirth and cured candidiasis. This will minimize the risk of disease in a newborn baby. In the future, one should take seriously the rules of hygiene: to keep clean clothes, bottles and nipples. Breastfeeding increases the immunity of the child, normalizes the work of the intestines and reduces the risk of the likelihood of developing fungal diseases. It is also important to monitor the hygiene of the breast, monitor the condition of the nipples. It is also necessary to change diapers more frequently and arrange baby baths to prevent the development of thrush in a moist and warm environment.