beauty secrets In the life of every girl there comes such a moment,when she understands that beauty is not only what is given by nature. You have to work on beauty, you have to create beauty. And what exactly needs to be done, it's very difficult to understand it on your own. So the young maiden begins to look for the answer to his most important question: what are the secrets of beauty and how to become attractive? We hope that you have friendly older friends who can help and tell. We also want to act in this role and give some advice that will help you understand what beauty is and how to support it.

Definition of Beauty

Beauty is almost the same subjectivesensation, like love; this is something that you can discover and explore within yourself throughout your life. To find beauty in yourself, start looking for it around yourself. How do you define beauty? What do you find attractive? Try to watch day after day things or people you like: it can be a work of art, the sky, freckles on the nose of your beloved friend. Try to understand what makes them beautiful for you? These things can leave absolutely indifferent the others, is not it? Hence, beauty lives in your consciousness, in your perception of it. And so every man. But, despite the fact that the concept of beautiful varies from person to person, there are several general characteristics that everyone will agree with, perhaps:

  • Health - beautiful Healthy person is cheerfuland energetic, and this is the main condition of attractiveness. And on the contrary - there is nothing beautiful in the destruction of the body, even if you do it slowly, neglecting the need to adhere to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Beauty comes from within There are so manycalled "beautiful" people who lie, deceive, steal and even kill. Looking at a person with attractive features of appearance, who does a meanness with a smile, you hardly say that he is handsome. Having found yourself, having brought up the integrity of your character, you can be beautiful both internally and externally. We dare say that inner beauty attracts people much more than external attractiveness. And most importantly, this beauty is not subject to time.

useful secrets of beauty

20 secrets of beauty that you need to know from a young age

But we will not convince you that the externalattractiveness does not matter. And it would be foolish to talk about this to young girls. Character when he is brought up, but he wants to be beautiful now! Of course, appearance is of great importance for a woman, and here it is important to understand the main secret: what is unattractive, you must be able to hide, and what gives you an advantage must be emphasized. And what else you need to know literally from adolescence?

  • Hydration of the body is the key to owninggood skin and healthy hair. It is strongly recommended to drink a glass of water before going to bed and first thing in the morning. Clean water is the best weapon in the struggle for beautiful skin and for health in general (it flushes toxins well), as well as for weight control - very often we mistaken for hunger signals about the shortage of water that our body sends, and as a result we eat more, than it is really necessary.
  • It is important to maintain good blood circulationThe best way to make the blood "run" faster is the contrast shower in the mornings and the subsequent rubbing with a hard towel. You will be much surprised at how much the color of your face will improve if you regularly perform this procedure!
  • Do you have acne? Be sure to visit a dermatologist! The biggest mistake is when girls try to get rid of acne themselves. And the unpleasant scattering of pimples will not disappear anywhere, and ugly scars can remain on the skin.
  • Do not use a makeup base.that if there are acne, the first thing to do is to cover them with a thick layer of foundation. Do not do this! The base is suitable for women who are older. It not only hides your natural beauty (when the skin is still as beautiful in color as in youth ?!), but it will make acne even more noticeable. Instead, mask the pimples with a dotted application of the concealer, and then powder or apply a light moisturizing foundation, which is much lighter than the heavy base. Never use a concealer. When applying it, use the middle finger, lightly patting "driving" the product into the problem area.
  • Make the right accents, applying makeup Loveto allocate eyes? Then do not tint your lips, apply only shine on them. Do you prefer lipstick of saturated colors? Then stay away from bright blush and apply only mascara and light shadows on your eyelids. If you brighten up your eyes and lips, then you will look like a clown.
  • "Less" means "better". You noticed that notall your girlfriends look good with makeup? And why? Regardless of age, too much makeup on the face makes it look much worse. If you apply a foundation, powder, blush, liner, mascara, shadows, lip liner and lipstick every day - you obviously overdo it. All you really need is a good mascara, a concealer for masking skin imperfections and lip gloss. In the winter for protection it is possible to add a voice-frequency cream.
  • Never leave cosmetics at night Iftake the time to tint, then find it and remove the makeup. And how to go to bed without cleaning the skin, not only from cosmetics, but also from contaminants that accumulated over the whole day?
  • Natural hair always looksmore attractive If you have dark hair, you can experiment with the color, choosing a shade for tone-two is darker or lighter. Are you blonde? Try a shade of shade that adds depth to your natural color. Often we have to see teenagers who ruthlessly bleached their hair, even if they were originally dark. I must say that they look more depressing than admirable. Agree, to be born with hair, "kissed" by the sun, is not the same as ineptly etching them with the purchased dye.
  • You will never be mistaken if you applyhair masks - this will strengthen them, and make them thick and shiny. You can buy ready-made hair care products, or you can make masks yourself.
  • You have oily hair, and do not wash your hair every day.enough time? If you have blonde hair, you can put on them a baby powder that will absorb excess fat. Then shake the hair thoroughly to remove the powder. For dark hair it is better to buy a dry shampoo, suitable for your hair color.
  • Spend your free money not on trinkets that help to simply throw dust in your eyes, but rather invest in quality cosmetics and body care products.
  • Do you buy decorative cosmetics? Be sure to test it. Some funds can not be bought without testing them, otherwise you will not be able to determine which tone is right for you. To test it is necessary a voice-frequency cream, lipstick, blush. Without testing, you can buy mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow and lip gloss.
  • Do not paint the inner eyelid line. From this your eyes will appear much smaller.
  • Always use sunscreen Evenif the weather is cloudy or rainy. It is necessary to protect the skin from ultraviolet irradiation not only from a youth - from childhood. This will protect you from many troubles, including from early wrinkles.
  • If you like tanned skin, then the best solution is to use a tan. Only you have to accept that it does not smell very nice.
  • Always make sure that your nails areWell-groomed And it is not necessary to go for this at the manicure and pedicure. It is enough that they are neatly trimmed or filed and carefully cleaned. Do not let the nail polish stay on the nails.
  • Do not forget to shave your hair on your legs and armpits Do this best at the end of washing in the shower when the skin is steamed and the hairs are softened.
  • Use a skin scrubscrub not only the body, but also the sole of the feet. If the skin on the heels is too dry, treat it with pumice stone. After using the scrub, do not forget to apply a moisturizer to the body.
  • Know your strengths and skillfully emphasize them.For example, if you have beautiful puffy lips, you can "play" with bold lipstick colors and choose the shade that will make them more expressive. If you have a beautiful eye color, then pick up the shadows that will underline this color.
  • Never forget about inner beauty. Evenif you do not apply makeup on a daily basis or are dressed very modestly, but always in a good mood, you will be much more attractive to the guys than a pompous beauty who looks down on them.
  • Every morning, as soon as you wake up, say to yourself: "I'm beautiful!" And smile. Because "there is no smiling face that would be unattractive." That's all the secrets of beauty! We advise you to read: