beautiful skin Smooth, silky, beautiful skin - indispensablecondition of female charm. But what if the picture is clouded by the appearance of light wrinkles, blackheads and other minor problems that cause so much trouble to the modern woman? How to make the skin beautiful, give her the proper nutrition and care? Everyone is well aware of the truism that youthfulness of the skin is, first of all, caring from the inside. The secrets of beautiful face and body skin are enclosed in the proper functioning of the body. To begin with, you should normalize your daily routine. And food plays a major role here. Eat fruits and vegetables, only natural products, walk in the fresh air, move more. All this improves blood circulation, saturates the cells of the body with oxygen, improves the appearance of the skin of the face and body.

Secrets of beautiful skin

Peeling, acne, allergies, flabbiness -here are the main signs of unhealthy skin. The appearance of these problems corresponds to the intestines. According to dermatologists, malnutrition and disruption in the work of this particular organ lead to all the above-mentioned troubles. Accumulating toxins and toxins in oneself, the intestine can no longer cope with its function, as a result of which the skin suffers. Modern clinics offer various methods of cleansing the body, after which, according to the promise of doctors, your intestines will work like a clock. However, one does not always want to resort to radical methods. Therefore, the question arises whether it is possible to clean the intestines of toxins and slags at home. It turns out, it is possible. And there is nothing complicated in this. Ways to cleanse quite a lot. And the most common and effective of them are folk methods. Have you already thought about enemas and laxatives? Do not worry, you do not have to resort to such unpleasant procedures. So, how to achieve beautiful skin of the face and body? skin is beautiful Drink milk - you will be healthy! To clean up the intestines at home, you will be helped by the usual products: milk, sunflower oil, garlic, apples and beets. We take a glass of milk, boil it and leave it for a day, until it turns sour. After this, add one tablespoon of sunflower oil, mix and drink. To conduct the procedure better in the evening, before going to sleep. After waking up, eat a couple of apples or a beetroot salad. The salad is prepared as follows: a small grater rubs a small beet, adds a slice of garlic, salt and a drop of sunflower oil. These products are very good at cleaning the intestines. Also, instead of an ordinary breakfast, you can eat a salad of fresh cabbage. And remember that healthy food and beautiful skin are inseparable parts of your life. So watch what you eat. Say solid "no" to semi-finished products, cook only from quality products. Let your wallet suffer, but your health will remain unchanged! Shi da porridge - our food The main advantage of folk methods is the fact that the products that we consume constantly, for example, porridges, can also cleanse the intestines. And also the fact that you can conduct all necessary procedures at home without resorting to the help of doctors. To prepare a miracle mash you will need half a glass of oats and as much rice. A glass of cereal will require two and a half glasses of water. Rinse the rump and cook it until until it thickens. Ready porridge should be eaten for breakfast and dinner for three to five days. Add oil is not recommended, but you can pour a little. Such food removes from the body the remains of not digested food, bacteria and slags - in general, all that clogs our intestines and does not allow it to work normally. It is especially useful to eat such a cereal after a plentiful feast, when the foods served there are incompatible with each other. Healthy kissel This kissel, cooked at home, will help to clean not only the intestines, but also the liver, which is also an important factor for the recovery of the body. So, for the health of the skin of the face and body. You will need:

  • Half kilo prunes without pits.
  • A bottle of Holosas - an extract from a dogrose, sugar and water, which can be purchased at a pharmacy.
  • Fifty grams of buckthorn.

All of the above ingredients are necessarymix in an enameled container, pour two liters of water and bring to a boil. After that, protect on a small fire for about half an hour, cool and strain. Keep the finished jelly in a cool place. To ensure that the skin was beautiful and the intestines worked smoothly, it is necessary to drink one hundred grams of kissel, once a day. It is advisable before going to bed, not earlier than two hours after dinner. Until the morning, try not to eat or drink anything more. After cleansing the body, you can go to the direct procedures for skin care of the face and body. Here you will be helped by lotions, creams and scrubs. The main thing to choose the means that are suitable for your skin type. secrets of beautiful skin

Beautiful skin at home

Salon procedures work miracles, helping a womanrestore the health and beauty of the face, body, hands. But if you do not have time to visit the salons, then at home you can cleanse the skin, give it freshness and prepare for the next stages of care. To do this, in the arsenal of care products must be present scrubs. Since these means involve cleansing, both the body and the face, there are no problems with the choice. A new generation of scrubs is an effective and gentle remedy. Previously, scrubs were made on the basis of a crushed shell of nuts and fruit seeds. Now in the majority of such products there are granules from synthetic materials, which, gently sliding over the skin, gently purify it from the keratinized cells. In addition, modern improved formulas of scrubs - for both the face and the body - provide the skin with an additional lifting effect. A face scrub can also be used to treat acne, acne with white head or acne. To do this, use the product once or twice a week. Body scrub will help get rid of cellulite. Correct use of anti-cellulite means that it is used during a shower or taking a bath, when the skin becomes wet and softens. If you are going to go out and you want to give your face a shine, use a scrub no later than one hour before you leave the house. After scrub, apply to the skin a soothing serum or cream with chamomile extract to avoid possible redness. If the scrub you are using causes reddening of the skin, reduce the frequency of its use, or switch to another product with a more delicate formula.

Age is not a hindrance

In spring, because of the lack of vitamins, the skin of the face andthe body becomes drier. The best way out is through the use of intensive moisturizers. They will provide the right food, provide proper care, give shine and elasticity. Thanks to the content of useful substances - fruit concentrates, extracts of herbs and plants - the cream gives the skin firmness, tones it, while moisturizing and softening. Intensive moisturizers challenge the time. They enrich the essential elements circulating in the epidermis, give the skin the right and necessary nutrition, restore it exactly where it really needs. A healthy skin acquires elasticity, tenderness - it seems to shine from within. If you notice new wrinkles on your face, then get to work! Start doing face exercises and massage the problem area with a fresh cucumber. Soaking, the cucumber juice moisturizes the skin, and after drying it forms a mask, which must be kept for thirty minutes. Then you should rinse your face with cool water. And if it's time or the need to use anti-wrinkle remedies, apply a nourishing cream on the skin or make a suitable mask. Shining face skin will be a worthy reward for your efforts. Fatigue and age give out eyes. The mask for the skin around the eyes perfectly replenishes the lack of moisture, returns to its healthy form and makes it incredibly smooth. Masks for the contour of the eyes refresh the skin, protect it and make wrinkles less noticeable. Express-lifting removes swelling and eliminates dark circles, smooths the skin, giving her nutrition and care in a short time. All these products have a relaxing effect: the skin looks refreshed and smooth. Restorative concentrates for eye contours, which include serums and masks, give a permanent anti-aging effect. Eyelids carefully and effectively care for the skin. Performing regularly at least a part of these procedures, you can expect that the health and beauty of your skin will improve significantly, and, consequently, your entire appearance will improve, and with it the general mood. We advise you to read: