tasty bean soup The multivariate has recently been gaining a stablepopularity. It is very easy to cook in it, do not stand near the stove, always make sure that the dish is not burnt or run away. Do not mix, and free time can be spent on caring for yourself or for communication with children or husband. Advantages, of course, a lot, so now there is a multivark almost every hostess who appreciates time. In this miracle of technology you can not only cook soups or cereals, stew vegetables, here you get wonderful pastries, delicate omelets and fragrant fish for a couple. Wonderful is the bean soup in the multivark, chicken, you can even bake bread here. A soup is very easy to prepare in a multivariate dish. It can be made from various foods that are in the refrigerator and on the shelves. But sometimes classical dishes get bored, and beans come to the aid, from which a very useful and tasty first dish turns out.

The use of beans for the human body

In shops you can find red and whitebeans, which are rarely used for cooking. But this type of legumes is very useful for the body, and it is worth using. The amount of protein is just off scale in this product, especially in red, so it is often used in the formulation of a vegetarian or lean diet. Vitamins of group B, zinc, iron - this is not the whole list of useful substances that contains beans. If you regularly eat red beans, then the body will be better to clean and remove toxins, because beans have a diuretic effect. It is assumed that when eating legumes, the risk of developing cancers decreases. And one more useful component of this product is fiber. It helps to improve and stimulate digestion, helps to eliminate toxins and normalizes the glucose level in the blood. In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, doctors prescribe a diet with the content of beans in it. Due to its properties and nourishment, it is able to replace meat and support a sick organism. ingredients for bean soup

Recipe for hot soup with beans

Sharp soups have become very popular among Russians. Of course, the fashion for their use came to us from Mexico, where they are prepared almost from everything, and especially the popular ingredient is beans. To prepare bean soup in a multivarquet, you need a simple set of products. First of all, you need a good piece of pork with a weight of 200 g, fat can not be removed from it. To give the soup a spicy taste it is worth adding d 100 smoked sausages or ham. Beans for this recipe need canned and red. Still need to stock up on one big bell pepper, 1 pc. sharp chili pepper, take 1 onion, tomato and carrots, garlic head. Spices will need paprika, cumin, basil and coriander. At the beginning of the preparation, onions, carrots and garlic are crushed, placed in the bowl of the multivarquet and in the "quenching" mode together with spices and vegetable oil and prepared for transparency. By the time this process will take 15 minutes. Then to the vegetables is added finely chopped meat, all together stewed for another 12-20 minutes. Ham, pepper and tomato after grinding are stewed with all the ingredients for another 5 minutes. The resulting mixture must be filled with water completely, the water level should be 2 cm more vegetable. On the "quenching" or "soup" regime, the dish is prepared for an hour, after this time, it is added canned beans. After 20 minutes after adding the last ingredient, the soup can be salted, and finally add a sharp chili pepper. Serve such a soup with sour cream, which perfectly emphasizes the sharpness of taste.

Spicy soup with beans

Not everyone likes sharp tastes, so forlovers of piquancy, too, there are recipes for preparing a soup with beans in a multivark. Ingredients in it a little, the main one, this is undoubtedly beans, it should be red and canned. Vegetables are also present in this recipe: potatoes - 3 pieces, onions - 2 pieces, clove of garlic. To give a light taste, you need to prepare a bunch of cilantro, a couple of spoons of tomato paste and laurel. Preparation begins with the processing of vegetables, which are washed and cleaned. Onion is cut with rings, the rest is straw, garlic is crushed. Cilantro should be washed and also finely chopped. Onions and carrots are slightly fried in the bowl of the multivarka, which is pre-lubricated with oil. Then garlic is added, and after 2 minutes - tomato paste, salt and sugar. Beans must first be washed and discarded in a colander. It is added to the bowl along with potatoes, then water is poured, about a liter. After closing the cover, the "quenching" or "soup" mode is set for 1 hour. When the time is over, chopped cilantro and laurushka are added. The soup is infused for 10 minutes. As a result, you get a hearty, but light dish. hot bean soup

Real Mexican Bean Soup

Here is the recipe for this Mexican soup, whichyou can try now not only in a cafe, but also at home. To make it, you need fresh red beans, which must be filled with water for the night and left to soften. In the water must necessarily add a couple of spoons of vinegar, then the legumes will become incredibly soft after cooking. In the morning the water is drained and added clean and fresh. A saucepan with beans is put on a stove, a bulb and a laurel are thrown there, black pepper in the form of peas and hot chili pepper. It is necessary to bring everything to a boil, add salt and cook until softened beans. Mexicans prepare black beans for their soups, but if it does not, the red one is also perfect. But the soup is prepared not only from one bean, so you should take other ingredients: onion, carrots, 2 celery stems, 3 small sweet peppers, several cloves of garlic, a can of canned tomatoes. Pre broth meat broth on chicken or beef. Spices in such soup are needed, for these purposes, they are perfect for oregano, cumin, chili, bay leaf and salt. Onions, carrots and celery are finely ground and fried in a bowl on the "frying" or "stewing" regime. The sweet pepper is cut with straws and added to the bowl, it takes about 5 minutes to soak. Broth is added, then canned tomatoes along with juice, chili and laurushka. All is cooked for about 15 minutes, the next is beans and is closed for another 20 minutes. Garlic and spices are added at the very end. Before serving, cilantro and sour cream are added to each plate. Real Mexicans add to this soup slices of sliced ​​avocado, nachos chips or pre-dried corn tortillas. Nobody will remain indifferent to such a dish. Bean soups can be cooked with mutton, beef, pork and even chicken, the smoked ribs or ham will perfectly add flavor to the dish. To reduce its caloric value, for example, during a diet, you can exclude potatoes and spicy spices. In any case, the bean soup is perfectly warm in winter, they are nutritious and usually low-calorie, but they are especially recommended for use in the spring when there is a clear lack of vitamins. The multivarker will greatly facilitate the cooking process and make the dish uniquely rich and tasty.