delicious soup of beef with beef Georgian cuisine takes a place of honor in theculinary rating. They were widely spread and deservedly popular due to the comparative simplicity of cooking recipes and an amazing combination of spicy and spicy tastes. One of these dishes is the famous beef soup of beef. In translation from the Georgian "harcho" - this is beef soup. To prepare this soup, we do not need much time and effort, and all the necessary products will certainly be found in most refrigerators. There is no clear uniform recipe for soup kharcho, even in Georgia itself, but the main components of the soup are usually unchanged. This is rice, beef and walnuts. An essential condition is the sourish base (tomato paste, pomegranate juice, etc.). In the rest, each hostess, as a rule, takes into account the preferences of her family members.

Ingredients for soup kharcho

  • beef - 1 kg, can be on the bone,
  • walnuts - 150 g,
  • onion - 2 heads,
  • carrots - 2 medium sized,
  • tomato paste - 5-6 tbsp. l.,
  • oil - sunflower, 6 tbsp. l.,
  • garlic - 1 head,
  • rice - 0.5 tbsp.,
  • parsley or cilantro,
  • Spices to taste (hops-suneli, tkemali, adzhika, red pepper, black pepper peas, bay leaves).

This number of products is calculated for approximately 12 fragrant servings of beef soup from beef. ingredients for soup kharcho

The recipe for cooking

We will need any dishes, except foraluminum. Fill 3 liters of cold water in a suitable saucepan for 3.5-4 liters. We lower into it beef, cut into large pieces, one peeled onion and one carrot. Add 2-3 leaves of bay leaves and several peas of black pepper. Solim. Cover the pan with a lid and cook on the lowest heat for about two hours, periodically removing the foam from the surface. Then we take out meat with vegetables, and it is desirable to strain the broth with a sieve. In a small amount of oil, lightly brown the tomato paste with finely chopped garlic. Then add the second cut into the resulting mixture. As the onion becomes soft, add the grated carrot, stir. When the vegetables are fried a little more, you can add the resulting frying pan to the saucepan with broth. Boiled beef must be separated from the bone, cut into small pieces or torn to fibers. In a saucepan with boiling broth we lower the meat and washed rice, if desired, you can add the potato cubes. In the recipe for classic soup kharcho for making astringent taste necessarily use walnuts. They are added to the soup cleaned and pounded 10 minutes after rice. Cook everything until the rice and potatoes are ready. Turn off the plate and fall asleep in the pan finely chopped greens, squeezed out for a more complete flavor of a large clove of garlic and let us brew our soup with beef for 20 minutes. Spill on plates. You can also add fresh herbs in the cut form directly to the plates with soup. different recipes of soup kharcho

Additional recommendations

In order to taste the soup for this recipeIt turned out to be more saturated, the beef cut into pieces after cooking is additionally fried in a skillet along with onions and sent back to the broth. You can diversify the taste of harcho, if you add finely chopped plum to it. It is necessary to use a lot of greens, but it is desirable to serve it separately, without mixing everything together. Some, for example, do not like basil or coriander because of their specific taste. In order to reduce the time of cooking kharcho and not bother with the choice of spices, you can use Adzhika, which contains almost all the spices necessary for this recipe.