pike soup recipe Pike is one of the most valuable fish. excellent meat makes any dish from this fish very tasty and nutritious. A traditional dish from pike is a rich aromatic ear. The recipe for its preparation can be simple and complex, but there will always be one that will please a true connoisseur of this dish.

Recipe for Russian pike soup

In order to please yourself and your loved ones with the classic Russian pike ear, the following ingredients will be needed:

  • 1 kg of small pikes or the same number of heads of large pike (it is the head of the pike that is the place from which the most boiled broth is obtained);
  • 500 grams of pike fillets;
  • a couple of bulbs of small size;
  • 5 pieces of small potatoes;
  • vegetable oil (there will be enough 2 tablespoons);
  • bread crumbs (2 tablespoons);
  • a bunch of fresh spring onions and a bunch of parsley;
  • vinegar or citric acid;
  • nutmeg, bay leaf, ginger, salt and pepper.

Fish need to be cleaned well, gutted,cut into pieces of medium size, and then rinse well under a jet of cold water. Before you cook the head, you need to remove the eyes and gills. Now all the cleaned and washed fish is laid in a pan, where 3.5 liters of water is poured. Then there, according to the recipe, put a peeled bulb, parsley, ginger and a few laurel leaves. After the water boils, the pan is covered with a lid and everything is cooked on low heat for 10 minutes. Then all the fish is taken out of the pan, put on a plate to cool slightly, the meat is separated from the bones and folds into a bowl, covered with a plate, so it does not cool. Fins, fish heads and bones are laid in a saucepan, which is put on a small fire, and all this is cooked for another 50 minutes. According to this recipe, the soup must be good, so do not be afraid to digest bones, fish heads and fins. When the cooking is coming to an end, you should clean the potatoes, carrots, then cut the vegetables in small slices and lightly fry in a pan. Vegetable oil should not be poured much, to the vegetables is added a ray, which will give a unique aroma to the ear. When the fish broth is cooked, the bones must be removed and the broth thoroughly filtered. Then the broth is again put on the fire, there are added roasted vegetables, breadcrumbs, salt. All this is cooked for 15 minutes, then the fish is laid, the fire increases. Once the contents of the pan boil, it must be removed from the fire. To season this delicious dish you need to add nutmeg, vinegar or lemon juice. Then put a towel on the lid of the pot and let it sit for about 20 minutes. A piece of meat is put in each plate, broth with vegetables is poured, everything is sprinkled with fresh herbs on top, sour cream and black pepper are added. pike soup with a simple recipe

A simple recipe for pike soup

For the preparation of pike ears is not necessarilyhave outstanding culinary skills. The easiest soup can please both home and guests. Of course, it is difficult to surprise a Russian pike, but if the ear is welded to the conscience, then the culinary confession is assured. The pike should be washed, gutted, cleaned. Then cut into large pieces, put into a saucepan and pour cold water. Turn on the fire and cook the pike until the water boils, then the fire decreases, a small amount of salt is added and all this is cooked for 40-50 minutes. It is very important not to forget that you should periodically take off the foam with a noise. While the broth is brewed, you can do vegetables. Carrots and onions are cleaned, everything needs to be cut into small cubes. Then you have to chop the roots of parsley sticks. When there are 10 minutes left till the end of cooking, carrots, onions, roots are placed in the ear and do not forget about pepper peas. After 5 minutes, the fire turns off. A few minutes before removing from the fire in the pan you can put black pepper. Prepared in this way pike can surprise and please the most demanding gourmet. The ear is poured on plates, top for flavor is sprinkled with fresh dill or parsley. original recipe for fish soup

The original recipe for pike soup

With pike you can cook not only verytasty, but also original ear. Such recipes are known to many seasoned fishermen and experienced cooks. To prepare the original pike soup according to the recipe of experienced culinary specialists, the following ingredients will be needed:

  • fillets of pike (500 g);
  • fillet of perch (200 g);
  • 3 large cancers;
  • 2 large fresh cucumbers;
  • a bunch of green onions;
  • a large onion;
  • a large carrot;
  • 1 liter of broth;
  • bay leaf, pepper, salt, coriander.

About this recipe you can only dream, becausethe combination of different ingredients in it gives a very piquant and rich taste. The pike fillet is cut in large pieces, placed in a pan, poured cold water and boiled until cooked. Then pike should be pulled out and put on the snack plates to cool it. Fish pieces should be garnished with pre-boiled crayfish tails, fresh cucumbers (they are best cut into slices), chopped with green onions. Now in the broth, which remained after cooking, you need to put the perch, previously cut into small cubes of carrots, onion and cook it all for about 20 minutes. Then all this should be peppered, add salt, add bay leaf. When the broth is ready, you need not forget to strain it. The soup, cooked in such an original way, is poured into cups, and the cooked garnish is served separately. And you can not doubt that very soon all this splendor will not remain a trace, because the guests will eat such a dish very quickly. Despite the abundance of ingredients, this ear is prepared without much difficulty.