bundle of hair There are days when you do not want something therecreate in terms of hair, and still look neat. Here for owners of medium and long hair there is a chic way out of the current situation - a bunch of hair. It seems that nothing is easier and does not happen - well, they gathered hair on the vertex and fastened them with hairpins-hairpins. But the hair gathered in a bunch is a hairdo that differs in variety, you just need to learn how to properly make it. Then you will look beautiful and original always.

Determined with a view

If you want to get a beautiful anda fashionable bunch, then first carefully examine yourself - and, from the back. Look at your neck - if it's long, "swan", then you can safely collect hair at the very top. But if you do not differ elegance of the neck or hair is not obedient enough, it is better to do such a hairdress in the back of the head. Bunches are good because they can be done in any part of the head, the types of such hairstyles are varied. If you are large enough and full, then you absolutely can not collect a high bundle of hair - it will further emphasize your height and size. And, on the contrary, fragile girls and graceful ladies should not make such a hairstyle out of long hair - it will look ridiculous. In general, a bunch of hair can carry absolutely everything, just need to correctly learn how to do it, pick up your own version. This hairstyle refers to those that are done in a couple of minutes, but can match any image. how to make a bunch of hair

How to do it right?

The simplest version is a bunch of hair ontop: quickly, literally for a couple of moments you can bring your hair in order and look just great. So, how to make a bunch of hair for a strictly and business style:

  • Comb our hair and lift them up - on the very top;
  • Now we fix the tail with an elastic band;
  • Now we wind all the hair into a bundle - as if making a muzzle, and do it right. First twist the tail itself, and only then form the desired shape;
  • If desired, you can decorate a bunch of hairpins with rhinestones, invisible beads.

That's all - for a few movements you have created yourselfstylish and fashionable image. But this is only one option, but you can create a more gentle image. Hair, properly gathered in a bundle, can emphasize tenderness and charm, lightness and femininity. For this we do the following:

  • Comb our hair and part it;
  • We gather a bunch of hair from the back of the head, you can put it down a little;
  • We break it, only not very much - the hair in the bundle should be free, "alive";
  • We release a few strands on the whiskey, you can make curls and neck.

Please note that such a hairstyle can not betighten, it is better to give carelessness to the whole image. By the way, in this case it is possible to twist any bundle - for example, to divide the hair into two parts and, twisting them, to collect them in a muzzle. And yet, it is not necessary to make a parting - a bundle of hair "welcomes" and options with a bang, and with combed strands back. Knowing the basics and rules how to make a bunch of hair, you can begin to improvise - weave in strands of decorative threads, braid braids of three or four and even five braces. After all, you can collect hair in the original and fashionable bundle and on the side - it's generally simpler: all hair comb on the side and braid the braid, which will have to be arbitrarily pinched. Knowing how to make a bunch, you can always look actual and do not worry during the day about the safety of your hair. Many ladies mistakenly believe that dulkas and bundles are something old-fashioned and no longer relevant. But look at the hairstyles of the most famous models and actresses, ballerinas and singers - very often you can see the notorious bundles on them, do you really think that such public people can afford to look outdated? Long hair has always been and will be fashionable, and bunches of such hair will never cease to be relevant. Learn how to decorate them - now there are so many accessories that the eyes scatter! So everything is in your hands, you can fantasize, improvise and create an image suitable for a particular case. Strive to always look great, then the mood is well provided, and success at work. Yes, and in his personal life there will be changes for the better. We advise you to read: