how to pack a penalty Time goes by, fashion changes for clothes, makeup andhairstyle, but it always remains fashionable to cut hair. And this is completely justified, because this haircut does not require very scrupulous care, it is suitable for any type of hair and appearance. And how many different styles that give a special chic to the image can be done on the square - both festive and everyday. We offer you several options for how to lay quads. For laying you will need the most basic tools that every fashionista has:

  • Foam for styling.
  • Mousse for styling.
  • Hair spray.
  • Round hairbrush.
  • Comb with frequent denticles.
  • Curlers.
  • Hairdryer.

The first way: square back

This method is suitable for both daily wear,and for a festive event. This kind of laying is elementary and very fast. It is necessary to apply on wet hair foam, distribute it evenly along the entire length of the hair from the roots to the tips. Using a round comb, dry the hair with a hair dryer one by one, gradually combing them back. With your hands, straighten the strands so that they lay neatly and fix the hair with hairspray. how can you pack a square

The second way: square with an oblique parting

Also a simple option for daily styling,which is best for short hair. And most importantly, this option does not take much time. So if you are in a hurry to work or study and you are tormented by the question of how you can lay the square, think about the square with an oblique parting. On damp hair, apply mousse and dry them not too hot with a hairdryer. Comb with frequent teeth carefully make an oblique parting and divide the hair. Most of the hair is combed behind the ears, the remaining strands let loose freely over the top. Prepare a ready hairdress with a hair spray so that it lasts all day

The third way: square on curlers

Such a styling would be ideal if youprepare for the release of the light, but time for a hairdo not so much. Apply a little mousse on wet (not wet!) Hair, wind it on medium or large curlers and blow dry well at medium temperature. It is necessary to wait until the hair has dried completely. To do this, wait 15-20 minutes after the end of drying. So you will be sure that the hair has grown stronger, and the waves will not fall apart at once. After this time, carefully remove the curlers and with your fingers divide the strands, starting from the crown. Arrange the curls beautifully and fix the hairstyle with hairspray. how beautiful to lay a square of elongated

The fourth way: express-laying

The modern rhythm of life is so rapid,that sometimes the time for laying simply does not remain. And what can you do if you need to go to a meeting? How beautiful is it to lay the elongated square with minimal time? To help you come the express-laying. This method does not take more than 15 minutes, but the result will surprise you. Apply a small amount of bulk hair to the slightly important hair from the very roots. Lean forward so that the hair hangs down freely and dry them with a hot hair dryer, whipping the strands with your fingers. Then raise your head and gently straighten the curls. Do not forget to fix the styling with hairspray.

The fifth way: volumetric laying

Well, when nature is given thick and strongHair that can please the volume. But for those whose hair does not differ by these features, there is a volumetric styling that visually makes the hair more dense and magnificent. This will take very little time and effort. Wash your hair and wrap it for several minutes with a towel. Then apply to the wet hair the foam for the volume and distribute it evenly from the roots to the ends of the hair. Hair all over one side and dry with a hot hair dryer. Each dried strand is placed on the opposite side. After all the curls are dried, lean forward, shake your hair and straighten up sharply. That's all, the hair is ready. It remains only to correct the volumetric strands and sprinkle them with varnish to fix the styling. how to beautifully and accurately lay a square of elongated These five simple ways of laying quads will helpyou look irresistible in any situation, even if the time for collection is not more than half an hour. And do not be sad if something does not work out. Over time, you will learn to lay this haircut perfectly and much faster, so that you will have time left! We advise you to read: