plaiting braids Beautiful hair has always been considered realdecoration and subject of special pride of a woman. With their help you can create amazing hairstyles and always look irresistible. The advantage of long hair is a huge choice of styling and the ability to show your individuality every day, experimenting with hairstyles.

What is attractive for weaving brakes?

To date, many species have been inventedbraids that are suitable for different types of hair. But to learn how to weave, you need to know the basic rules and techniques. One of the most popular and beautiful is the braid of spikelets, from which you can come up with a lot of different hairstyles. Despite the apparent complexity, weaving braids of spikelets takes a little time and is done quite simply. And the result is beautiful and unusual. Best of all, this braid looks on thick, shiny hair. And if they are also golden, then the hairstyle actually resembles natural ears. However, the brunette spikelet is also very good. The peculiarity of this hairstyle is the fact that light is reflected in all directions. This creates a radiance effect. Thanks to the thin weaving, this braid is very convenient, since the hairs do not break out of the braid in windy weather. Making strands more free, you can visually increase the volume of hair. However, as a rule, spikelets are a tight braid, which is an ideal hairdress for every day. For solemn occasions, it can be decorated with stilettos or rhinestones along the entire length, adding a styling blend. But before you start experimenting with additional decorative elements, you should study the general technique of weaving braids of spikelets.

Methods of weaving braids of spikelets

First, you need to comb all the hair back, andhighlight two thin strands. The thickness of each should be about two to two and a half centimeters. Strands are taken one from the left temple, and the other from the right. Cross them - right strand above the left. Then, with your right hand, with the left hand, add a new strand from under the left strand, the size of which should also be 2.5 cm. The new left strand should be crossed with the right and do the same with the right one. Repeat these steps need to the neck, gradually pulling all the hair that fall down the back. To fix the hair is a beautiful rubber band or hairpin. When weaving braids of spikelets, ribbons are rarely used, because visually they deform the hair, and it loses its originality. But if there is melioration on the hair, the spikelet will be the perfect type of braid. It will look gorgeous, even if you do it for simple sports. The second method of weaving a spike is a variant of three strands. The weave begins, as in an ordinary braid, and then new strands are continuously weaved. This will help make the braid stronger, which is very important during windy weather. You can also experiment with a rare intertwining. That is, the spikelet in some area is interrupted, and then resumes. However, this hairstyle is suitable only for special occasions, when everything is carefully fixed with varnish. The third method is useful to those who do not yet have much experience, because the usual spit is plied, and then strands are pummeled on it. As a result, it turns out that the spikelet does not hang in the air, but has a base braid underneath. pigtail weave

Variants of hairstyles with pigtail

Now spikelet can be not only the mainhair, but also just an element of styling, which will emphasize beauty and individuality. For example, girls with a square type face is very small braid over the bangs, creating a hairline hoop. It looks especially beautiful, if there is a highlight. In this case, you can collect it from strands of the same color, best of all white. Then it will shine brighter and stand out. Choosing as a hairstyle for a solemn case of pigtails, braiding of spikelets will become an elegant and elastic base, and you can come up with a huge variety of styling options. One of the most popular is the cap-hat, completely covering the head. However, it can be done only for girls with long hair. If there is no time to wait, when the curls grow, you can use an alternative option. Leave a few strands, with which you can make a kind of mesh on your head, and then draw a hoop from the spike to fix it. At the intersections of the grid, you can install shiny rhinestones, giving the hairstyle a piquancy. On the very kosumozhno put a bow or a small flower, depending on the style of clothes and their own preferences. Another beautiful option is the interlacing of strands of loose. That is, creating new strands in the spike, you need to fix them, slightly releasing, creating thus hanging curls. In some places you can even weave a strand, and immediately release it completely. Thus, you can create an effect of some kind of negligence. However, it looks very elegant and will fit the most elegant evening dress.

Decorating hairstyles with a pigtail spikelet

Weaving the spike does not take much time, andthey can be done in 5-10 minutes depending on the length of the hair. The greater amount of time is spent creating a solemn styling. Now there are a lot of gum, pins, hoops and hairpins, which are perfect for any hairstyle. For example, if the braid curls the head, then along its length it is worth to stitch the hairpins with small flowers, creating an elegant wreath. The original variant of decorating pigtail heads is the addition of each wicker with an invisible bead, on which beads are worn. White hair looks best black, blue, pink and red beads, and on black - all shades of white, beige, yellow and silver. You can make a solid pearl row. But if there is time, it is better to create some kind of pattern. Spikelet is an excellent hairdo for every day, as it can keep its shape for a very long time and is not subject to various influences. In addition, this is the ideal basis for a solemn hairstyle. If you manifest a fantasy, it will look much more beautiful than the banal curls made with a curling robe. We advise you to read: