bleaching of hair Practice shows that blondes do not likeonly gentlemen. To the golden-haired beauties are treated with great confidence and the women themselves. Not without reason, under the definition of "angelic appearance" most often fall precisely people with blond hair. So let's talk about how to become a blonde. How does the clarification procedure take place? Is it possible to conduct hair discoloration at home?

The history of blonding

The fact that any paint harms the hair - knowsevery modern woman. The most sensible women, as well as women pregnant, preferred to dye their hair with henna. And if people's dyes are painted and still, then to chemical paints have long been a claim. The fact is that paints for blonding have always been the most ruthless to women's hair. This is now the chemical industry spoils the fine floor with quality dyes with a mild effect, and during the Soviet Union blondes were painted with hydroperite, "Suproy" and hydrogen peroxide. Every woman probably remembers this caustic mixture if not in connection with her own reincarnation, then during the painting of her friend's hair, a relative or just a friend. Why did we remember that? Just to urge you to forget about this aggressive way. Today in any beauty salon any woman can turn into a radiant blonde in a matter of hours and without a global damage to the head of hear.

Memo to future blondes

If you firmly decided to become a blonde, we advise you to consider several factors:

  • Blonding spoils your hair, so if you havedry, rare and damaged hair, we advise for the time to refrain from the procedure, or instead of chemical dye to use henna. After all, staining with folk remedies has always been more favorable to young beauties striving for perfection. Yes, and hair is strengthened by the influence of henna.
  • If you have to discolour the dyed hair, we advise you to be as cautious as possible. The more time has passed since dyeing, the better.
  • If your natural hair color is far from desiredlight shade, we recommend that you first go through the melting process. So you lighten the hair a few tones, and you can protect some of the strands from staining.
  • Before bleaching hair, you needbe sure to conduct a small test for allergy. The fact is that any paint, including blonding, is a product of the chemical industry, so some people are allergic to one or another component in the dye, and on the body after staining, foci of irritation are formed.
  • The procedure for turning into a blonde should be done on dirty hair. The same goes for lightening the hair on the hands, face and legs.
  • If you want to paint the house, do notforget that your hair should be a maximum of two shades darker than desired. Burning brunette turn into a platinum blonde can only a professional hairdresser. And then not in one session.
  • Do not forget that after staining your hairadditional care is required. Pamper them with balms and masks. In addition, refuse at least a week from the use of hair dryers, hair sticks and other styling products.
  • bleaching hair with hydrogen peroxide

    Hair coloring in pregnant women

    We did not in vain endure the topic of hair discoloration inpregnancy period separately. The fact is that neither peroxide of hydrogen, nor "Supra" beauties bearing under the heart of a child can not be painted. Even if some claim that hydrogen peroxide is absolutely harmless, it is not. You in fact wish to give birth to the healthy kid? Then listen to the opinion of doctors. Do not discolor hair during pregnancy. You can use henna for staining, but not "Supra". The fact is that in the composition of henna - natural dyes. No chemistry to you! No hydrogen peroxide. Continuous use and safe staining. The only nuance is that during pregnancy (due to hormones) and with the help of henna, you will not achieve the platinum shade that you provided chemical paint. But after staining with henna your hair will acquire an unforgettable red tint, which will effectively play in the sun. Who knows, maybe in 9 months you will not want to go back to staining with hydrogen peroxide? And if you do not want to remind Oleg Popov, just limit the time of the influence of henna. The secret is simple: the less paint was on the hair, the lighter the shade will turn out. Dreaming of a barely perceptible redhead? Then paint the curls for no more than 15 minutes. By the way, after henna, discoloration of colored hair will not be possible. And it's not in pregnancy, but the fact that the natural dye affects the chemical, and the paint can give quite the shade that was planned. Therefore, if you are tired of henna and want to return after it to platinum shades, stand for a while.

    Other types of discoloration

    From questions of pregnancy we smoothly pass tosuch a question as the lightening of hair on the body. Those who are not familiar with this procedure are happy people, since they did not face the problem of excessive vegetation on the hands, feet and even on the face. Yes, yes, sometimes the person also presents unpleasant surprises in the form of a small cannon above the lip. For many, these hairs are light and delicate, and for some brown-haired and brunette women - dark, dense, resembling a man's mustache. It is in this case and the lightening of the hair over the upper lip is applied. Excess vegetation on the face is not removed, but is made less visible. Plus, the paint traditionally makes the hairs thinner. And if the hair thinning on the head is undesirable, then in the situation with the so-called antennae and vegetation on the legs, the aggressive effect of blonding is even welcomed. There is another problem that the so-called "moustached women" face. This is shyness. Often they are not ready to confess their shortage even to their relatives, not to mention the beautician. What to do? How to carry out this procedure at home? In fact - very simple. It is enough to wipe the problem place on the face with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution for 5 minutes a day, and the hair will gradually become invisible. Also, hair is discolored on the hands and feet. Do not want chemistry? People's funds will help. Our grandmothers wiped her hair with lemon. Its components lighten the hair. And they did not paint hair with peroxide, but with henna or basma. Therefore, their hair was thicker. By the way, this procedure is most preferable during pregnancy. Lighten the hair on your feet with lemon, and head with henna, and will be beautiful and healthy, with a beautiful and healthy body. Finally, I want to advise women not to go to extremes. Do not poison the hair on the body with hydrogen peroxide, when you can do with a lemon. Or even without it. After all, dark hair - this is quite natural. Love yourself for who you are. We advise you to read: