beads with your own hands How does a woman become visible? This question is best answered by the famous Coco Chanel - "We need to change all the time." And to change, you need money, and considerable. This is how many women reason. However, this is a great misconception. After all, you will agree, the same suit will look completely different, if you pick up several different beads to it. And why buy? You can make them yourself! And you can connect your children to the process, and you help, and the child's joy, to do business with your beloved mother. Do you remember how in your childhood you made your first beads out of paper? Certainly there were only positive emotions from this lesson. Where to begin? To make beads with your own hands, you must first pick up beads of different shapes, sizes and styles. Mastering the technique of making beads, at the first stage, use plastic beads, because they are easier to manage with. Yes, and you can buy plastic billets in any store for creativity. You can, again, practice on unpretentious accessories made of paper. For example, as a decoration for the birthday of the child. Beautiful and stylish accessories can come not only from expensive materials at hand. You can weave the beads from multi-colored ribbons, bind from yarn, create from clay or from leather. Selecting interesting ideas for inspiration, be sure to fantasize. Use the most unusual and bold materials, then your crafts will be unusual and even exclusive. self-made beads

Knitted beads - a trend of modernity

If you love to knit, and in your home is preservedmany skeins of colored thread, try to create a product, simply tying the old beads. These beads are knitted with a thin hook, and to give them a beautiful shape, you can tie ordinary plastic balls. When planning to tie beads crocheted, use yarns of juicy colors, alternating yarn of several tones. And especially this product is suitable for children, as the original knitted beads will look great with a summer sarafan, and interesting ideas will help to avoid banality. With such an accessory, your baby will be irresistible. To tie the finished beads crocheted, you need to make several air loops and begin a circular strapping so that the knitted fabric eventually turns round. Crocheting is a very exciting activity. Assembling crocheted beads for a beautiful craft is carried out in the usual way, just thread them on the thread and fasten the clasp. Similarly, textile beads are created with their own hands, but you must first think through all the ideas for using colored ribbons of different textures. how to make beads yourself

Textile beads made of leather or fabric

When creating beads with your own hands, do not limit yourselfusing leather and colored ribbons. In the manufacture of such an unusual product, you can add pieces of colored paper, silk threads, whatever! The main thing - fantasize! If you are planning to collect beads from ribbons, take a few strips of multi-colored fabric and braid them with a kind of pigtail, or use other ideas, for example, a combination of fabric and laces from the skin, or other material. When assembling beads, do not limit yourself to using only fabric tapes, because in this way you will not get rounded beads. Peculiar beads from the skin, too, will not be round, but such crafts of unusual shape will allow you to be original and unique. how to make beads with your own hands

Beads of colored plastic

When deciding how to make beads with your own hands, you canuse not at all children's materials - natural stones, for example, or made with own hand from clay beads. In addition to beads made of clay, very successful products are made from stones, but in this case you will first have to pick up the suitable stones, and then pre-prepare each of them. And if you can easily connect children to create articles made of paper or fabric, then when you process the stones, you will most likely need qualified help. In each of the stones used, it will be necessary to drill a hole carefully, so that these handicrafts can be easily assembled into a single product. However, back to the products of clay. It is from this material that you can create truly original and unique masterpieces. Most likely, to mold from plasticine you learned in childhood. Well, molding from clay is not much different from modeling plasticine, so you can easily cope. Only the material is slightly different - colored plastic or polymer clay. It almost does not spoil hands and is not toxic, and beads from plastic by the hands turn out extremely beautiful. So, how to make beads from plastic by own hands? Choose the right shade of material in the store. We prepare the working surface - we cover the table with an oilcloth, put a bowl with water, put a thick needle. Now you can proceed. To create your first crafts - well, break the plastic in your hands until it becomes soft and supple. Next, tear off a piece of the right size, and gently roll the ball out of it. You got a standard round bead. To make a hole in it, you need to moisten the needle in the water and pierce the workpiece through and through. The opening should be sufficient to string the bead on the rope. By the way, when stringing, the help of children is exactly what you need. And the child is useful, and you feel better. When the desired number of balls in order to make beads from plastic with their own hands is ready, they must be placed in an oven heated to 150 degrees and left there for 15 minutes. Now you can assemble the product. However, you can come up with something more interesting than the standard round beads. For example, combine two colors that match each other, or come up with an original shape of beads: square, triangular, oval. There is no end to either colors or shapes. You can make solid beads from plastic by yourself, and you can string the workpieces through a bundle. To do this, you will need a rope longer. We tie a knot at the end, we put on a bead. Next, after a couple of centimeters, we do the same. Such crafts will not only decorate your outfit, but will also bring satisfaction. After all, the process of creating jewelry can be so enthralling, that in time it will turn into a favorite hobby. Of course, it's not the beads of paper to cut! We advise you to read: